• Hello there gorgeous!

    My, my it’s nice to have you here today.

    So much going on. As may of you know, I am in Yellowknife. (I leave today) however, If I didn’t come here this weekend I would have been running Harry’s 8km (it’s a cross Canada race to raise money for prostate cancer).Harry's 8km vancouver
    I obviously didn’t get a chance to run it, but my team mate/friend Kelli from my triathlon group ran it and here is what she said…

    “The day was beautiful – probably the sunniest and warmest so far this year, very fitting for a SPRING run-off.
    I ran into the rest of the Right Shoe group and together we warmed up with a 10 minute run, followed by ABC’s and strides. As with most runs, there were a lot of crazy costumes and teams dedicated to loved ones. I only got one photo around the 5K mark of the sea wall – what a beautiful run. I don’t get to run the sea wall very often so it was nice.
    The run was actually quite tough for me though I’m not sure why. I tried to keep thinking of my dad who just recently became a survivor of prostate cancer and at the end of the race, I definitely was sending him love for getting me to the finish line!”

    Here is a couple of Kelli’s pictures from the event!
    Give prostate cancer the finger!!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Some of The Right Shoe athletes warming up doing drills and strides..

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Such a beautiful day!

    Harry's 8km vancouver

    Good job Kelli! I’m so proud of you young lady! Big Love to your dad! Harry's 8km vancouver
    A big YAY to all those who ran… The Right Shoe athletes included;)

    Also big props to my brother Cory, his wife, his sister-in-law Carla and his father-in-law who ran in the 24th annual Midnight Run in Lethbridge this weekend. Cory and his wife made a goal to run one race a month for the entire year (sweet!) They all had a great time and my super hero brother placed 9th over all (out of over 1700 runners) and placed 2nd in his age category! Way to go bro- YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!

    That picture was from a different race, but it’s all I had…lol
    In the interim, I have been recovering from Frostbite 45 by spending MORE time in the cold!
    Getting suited up

    How about some snowmobiling?

    Looking pretty bad a$$ hey? haha

    Mike was in all his glory!

    Go Marianne!
    Thanks for taking us out Craig!

    Also did some snowshoeing

    Hardcore Arctic Explorers

    Feel the burn!

    I was running for this…. a beer at the end of a fun filled day outside… Looking good Marianne!

    I actually just got home. I was supposed to go run tonight but we are getting caught up on some work. Time to make our killer video and also get back into the groove with voiceovers, training, and attracting more wonderful experiences into this life!
    I hope all is going great with you! Vancouver sure is beautiful tonight…

    Thanks for stopping by;)

  • Alright! This is the first Monday of Spring! That is a goooood thing!

    I am in Yellowknife and it is “warm” temperatures for up North here…but it is still a wee bit chilly;)

    But-cha-know… it’s all good!

    Yesterday…I completed the most challenging trek of my life… (I was debating in my head if the West Coast Trail is harder, or if Frostbite 45 is harder… I’m going to say they are both EXTREMELY challenging…but if you compare one day on the West Coast Trail to one day hiking in the Arctic, the Arctic is harder!)

    Race Day started in the Ski Chalet, getting ready for the big start..Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    TIP- if you ever use hiking poles, the recommended hight is 3 inches below your armpit. I had to raise these puppies….Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Ahhhh, here we are at the start line, weather is -30….. I will hike the first 22.5 km and Mike will hike the last 22.5 km…
    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring
    And away we go!!!
    As soon as I started the race my sunglasses froze to my face…I had to take my sunglasses off…but in orientation they said- DO NOT take your shades off, as the risk of snow blindness was high at this time of year since the reflection off the snow was SOOO bright…scary…But…I carried on…

    I had a head camera on, so we are in the midst of making a video of the whole experience, (which is RAD)

    But in the meantime….I made it to the first check point, by this point I could barely open my eyes! The icicles were so heavy! (Heavier than any fake eyelashes I have ever worn, lol)

    Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    I was at a check point, so I got to drink some (un-frozen!) water

    I had a quick break here (at km 14.5) and re-fueled, got to say hi to Marianne, Craig and Mike.. I told them of my stories so far… “And then this happened… and then OMG this happened and I was chased by a pack of imaginary wolves and then….”

    Am I going crazy?? Maybe…

    But.. I said goodbye and carried on to complete my last 8km!

    While I went through yonder, Mike was waiting for me to say, “go….hand….” (like in highschool track and field when your in a relay and about to pass the baton)

    And… I finally finished the last 8km and got through my total of 22.5km

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We did the trade off…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    and Mike was off to do his 22.5km…

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    While Mike was putting in his distance, my main mission was to get warm!

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We waited at the check points to make sure Mike made it through, they had tipi’s and tents at the check points that racers could warm up in…..

    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT
    yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    AND…they had make-shift toilets in the tipi’s….UMMMM, ya, I REALLY, REALLY  had to go while I was waiting in the car.. but “Ummm, I’m okay, I’ll wait…”yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    8hrs 50 minutes later… Mike crossed the finished line and Team Stormtech finished the race!!yellowknife, frostbite 45, 2011, NWT

    We placed 6th in the team relay! We were soo proud… The race was amazing. We lucked out that there was no major winds. YES, it was cold, but not as bad as it could have been. Would I do it again? In a heart beat!

    Hope all is well in your world! I ADORE YOU. YOU ARE AMAZING.

  • Hey!

    It’s been busy here in Yellowknife. I have tons of pictures from our race yesterday.

    We are about to go out snowmobiling, so here’s a few from the beginning of our adventure so far/race day!

    Our lovely family/hosts

    Marianne has been feeding us amazing food to keep us fueled

    Race day was -30, but super sunnyYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Laying out some of our mandatory gearYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    On our way there.. I was nervousYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Now we’re in the chalet, getting ready to start, YUP- I’m still nervous… ahhh..butterflies in my tummyYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, springI think Mike was nervous tooYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Time to start lining up at the start lineYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    The skiers/snowshoers/runners are ready to rock!Yellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    Marianne and Craig got some awesome footage of us while we were out thereYellowknife, frostbite 45, NWT, winter, spring

    To find out if I needed to get rescued or if I finished the race- come back tomorrow!

    My crew is waiting for me to go snowmobiling right now, so I gotta go!



  • “Well the times gettin’ hard for you little girl I’m a hikin’ and a bikin’ all over this world!”

    AHHH! It’s race day!
    Yesterday we got to Yellownife and met up with Marianne and Craig (Mike‘s sister and brother in law)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Backyard at where we are staying!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    We went out and tested out our snowshoes right away (we might need them in the race- they are a mandatory piece) Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    YAY I can do it!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    BEST support system you could EVER ask for!!!! <3Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Then we went to the pre race orientation and the filled us in on things like how to deal with frost bite, hypothermia, if you fall in a lake, wild life, snow blindness, etc…Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    My bib happens to have my favorite number in it (#27)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Mike and his race bib!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Back at the house Marianne made us a delicious meal last night!

    The most yummy veggie lasagna! (I’m getting the recipe!)

    I thought the glass of wine might help me forget what I am about to do….. but it didn’t! ha

    Some of our mandatory gearYellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    THIS IS THE TERRAIN I AM ABOUT TO COVER!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    OK- here I go! wish me luck!

    Happy Saturday! Stay warm……

  • Last night my friends…..

    It was ALL…..ABOUT….BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition THE FRUITS AND VEGGIES!

    BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    Hey, wine comes from fruit right???BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    It was the 12th Annual Healthy Chef Competition. It’s put on by the BC Chef’s Association and the BC Produce Marketing Association.

    BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    We walked in and got a feel for the space, lots of people

    BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competitionBand PlayingBC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    Beautiful Ball RoomBC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    Judges went around to each of the contestant’s stations and tested out the food. (Judging was based on which establishment could make the healthiest, tastiest dish)

    BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    This is Edgar Rahal (Chairman of the Board – B.C Chef’s Association), I asked him if it’s fun to be a judge and he said, ‘uhh, yaaa.. I mean I’ve been doing it 30 years!”

    Edgar Rahal, Chairman of the Board - B.C Chef's Association

    Judging would be fun… but hard to pick a winner!

    Edgar Rahal, Chairman of the Board - B.C Chef's Association

    Then it was time for us to take our seats, time for us to try the food! At each seat, there was an envelope with 2 tickets in it. They told you who would be making your entree and who would make your dessert! This is what I got… B.C Chef's AssociationI opted for the vegetarian dishHere are some of the other entrees

    And some of the dessert…

    Here are some of the chef’s and their dishes:

    Kent Wong – Head Chef, Imperial Seafood Restaurant
    1.  Entrée: Poached Scallops and Tiger Prawns in Broth, Complemented with Asparagus
    2.  Dessert:  Strawberry Samplers-  A trio of Strawberry Desserts: Strawberry Egg Tarts, Strawberry Cream Roulade Cake, and Strawberry Osmanthus Aspic( made with Agar Agar)

    Dynasty Seafood Restaurant
    Chef Garly Leung – Master Dim Sum Chef
    Chef Sam Leung – Executive Chef
    1. Entrée: Pomegranate Chicken—Diced   Chicken and Sea Cucumber lightly stir-fried, then wrapped in egg white  omelette to resemble a  pomegranate , accompanied with 16 grains Steamed in Lotus leaves. The entire entrée contributes only 270 calories per plate
    2. Dessert Trio:  A   3 –Tiered Aspic Pudding, A Porcupine Shape Pastry and a Marshmallow Bunny on the desert plate, garnished with filigree made with Choux   Paste

    Delizia  Fusion Cusisine
    Chef Eddie Hok Kwong Li – Chef/Owner
    1.      Entrée:  Wild Sockeye Salmon wrapped in Organic Lettuce Leaves, Steamed and Set on top of circle of Organic Rice Melange, Japanese Kabocha Pumpkin. Accompanied with Mussels Marinara and Lemongrass Gastrique
    2. Dessert:  Panna Cotta Mi Amore:  A light version of Panna Cotta, made with Almond Breeze, Amaretto di Saronno and Agave Nectar,  Served in Tuiles Amandine, garnished with Forest Berries. Drizzled with Chambord Royale Coulis

    At our table I sat with a couple of other bloggers! It was sooo much fun getting to know them!

    This is Jenn from (we had tons in common, such a sweet girl)

    And the super funny Ed from with Leslie from

    After we wined and dined, they announced the winners of the evening were:

    Best entrée – Hyatt Hotel
    Healthy Plate Award – River Rock Casino
    Best Dessert- Gold Fish
    Best Showcase – Chinese Canadian Chef Association
    Peoples choice award – Chinese Canadian Chefs Association

    BC Produce marketing association, 2011 healthy chef competition

    On our way out we each got to take a box of fresh fruits and veggies and a goodie bag! (Mike was nibbling on the cucumbers this morning)

    It was a great evening! (Special thanks to Dawn from Go Golf Events)

    Ladies, we should be getting 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Men- 8-10. Mix it up! Try some produce you’ve never picked up before, you just might like it! When I made my soup a couple weeks back- it was the first time I tried beets.. and guess what? I liked them!

    What is your absolute most favourite fruit and veggie?

    Have a great day! xoxox0