• YAY, Friday is here! What are you up to this weekend?

    Yesterday afternoon we went to Port Moody to look at places. We did not find “the one” and then I started having doubts about moving out of downtown. I am so torn as to what to are the pro’s and cons:

    Living downtown

    -close to EVERYTHING

    -can walk pretty much anywhere

    -often downtown for friends/music/work

    -feels like home to me

    Living in Port Moody

    -change is good, but we’d have to commute more

    -live right in the mountains with lakes and trails galore (it’s like a lil whistler village-definitely small town feel)

    -way bigger living space (including things like gorgeous kitchen- dishwasher:) amazing amenities in the building

    -I work from home so the space will be a big bonus

    What do you think????

    Mike says try not to think about until after the weekend. okay okay, lol
    Stormtech’s Showroom Event was a blast last night. They know how to throw a party!

    I took pictures, but they are not on this computer, so all I can show you is this:

    I am on all the tags for this fleece jacket! Woo hoo!

    We are on our was out to Hornby Island today. Our friends Lindy and Trong are getting married. I am doing the makeup for the bridal party and Mike is filming the wedding video!

    Here is me on the ferry at 6am!!!  zzzzzz

    HOWEVER, I can’t complain about being tired. My BFF Janna just had a baby yesterday and she keeps texting me at crazy hours saying how tired she is! She texted me at 3am last night and told me both her husband and baby were passed out, both snoring together! CUTE! Her baby is soo frikin adorable, I have to admit- looking at pictures of him makes me want one! (NOT for a while tho…..)

    She emailed me this pic late last night of mommy and baby Jack  :

    He is so cute….look at all that hair!

    I did not do my p90x this morning! I will make up for the videos I miss next week. That’s how I gotta roll. I committed to doing this program and ANY one that I miss will be made up for….

    Have a fantastic weekend and stay outta trouble!!!

    Daily affirmation“I love all of God’s Creatures.”Louise Hay

  • Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi

    Thursday already, my oh my. Enjoying the NOW. No other time than NOW:) Breath in, breath out….AHHHH, what a great day!

    Sooo, Last night Mike and I went to this “business presentation”. When we walked in, it was like a boom chicka, boom chicka night club. We were like- Where is the presentation part? I’m sure once it got going it was good, (maybe) but I went because I wanted to learn something, not dance. So we left and went to our local pub Checkers, had a beer and talked to my friend Diane who lives in Port Moody and she once again cemented some of the benefits of living in such a beautiful nature filled, mountain and lake a-plenty city….Port Moody sounds good to me… today we are going to look at some places…I will let you know how it goes!

    Then after that, I am going to a showroom opening for a company I work with called Stormtech
    Stortmtech Performance apparel is the bomb. It is the IDEAL clothing if you are at all active. I am a host for the new Stormtech TV channel that is in the works and I am also in the new Fall 2010 catalogue..Woo hooo,

    The jacket I love most from Stormtech is the Xbr4… This jacket keeps you warm and dry at all costs:

    Especially great for Vancouver!

    I did P90Xthis am, so that puts me at day 4! I’ve been feeling really good but my eating needs to shape up a bit..Had beer last night, plus some fries (gasp) why does drinking ALWAYS make you eat bad food??!!!

    I will talk to you tomorrow! Have a great dry and warm day:)

    Daily affirmation“The Universe Is out to do me good.”Louise Hay

  • Hello!!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!

    I have been working away. Finished day 2 of my P90X! My arms and abs are pretty sore from yesterdays workout, but no pain no gain!

    I am also working on a voiceover project for another translation company (seems to be my thing lately)
    People are interviewed on some videos and I am the English voiceover. Pretty easy work, keep em coming!!

    Yesterday I made some more Kale chips!! Best batch yet. If you want to see the recipe, click here

    I used 2 heads of Kale and the mound on the pan was massive

    I seasoned them with freshly squeezed lemon and pepper.

    Kinda looks like weed hey? but sooo far from it, lol (they did not last long!! So good and so healthy!)

    I want to get into some more recipes……. soon!!

    So this is pretty exciting to me. I have an app that tracks how many countries are following my blog….we are at 21!!

    So cool! In honour of reaching out to 21 countries, I want to share with you a video that Mike and I made for a song we wrote. This video was made during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. We got as many people as we could from other countries to sing along and participate in our video!

    Here it is..

    YAY! Keep the countries coming! You rock! My definition of blogging is like having your own radio show, except you write instead of speak and you get to choose your own format. I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner!!

    Put a smile on that kisser…. and we’ll talk to you soon!!!

    Daily affirmation“I have unlimited potential. Only good lies before me.”"Louise Hay

  • Good morning!

    Just went to Tim’s for a coffee. Wore my rain boots and Stormtech waterproof jacket:)

    So, fairly soon here I am meeting a bunch of girls for brunch and then we are all going to a relationship seminar. I don’t know much about it. I just know that it is a friend of a friend who set up this seminar (an expert from LA is coming in to teach it) and we are all going to support and see what it’s all about. I like to think Mike and I have a really solid relationship, but no relationship is perfect, so I’m sure I will learn something. (For example, last night I came home from a really long day, and Mike had spent the whole day getting projects done and even did laundry and cleaned the house….and what do I do? I bark because there was a sink full of dishes. I did realize later I should simma down and appreciate everything he DID DO, not the one thing he didn’t!!!)

    Here is a quote from the lady  who will be conducting the seminar:

    “ Never before has it been more urgent for women to regain their natural wisdom and power.  The future of our world is in the hearts and hands of the women of today. Future generations depend on our ability to have joyous and fulfilling relationships with men.”

    - Azita Sayan

    I’ll be taking notes and I’ll let you know how it goes!

    In other news, it is my sisters birthday today!  (not blood, but may as well be:)Happy birthday Janna! We have been BFF’s since we were 11 years old, so there are lots of great stories regarding her and I and I’m sure they will be featured on this blog!. But in the meantime, you should check out her blog! She is the blogging queen and has been blogging for a few years now. She is giving birth this Thursday at 11:30am. I have been with her every step of life and I can’t believe she is the first one to give birth. So exciting.

    Here is us at her wedding

    Happy birthday Janna, love you and can’t wait until you and your son come out to visit!!!!

    Hope you all have a great day and get ready for an amazing week! Thanks soooo much for stopping by! Great bigs Hugs to you all! (I never say “hugs”, so you know I’m really serious when I do say it.) HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS :)

    Daily affirmation‎”All my relationships are harmonious and joyful.”Louise Hay

  • Hey Friends of Friday:)

    Have you ever been faced with an opportunity, and thought, “ohh I could do that!!” but then something inside said “no stop, don’t!” It could be something simple like getting up to sing karaoke, or even going over and talking to someone you think is cute.

    Well, I am hear to suggest that the next time that happens to you….FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!

    Here is a prime example. A dear friend of mine, Andrea, decided to take a chance and enter a contest. The contest was “Who wants to be Pantene’s first Reality Hair Star.”  Andrea made a video, sent it in….and guess what…she got a call!!

    It doesn’t hurt that she is drop dead gorgeous and does have amazing hair:

    I took this picture:)

    NYC called Andrea and told her to pack her bags because she was one of the top 12 finalists in America!!!!

    Andrea is definitely an inspiration! She is now featured in Canadian magazines. Check out Fashion, Flare, Chatelaine, Canadian Living this month and you will see Andrea!!

    Picture taken from my phone...

    Here is the video that started it all

    Right on! I love this video. (and it was taken on her laptop!!)

    Here’s a couple of us out and about:

    on the beach

    at an event

    So next time we are faced with an opportunity, just go for it! What have you got to lose? You may end up in NYC…or who knows where else! Be sure and follow Andrea’s blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend you guys! You are soo amazing!

    Daily affirmation‎”I deserve the best.”Louise Hay

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