• Okkeee dokiii

    Ya win some and ya lose some…. Or in this case….I lost 3 times in a row! haha

    Being openminded is wonderful. I honestly don’t even need to work at having non judgement towards people or things, it’s just me. I don’t know if it has anything to do with how I was brought up. I think I just have this intuition, or instinct where I accept people for who they are. It has gotten me into some sticky situations throughout my life though and I have discovered that sometimes being openminded can backfire on you. I am always up for trying new things, but sometimes these “new” things do not jive with my ora. (right now I can hear my uncle saying that  I am actually “judging something” because I am writing about it and giving it energy and an “opinion”… but hear me out uncle….

    So I find out about these certain “events” happening in Vancouver. I automatically want to go check it out! Sounds cool! AND I seem to always bring the same person to these “events” (my friend Diana) and each time, she willingly attends with her open mind and non judgement…until it happens…we realize IT is not for us.

    The 3 strikes:

    1.  I brought us to an “Executive Success Program” Introduction. OK- I LOVED the movie “What the Bleep do we know”, and one of the directors was leading this introduction into “ESP”, or The “Executive Success Program.”. The director bragged about how the following day he had lunch planned with Jennifer Aniston….Okaay, great…but still….this group was NOT for us…

    2. Second strike was a relationship seminar with Azitza Sayana…Ok.. I am not going to judge, all I remember is that we laughed a lot and drew pictures of rainbows and unicorns.

    3. TODAY…..I saw this flyer at Starbucks…. Free Meditation workshop. (looked cool to me, who doesn’t want peace within?).. So we went..

    But…Diana, (one of the smartest people I know)…. had read a book on the founder of this “certain group” and immediately told us upon entering the room, she is not sure this is something we would be into over the long term…..I really want to delve deeper into meditation but we soon realized this segment/realm was NOT for us…. and no judgement to anyone who may follow Sri Chinmoy and his teachings..but we were supposed to be there for 8 hours, we lasted MAYBE an hour

    Just like kids in elementary school, we passed around a piece of paper to get a feel for what the other person wanted to do…

    HAHAHA….So…. Dee left first (getting her purse caught on the chair during her exit and making a loud, Mike and I shortly followed. When Mike and I left we looked down and saw Dee in the Lobby of the recreation center.

    YUUUP, She was ready to leave, haha  Sooo we shut the door on that, BUH BYE!

    We went for lunch and clearly had a positive experience!!!!

    BEER at the naam

    We went to The Naam (super popular veggie restaurant in Van). Something super cute about Diana is ever since I met her (about 12 years ago), when she describes things, she always uses whatever is closest around as “props” to explain things.. 

    Here she is explaining (through honey, a lantern, hot sauce, sugar, water and sideways salt) how cool this water rafting resort in BC where you sleep in teepees….

    Looks super fun…. We are hoping to attend this place above in July (or at least make it camping somewhere cool). YAY for summer plans<3 <3 <3 Here’s to many more years as friends!!!

    SIDE NOTE: Know what else is FUN? Training for a triathlon…I love it…I love knowing I can complete a TRI, and I love being part of something so positive with such amazing people. We are running tomorrow (long run, 1hr 40 min!) then… one of my tri-mates and I (Kelli) might go for a bike after… (a REAL BIKE….not on a spin bike..I’m scared, lol)

    The “meditation workshop” today was held at Athlete’s Village (where all the athletes stayed during the 2010 winter olympics). Here are some of my shots:

    Pretty cool, especially knowing all the athletes stayed there during the Olympic Games…. (is the BIG BIRD a bit to much though?)

    KAAAAAAAYYYYY  I gotta RUN… have a good night! (I’m not actually running…figure of speech..)

    Love and love. I just signed up for this, Fire Starter Sessions…(I know it is a HOMERUN.. no strikes on this one.. I can’t wait to try)

  • Hello…

    March.1! Welcome!  A day I pay rent, get paid and FEATURE my Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month… She is RAD…. and maybe needs a bit more time answering the questions..That’s ok!!!

    In the meantime, I want to say THANK YOU to all the TTWM of Month since I started this blog

    September was Tennis player/model Liis Sober

    October was Jazz singer Jackee Guilou

    November we had rock star bass player Alison Toews

    December was fitness pro/model Svetlana Romanova

    January we had the founder of Operation Beautiful/blogger Caitlin Boyle

    February we had the beautiful, funny all star runner Skinny Runner

    I guess that means I have been blogging for just over 6 months! Time flies! Having this blog has definitely impacted my life in a positive way. Sure I have to think up things to write everyday, but it keeps me on my toes!

    I made it downstairs to do some laps this morning for my triathlon training. I set out for 40 laps and settled for 25. I think I am FINALLY improving my kick. (just call me crazy legs!) I’ve been having a hard time with getting the proper kicking technique down- but I think I’m finally getting into a groove!

    swimming laps in pool!

    Like that I am always wearing the same green cap and blue suit in every swim shot?  Tonight I am running with the club, we are do a tempo run. We are supposed to keep our “race pace” for 20 minutes… It will be a good run I reckon.

    Who wants to make some awesome veggie soup??? I got this recipe from here.

    Ingredients I used (really you can use anything, but make sure to have the “root veggies”)


    Sweet Potato

    Regular potato (I used 2 small red potato’s)












    red pepper

    Veggie Stock

    huge can of tomato’s (diced, crushes, whatev’s!)

    Check out this video for a more in depth step by step!

    You can also keep the big pot in your fridge and just bring it out, throw it on the stove whenever you want some (good for about a week I’d imagine- unless you freeze)

    Enjoy! It’s so good..

    If you have any questions, let me know!

    Talk sooooooon!


  • Hey!!

    As days pass, one by one… out of nowhere I get this epiphany…OH YA>>>I’m getting MARRIED…

    I have no idea if we are on schedule as far as what we should have done by now…

    We have:

    -the venue (for reception)

    -the cake maker!

    -the caterers

    -the honeymoon plan!

    -the photographer (I think;)

    -our Save The Date video planned

    -the wedding party picked out, as well as the MC’s (still need to ask them though..)

    -the guest list

    -the ring bearer…hee hee (my nephew Jasper)

    Mike called a couple places yesterday to ask about group rates for the hotel and renting a room for the ceremony. By the time he got off the phone, he says..” Babe, I’ll do all the heavy lifting, I will do all the decorating, whatever you want…..BUT CAN YOU DO THE TALKING?” haha, what a guy….

    Here is my ATTEMPT at a wedding collage for our NYE winter wedding in the prairies.. I am so bad with organizing the colors and being crafty that way- I need serious help… but here goes..

    And just because it’s a winter wedding, doesn’t mean I am going to get a dress with all the fuzzy drapery… not my style!! NO, NO NO

    It’s going to be a big fun party, and I hope my mom takes over from here… haha… (she’s good at this stuff!)

    Both my brothers are married…  (I did makeup for both of my beautiful sister in laws..)

    Cory and Donnelly married May 2010

    David and Nicole married August 2009Mike and I are next.. Dec.31 2011

    If you live in Saskatoon… Where are good places to take pictures inside during the winter? (I’ve heard Saskatoon Inn and the University….)
    I need some help on that end…also any other advice- please send my way:)

    Hope you guys have a great night! It’s craziness here in Vancouver.. it is ice raining and people are sliding everywhere. It took us 25 minutes to get home on a usual 2 minute drive! Yikes!!

    Talk soooon!


  • Hello!!

    How goes today? (aka Feb.24/2011)

    I got up at 4:50am to go swim with my triathlon group. What a GREAT swim this am. All together I swam 1450 meters. Felt good…and hungry afterward:)

    When I was in Saskatchewan last weekend, I was in the spare room of my moms condo, I opened up a drawer (random, I know) and saw a picture that brought back CRAZY memories. My horrific car accident!!!

    When I was 16, I had just got my license, and I was driving to the local skateboard park to meet my friend. I was the only one in the car. I also had a 7-11 slurpee and a bunch of 5 cent candies. It was raining, I couldn’t see well, for some reason I dropped my slurpee, I reached down to pick it up- took the wheel with me and bam….. My life flashed before my eyes. All I could think about was- “I DON’T WANT TO DIE”.  The indent in the roof is from a tree. I rolled 3 times…took out a fire hydrant too…

    The next thing I remember is being in the ambulance. I was telling the paramedics to pass on a message to my parents that I love them if I don’t make it. They said not to worry, I was going to live. BUT they didn’t know if I would be able to walk.

    Long story short- I am obviously NOT paralyzed but I did break all the ribs on the left side of my back, damaged my lung, cuts, bruised bones, concussion. This scar on my neck is from glass rubbing under the seatbelt…..

    It looks a billion times better than it used too. When it first happened, people used to ask if it was a hickey…. UMMM NOOO!

    All said and done, after all the years gone by I can still feel aches and pains from the accident- but- it’s a small price to pay to still have this life to live (k- I’m crying now…sorry;) The lesson in this story is LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST. Everyday. If you need even more of a pep talk on how to embrace your life and take it to the next level- Listen to this podcast made by Michael.

    Imagine all the things I would have missed if I didn’t make it past 16??

    There would have been NO:

    -Housekeeping in Banff

    -Going to theatre school in Vancouver

    -Miss Vancouver pageant

    -Waitressing at Hooters

    -Moving to LA and meeting Keanu Reeves;)

    -Touring the USA in a rock band called Paperboy Jack (that was definitely a highlight!)

    Here is our album cover….

    Promo shot taken in Montezuma Colorado!!!

    Know what’s crazy? Amanda and James from the band both have their MBA’s from Harvard!! I watched The Social Network last night and I was freaking out because Amanda and James went to school with Mark Zuckerberg right at the same time!

    When Amanda and James were at Harvard, they started a band called Corporate Whore…

    There singer left the band to start a family and make tons of money, but James and Amanda carried on with music- they met me and I was the new singer..

    We played ALL over the USA. This is at the Viper Room in LA.

    To make a LOONG story short. The band broke up, I moved back to Canada, James and Amanda GOT MARRIED, have a son, and now live in San Fran, (considering they have MBA’s from Harvard-I’m sure they are doing well!!) We still talk and I really want to go visit them soon!

    Soooo YA…The Social Network is a crazy movie, that kept me up last night. I was just thinking about Amanda and James, life, being all nostalgic. I was also perplexed at how one young man changed the world and became a gazillionaire at such a young age… WOW.

    Moral of the story (this blog post) is that I am happy to be alive and have so much more life to live…..

  • Hello!

    Happy Valentines day!

    Hope you all have something sweet planned today! Mike and I celebrated lots over the weekend, so today is just another work day…

    One of the highlights of my weekend was my Granville Island “Insider’s Tour”. About a month back, I entered a writing contest put on by Granville Island Works on “Why I Love Granville Island”. Low and Behold… I WON! They called and told me I was 1 of 4 Grand Prize winners (out of over 100 entry’s)

    In my story, I told them about some of the reasons why I love Granville Island:

    - It’s the first place I take out of town guests

    -It’s the best place to buy market fresh fruit and vegetables

    - I love to walk through the Art Gallery at Emily Carr

    - One of my favorite dates with my fiancee was dinner and then watching a play at Arts Club Theater

    - The Ferry is by far the best means of transportation in the city

    - Sampling beers at The Granville Island Brewery is a must

    - I’m not a kid anymore, but the Children’s Market is a perfect stop after the brewery

    -I love to sample the yummy Sake at Artisan Sake Maker

    - I am a singer/songwriter and some of my best shows have been at the Backstage Lounge:)

    So that was part of my submission (along with a video). The Grand Prize was a tour around the Island. Each of us 4 winners started our day by working with some of the artisans on the island. I was paired up with leather designer Monika from Sadryna Designs. Our Mission? To make me a handmade custom belt in 90 minutes!

    I got to pick out the leather and design and we got right to work.

    sadryna design, granville island tour

    Monika was inspiring to watch. You can tell how passionate she is about her work. I have so much admiration and respect for all the artists on the Island. They are truly talented and unique.

    I got to do some of the finishing touches.

    Monika was extremely accommodating. I will definitely pop in and say hi next time I am down Railspur Alley!

    After the belt making, I met up with the other winners at The Sandbar for lunch. The food was amazing, and we could have anything we wanted:)

    I love the boat in the middle of the restaurant

    We got some big loot bags as part of our prize! It was like Christmas!! Fun stuff!

    Then we went to The Granville Island Brewery for a tour. I was happy to hear that when the beer is given it’s flavour, it is not artificial. For example, they have a new Raspberry Ale coming out for the Spring and they actually just throw a bunch of fresh raspberry’s in the mix to get the flavour.

    The day off with a boat tour around False Creek. I highly recommend entering the next contest that Granville Island Works puts on. I entered the contest because I truly do love Granville Island and all it has to offer! It was a fabulous day!

    Make sure you eat some chocolate today! Yummers! Have an amazing Valentines Day!!!