• Howdie Neighbour!

    Happy monday! Mike got up early and snapped some picture of the sunrise.

    Good morning!
    port moody sunrise

    Beautiful sunrise…

    Shoot! I missed it haha…

    I was snoozing, lol… Looks like I am wearing headphones, but it’s just the lamp. Man, I am a geek!

    Good day so far though…I just voiced a National voiceover spot and had 3 people on the phone listening in and giving me direction. PHEWF! Talk about getting my sweat on!

    I have had people listen in before- but never 3 people! It went extremely well though, it’s voiced, edited and back to my agent.

    home studio

    I love what I do and I am extremely grateful to make a living in this field, but trust me- I have put in my time! I have spent hours upon hours training, reading, practicing and learning as much as I can about my craft. This weekend I did an online course by Susan Berkley.

    An interesting fact I learnt was the the tone of your voice in a message is more important to the sale of something that even the WORDS are! See the graph below- 55% is the visual, 38% is the vocal and only 7% is the verbal. That is crazy!susan Berkley e-course

    Definitely made me think about my tone and delivery. The more honest and sincere you are in voiceovers (and in life!) the better you will be heard, understood and trusted!

    Right? That’s why everyone lovers Oprah so much. She is so genuine and real.

    Something else Genuine and Real is my hummus recipe… HOLLA!

    Here’s what you need….


    -2 cans of chick peas




    -cayanne pepper (optional)

    First off, I rinsed off my chick peas really well (especially since they were a cheap no name brand!)

    Then peel as much garlic as you can handle.

    Throw the chick peas and garlic, along with a couple tablespoons of tahini and your freshly squeezed lime into your processor and blend until creamy smooth.

    I add a bit of cayenne pepper in mine for a kick. If the mixture is still really chunky after blending for a couple minutes, add 1/2 cup of water.

    And there ya go!

    I hope your week is off to a great start. We’ll talk to you soooooon!


  • Hey!!

    How are you? Excited it’s Friday? I know I am!!! OHHH YA! It’s supposed to be a nice one too.

    They say you are most like the top 5 or 6 people you spend the most time with. So it’s our best interests to spend time with those whom we admire and aspire to be.

    That’s why, when I get a chance to be in the presence of successful, passionate, creative, kind and supportive people- I chomp at the bit because those are all attributes I aspire to be.
    Last night a big hitter in the Canadian scene was speaking at a very local restaurant (like across the street from my apartment!). His name is George Moen, he is the president of Blenz coffee, among a gazillion other businesses.
    It was fabulous to get out and network in my new city and get a chance to listen to George’s wise words. He basically said things that I have heard before, but it is always awesome to hear them from someone else’s perspective.

    George’s in his own words (

    “Pursue Your Passion

  • Work at something you’re passionate about.
  • Don’t do something just because you can.
  • There’s no point in doing something if you don’t love it.
  • Become an expert.
  • Work to a Plan

  • Think big, but …- Develop a detailed plan and a budget. Avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • - Focus on 3 to 4 specific goals for a year. Monitor your results quarterly.
  • Once one goal is complete, add the next
  • Have a Mission

  • You need to have a Mission Statement to be “On Mission”.
  • Act out your Mission Statement.
  • “On Time, On Budget, On Spec”
  • If you say you will, you’d better.
  • Fail Forward

  • Do it rough until you do it well.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail.
  • Businesses fail … People don’t.
  • Pursue a Debt-Free Life

  • Debt is an anchor.
  • Put away the chequebook.
  • If you knew how it felt to be debt-free, you’d work harder!
  • Diversify

  • Develop multiple streams of income.
  • Always Be A Student

  • Read.
  • Network.
  • Be a great listener.
  • Embrace Change.
    - The only constant is change.
    - Only pursue change if there’s a clear and obvious benefit.
  • Develop discipline.
  • Network

  • Find genuine support.
    - No one can win alone.
  • Team with like-minded people
    …to amplify your efforts.
  • Surround yourself with a great virtual team.
    - Virtual Teams are the structure of the future.
  • Network without expectation
    - Your Network is your Net Worth.
  • Don’t grow a hero complex.
  • Mentor

  • Give some of your time and effort to someone else.
  • You’re only as good as what you give.
  • This is something you can do just because you can.
  • Never, Never, Never Quit”

    Holy great advice hey???? MAN! I love it. Thank you George for your wisdom and inspiration.

    george moen, speaker

    If you have people in your life that are non-supportive or holding you back, it’s hard to do- but maybe now is the time to release them? Life is to short to waste it spending time with people who are negative, jealous, and unsupportive.

    OK! enough serious talk. TIME FOR MY HAUL! HA.
    I went to Sephora this morning and brought back some goods.

    nars, evian, laura mercier and mua

    Holla! Look at all that Gold! If you are going to buy Laura Mercier’s famour tinted moisturizer, may I recommend just getting the kit? It’s $25 more, but you get the AWESOME concealer, brushes, primer, powder puff. <3laura mercier tinted foundation kit

    Then I got Makeup Forever’s HD foundation in #128

    I got it in a shade darker because I know I am going to tan. So for now, I will use it as a contour foundation. Check out this video to learn how to contour your foundation. You can use powders too to contour!

    Next up, I got the Lavanilla rollerball perfume. I totally copied Jenny Fletcher who was June’s feature Tomboy That Wears Makeup of the Month. In our interview she said she liked it- I smelt it and fell in love!lavanilla rollerball

    Had to pick another of my favourite blush ever.

    orgasm blush

    Gotta love the name, haha.

    And last but not least, I got some Evian water sprays to throw in my *new* purse as a refresher. (new purse below)

    Here is the new super inexpensive purse I got at H&M. $15 and will do the trick for now. As long as it holds my camera, I am good!

    h&m purse on sale

    Here was breakfast. Nice hey?

    And that’s all she wrote folks! I am smiling LOTS today. Mike had a good meeting at Stormtech, wine festival in Osoyoos next weekend. Just feeling blessed for a lot of things.

    Love you mom- have a good weekend camping (trailering) and call me Sunday.

    Talk soooooooooooooooon. Happy weekend…..

  • Hi!

    Today I was up at 5am. Getting ready for 3 video shoots today. It was nice because I was behind the scenes and could wear a ball cap and no makeup! Woo hoo.

    First- We finished off our wine video shoot in yaletown. Mike is editing the last of it now! (it had a vintage theme)

    Then- we shot 2 Stormtech videos. 1 with my darling, talented friend Heather White (

    and lastly we went out to Lynn Canyon and shot with a super talented host/video pro Mark Zealand.
    Mike and Mark worked well together. I helped too though!! I made sure his garment looked good!

    We also took advantage of some shots on the suspension bridge!

    Mark is a seriously talented guy. It was so fun to work with him.

    His girlfriend Sarah came along too and she is a gem.

    I knew that today was going to be a super long day, so I packed us a big cooler of food.

    Remember when I made that HUGE BATCH OF BURRITOS for Mike when he worked on the oil rigs? Yesterday, I made Mike a freezer full of burritos again so he can grab them when he’s hungry, and throw them in the microwave for a quick and healthy snack!

    Here’s what my kitchen was doing yesterday morning…

    I cooked a big batch of whole grain rice (with some garlic powder added), and put a bunch of chicken breasts in the oven.

    Then I cut up red pepper, tomato, onion, cheese. Got out some black beans and peas.

    Add it all together.home made burritos

    Oh and I know Mike will love salsa, so add that on top…

    I wrapped them all up and threw them in the freezer. Then worked well today on the road, that’s for sure!

    I don’t like to eat chicken, so I just make my own dish of rice, beans and salsa. Works for me!
    I also bought this ginormous box of strawberries yesterday, washed them off and brought some along. The whole box was $4.99!

    YUMM! I love when produce is inexpensive, bountiful, fresh and delicious!

    And that about sums up my day. The sun is setting, I am drinking a beer, writing my blog, feeling accomplished after a long day- but going to bed soon because we’re doing it all again tomorrow.

    Hope your week is off to a fantastic start! I really, really, really appreciate you stopping by, Thank you so much!


  • Well hello there!!

    Since moving to Port Moody I haven’t really noticed that I drive anymore than when I lived downtown. Last night when I googled a wine tasting event I was attending, I was delighted to find out it was right across the street!! I could see it from my apartment!

    port moody city hall galleria

    So I made my way to The Port Moody City Hall Galleria to attend BC Wines Uncorked…

    bc wines uncorked, wine tasting event

    Upon arriving, I learnt that my fellow Port Moodians love BC Wine!
    The place was buzzing (no pun intended)

    My first stop was Kettle Valley winery. A blurb about the winery:

    “We draw our name from the famed Kettle Valley Railway which ran through Naramata between 1915 and 1961 connecting the Southern Interior to the markets of the Pacific Northwest.

    Building the railway required both passion and a dedication to excellence, and that is how we at Kettle Valley feel about making our Red Wines which are known for their dark, intense, and well structured natures; and our White Wines that are flavourful and aromatic, with a rich mouth feel.”

    Kettle valley wine
    It was my first stop and it did not disappoint.

    I strolled along and was compelled to stop at 8th Generation Vineyard. My excitement stemmed from the fact that this is the wine we used to make our “soon to be released” video on BC Wines. We had the “Confidence” wine and loved it.8th generation vineyards
    I can’t wait for you to see this video! Here is my wardrobe!

    I then met this creative, talented, young business woman who makes her own jewelry and made the decision to start selling it. Smart lady! Look how good she is!

    Her name is Shay. I lost her card, but if I find it, i’ll put a link up to her facebook page!

    Friendly (and pretty) ladies from Browns Social House handing out tasty appy’s. Browns social house port moody

    Back to Wine. Meyer Family Vineyards offered a Chardonnay that was named after Canada’s Best Rodeo Cowboy Kenny McLean! (he was born and raised close to the Vineyard)

    I love that wines don’t only taste great, but they have neat stories behind them. I’ll drink to a Canadian Rodeo Champ! I grew up going to rodeo’s every year with my grandpa. Here’s a photo of the late Kenny McLean back in the day!

    Then I stopped by Vista D’oro… I liked the Pinot Noir… (I didn’t catch this man’s name, but he is the owner of Vista D’oro winery and he was extremely genuine, kind and makes great wine!)

    Gotta love organic wines. I tried a yummy Ehrenfelser from Summerhill Pyramid Winery. (I know, I’d never tried a Ehrenfelser wine either. I pretended I knew what she was talking about.. haha)

    I thought this art was so cool. Artist Denise Gittins paints robotic type pictures and she bases the characters off her real friends
    For example. This is one of her friends who grew a crazy moustache, dances like a maniac and is always reading books. Briliant! xo

    I wish I could go on forever with all the wineries, but I gotta end somewhere… I will end with See Ya Later Wines. This line was created when a husband, wife and 8 dogs moved out of town to start their winery and before long the wife couldn’t stand it and left her husband. So naturally the husband called his wine “See Ya Later”! see ya later winery

    If you had your own winery, what would you call it?

    I would call it:

    Traces Of Eve (after my band)
    Ruby Slippers (after my love of Wizard Of Oz)
    Cool and Crazy (cuz that’s just what I am!)

    Have a great night. Thank you BC Wines!!!

    SEE YA LATER!!!!!

  • Hello!!!!

    How are you?! Hope you enjoyed it out there today!

    Last night I played softball in West Van, with my friend Colin’s team. I was a keener and the first one to arrive, so I took a picture of our pretty diamond. Growing up on the prairies playing ball, we didn’t have diamonds with the lush mountains in the background!

    I actually played pretty bad. I know I’m hard on myself, but I cringe when I get out on 1st base 3 times in a row!! I finally made it on base. Oh well! Just for fun right?!

    Ok, this is just for fun too. Why am I dressed like this??? WELL….. Today we shot a video for the Osooyos Celebrity Wine Festival which is happening on June 11.

    The jewelry was my grandma’s and the dress (which is to big!) is from Value Village. Did the trick though!

    As you can tell on my right hand, I hadn’t done up my pearls yet, oh my. Those pearls were actually my great grandma’s!

    We shot up by Buntzen Lake. This video will be up in about 2 days. So…I will show you then and it will all make sense. The video is about how great BC Wine is:)

    Great location hey?? Looks surreal! The bugs were DEFINITELY real!

    After we shot that, I changed in the truck, took my red lipstick off and it was time to shoot for Stormtech!

    We were working on a camping video…

    That went well too, but we were tired by the end of it!! lol

    Make sure that gas is shut off Mr.Mike! My brother lent us his awesome camping stove and tent for the summer! YAY camping, (even though today was just for pretend) Thanks brother!

    We got home and I did yet another quick change and made my way to a wine event called BC Uncorked.

    BC uncorked, port moody

    I’ll have the full meal deal on the event tomorrow. Right now, my bed is calling me!

    Lots of love and light!!!