• Hello!!

    2nd last day here in Florida. We rented a car and went on an adventure.

    We went to the Everglades National park.

    Pretty scenery.

    We were shooting a video for Stormtech today! Getting script organized.

    memorizing scripts

    While we were getting set up and even shooting- this dang peacock followed us EVERYWHERE!!! peacock at sawgrass mills park

    Kinda endearing and pretty funny to have a peacock following you around!

    We saw this baby gator in the wild. (saw a HUGE papa on the side of the road too but didn’t stop for a picture)baby gator at Saw Grass Mills

    Took an airboat ride. So fun!

    Then we went out to a different local park to get some more shots and our car was literally covered in these gigantic horseflies.

    SICK! That was on my window, we turned right around out of there.

    After our park adventure, we went to the MALL. It was so big. Biggest outlet mall in America. I tried not to take to long in there. I really didn’t buy much, no more than $150.

    I got this hat. I never really thought I was a “this kinda hat girl”, but I love it, and in this heat, you need to shade your face!

    We hung by the pool and spent the remaining of our day out by the pool. Watched the sun go down.

    Another good day! 1 more day here and then back to Vancity!

    Lots of love and light!!! Have a great night..


  • Hey!!

    I’m gonna jump right into it.

    I do what I love and it pays my rent. Was it always this way? NO. I spent years pounding the pavement, having this fire inside me, knowing that I had what it takes, just not knowing exactly how to get there. Fast forward to me reading books, listening to audiobooks and podcasts on human potential and self development. They all help! Everyone from Jack Canfield to T Harv Eker to Dr. Wayne Dyer, etc…One of the avenues that took me to the next level was

    There is a seminar here in Florida this weekend with Morning Coach Founder JB Glossinger!! Mike is filming the event, and we are here soaking in some amazing information on how to take things further. I want more money, success, happiness, freedom and I’m not afraid to ask for help. JB Glossinger has ALOT of answers!

    2 powerful men in the biz- JB Glossinger and Randy Gage.

    I’ve been learning so much today my brain is fried, so I will get into some cool tips on how to make money while doing your passion soon. I just can’t gather the energy to relay any information at the moment. Hope you don’t mind, It’s just been a super long day!

    So on a totally different topic….like my dress???

    $29 at Charlotte Rouse!

    We kept moving around the hotel room trying to not show the mess in the room. We got a decent angle there…

    We met this really cool couple from Idaho and I wanted to invite them up for a drink, but I think we better ask them to meet at the Cheesecake Factory downstairs and NOT our room… we do have champagne however….

    Another AMAZING couple I’ve met are Sylvia Ferrero and Billy Beck! (they are both personal trainers. Sylvia is a fitness champ and has been on the cover of Oxygen Magazine and for more info on Billy, click here!!)billy beck the 3rd, sylvia ferrero, billy beck florida

    Incredibly inspiring people.

    We’ve been working nonstop, learning tons of valuable principles, business models and ideas.

    I am loving it, but one thing I DO NOT love is air conditioning. Why does it give me a sore throat? The free-ons? Mike says I am attracting it, but I just don’t like AC and it makes me feel ill. I do know it is CRUCIAL down here though. It is HOT HOT HOT

    I am attacking this AC battle by staying hydrated and eating some fresh fruit Kabobs? Ya sure!

    Speaking of FRESH, have I showed you our view yet? This is the view from our hotel room. I really want to take a ride through the “Venice Of America”!

    This is such a beautiful area. I can’t wait to explore more. Just look at this awesome sign I saw on my walk yesterday. Do we have these in Canada?

    I want to put this sign in front of my parking spot. This way, every month…I WIN!

    Oh my, I almost forgot to show you. Look at these critters.. they are EVERYWHERE here!

    What are these, little gecko’s?  As soon as they sense you, they run away like mad! I had to swing through trees and swim through grass to get this picture. They don’t really bug me though. Im sure it’d be a different story I found one in my bed!

    Oh man.. I said THE word…bed… I gotta go! I love ya lots and we’ll chat tomorrow.

    MOM- I miss you! Hope you had a fun adventure with the new trailer! xoxo

  • Day 2 in Florida!

    Slept in a lil bit cause we were out late. After our walk home from the beach.. we discovered our hotel pool.riverside hotel pool

    And we had it to ourselves.

    Then this morning surprise, surprise we went to the BEACH!

    I’m glad Mike likes the beach as much as I do. We could both just hang out all day.A1A beach front

    For lunch today we met a dude fishing on the river and he caught us lunch.

    JUST KIDDING! He was a nice Floridian we met on our walk home. He threw the fish back in the river after his big catch:)

    For lunch we actually went to this outstanding mexican restaurant called Rocco’s. They make the guac right at your table. Now that is FRESH!

    roccos, florida, las olas

    I was in heaven. Heaven I say!

    Saw this paddleboarder lay down on his board to get under the bridge.

    So cool. Mike really wants to do that! I think it’d be fun. Perfect place to do it is here!

    I fit in here right?? Like my boat?

    We were walking to the grocery store today, not realizing how far it was. I asked a lady who was getting gas at 7-11 how far the grocery store was. She explained it and we said, “oh ok…” it was a bit more of a walk than we had hoped. She immediately said. “If ya’ll aren’t ‘fraid, I’m headin that way. Why don’t ya jump on in” Sooo nice, so we caught a ride from a Florida marine biologist. Thank you kind woman!

    Here’s some of the groceries we got. Rocco’s was amazing, but we can’t eat there everyday!

    AND tonight- I am going to meet one of my mentors! JB Glossinger from! That is the main reason we are here. Mike is filming and helping with audio during the seminar. It is going to be awesome! I can’t wait to learn even more from the man who has helped change our lives for the better!

  • Hello from Fort Lauderdale!

    After a  long day of traveling on not much sleep, I slept like a baby last night. Boy is it hot though! Had to throw the comforter off the bed and just sleep with sheets.

    It’s neat waking up and looking outside to palm trees, haven’t had that since I lived in LA. I like hearing the different birds noises outside too.

    K. Ive been out ALL day, here is a picture collage of the day….

    Our hotel room…

    First off… I had to voice some stuff in a make-shift hotel studio before the fun started…

    We walked to the each as soon as our work was done. Fort Lauderdale is know as “The Venice of America”.

    Soo beautiful.

    Woah, massive mansion!

    Life’s a beach!

    Or as Vanilla Ice would say, “A1A Beach front avenue!”

    The beach was glorious.

    The water was sooo warm..


    me and my bestie.

    I could stay here morning til night.

    See the parasailors?

    k, should we go?

    How about a margarita?

    Ginormous margarita’s! Good thing we had a long, beautiful walk home…

    Ok! I’m going to bed so I can go to the beach as early as possible in the morning. Thanks for visiting my Florida journey and we’ll chat tomorrow!!


  • Gooddest greatest top of the morning!! I’ve been up for over 6 hours already! My eyes are burning and as soon as I get on the plane… I will try to sleep.

    We are Florida bound, sitting in the Vancouver airport right now.

    Late last night a regular client of mine asked if I could get a phone system voiced today. I told him I was traveling so I’d have to do it before I leave or once I get to Florida. You know me…. get er done and move on.. I provide a sense of urgency to my products and I swear it is a key to success. Keep em happy and open up room for  more abundance!

    I made Mike wake up at 4am to produce and edit me! 
    Let’s do this! Surprisingly my voice was sounding awesome!

    I was a beautiful morning too.
    We finished the job at 7:10am and were supposed to be on the bus at 7am. So we sent the files and rushed out the door.

    OMG skytraining from Port Moody to the airport at 8am on a weekday was BRUTAL! I felt like a sardine in a can. It was so squishy. I will never take the skytrain to the airport again. I will take the West Coast express to the Canada Line, but not the regular skytrain…. But good news… I found a $10 bill on the floor!
    We finally made it to the airport. They dinged us an extra $56 for checked baggage!!?? What the? How do they do that. I thought you were at least allowed 1 bag each.

    But we are here in the terminal, security was a breeze and just awaiting our flight.

    Mike packed his Canucks jersey. We are hoping to watch the game tonight,

    packing canucks jersey on trip

    OK, now we are in Houston! Connecting flights soon so I gotta make it quick. continental air

    4 and a half hour ride:)

    Houston terrain

    Houston Hiarial shot of contintental

    Ok sure, Hi arial shot of Houston

    Quick southern refuel then off to Florida baby! having fun!

    Talk with ya soon darlin! xoxo