• Hey there!

    What’s the good word today?

    I’m doing good, voicing projects, sending emails and getting a few wedding details together.

    Last night I went to see Brian Wilson (from The Beach Boys) play at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver. A friend of mine got tickets from her friend who is the sound guy on the tour.

    I lOVED listening to the classics like California Girls, Good Vibrations, I Get Around…. He is such an incredible song writer.

    brian wilson vancouver

    You can see my friend Clint on stage left, doing sound. His job is to make sure the monitor levels are good for the performers. It’s not an easy job because every musician needs to hear something different in each ear and then the monitors on stage are all different. So for example, Brian Wilson would have his voice in his left ear, his piano in his right ear and a house mix of all the musicians on his floor monitor….and every song is a different mix! Good job Clint!

    I think we were the youngest ones there. I know a lot of the audience was in nostalgic heaven while reminiscing the 60′s.

    brian wilson, vancouver

    Clint gave us backstage passes…

    I bet 40 some years ago, some girls would have given their right arm for this pass!

    My date and I:)

    We met up with Clint for a drink after (he’s from Saskatoon too!)

    Before the rock and roll fun started, I skytrained downtown. It was the first time I had been downtown since (you know when…the riot)

    It was neat to see the goodness and love poured into the streets.


    I heart Van too.

    This is a funny sign… Buskers must perform at a medium pitch?? WEIRD!! haha

    Busking in vancouver

    While I was out, I got a text from Mike that read: ”I’m gonna make the frozen banana “ice cream”

    I came home and the kitchen was destroyed! And look what he did to our processor!!

    How do you break a processor by blending banana’s??

    Oh Michael, I love you. Apparently when he pressed “on” he didn’t hold the processor down and it exploded everywhere.

    The frozen banana’s are delicious though. Try it and……

    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the world wide web.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, ok??!!!

  • Hello!

    What a nice day out there. So refreshing. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

    The highlight of my weekend was last night. I attended “Summer Sizzle” which was a fundraiser for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation which is based here in Vancouver.

    My friend Diana invited me. She works for Canterbury Coffee and they are the official java and tea supplier for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, hence our entrance to the event.

    Here’s Dee looking lovely (I’m obsessed with her shoes. She just got them at Holt Renfrew, they are by House of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie’s line)

    Canterbury coffee, Dr. Peter Foundation


    The fundraiser just happened to be held at Pamela Masik’s studio. She is a well known artist and her work is soooo amazing. She had a bunch of rooms throughout the studio that had different themes going on, and it all tells a story. This exhibit is a MUST SEE. If you live in Vancouver, go to for info!

    pamela masik

    This nest was on a sculpted head, I loved the clock face with broken egg shells underneath.

    pamela masik

    Pamela Masik is my hero.

    pamela masik

    I loved this! She had a huge painting up in the main showroom, but “this parts not done yet”.

    Imagine having a 14, 000 square foot studio and your job was to fill the studio with your paintings that all came from out of your head.

    pamela masik

    Here is the genius, Pamela Masik herself.  She got on stage to say that if anyone bought art tonight, she would donate 50% of the profits to the Dr. Peter Aids foundation! Some of her pieces are going for $250, 000……

    Pamela Masik

    Dee and I snagged her for a photo-op and to tell her how much we admire her. She was extremely gracious, humble and sweet.

    Apart from admiring art, there was a PARTEEE going on..

    This is Novice Sister Hyde N Sikh from The San Francisco based Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence. (They are self-proclaimed “nuns” that promote safe sex and HIV prevention.)

    She had a very vibrant personality!

    sister of perpetual indulgence

    While the sister and I chatted, Dee was outside with Sharad Khare and Yves Decary.

    l'atelier salon, sharad khare

    Looking good!! Lets get that dress on the dance floor!!

    Fancy niblets.

    Super entertainment too. These are twin girls that do a “piano dual”. It was so fun to watch. Check em out at


    That about wrapped up the night… Good cause, good people, good time!

    Now Mike and I are brainstorming new adventures to do with Stormtech. We got the yet to be released Fall catalogue and look who is on the 2nd page!!!

    stormtech performance apparal

    “Adventure athlete and field reporter”…. at your service;)

    K, we’ll talk tomorrow! lots of love and butterflies and art.

  • Howdie!

    Thanks for stopping by today. Since I started this blog (Aug.10 2010- It’s almost her birthday!!) MOST days I have no problem coming up with something to write. However, the last couple days, I’ve had to think about it. That never happens. It usually is just there. hmmmm… but just now, I was sitting on my patio eating a salad and I thought…”but really, I can write about ANYTHING.”

    I can write about the fact that I am mad at my patio for being dirty cause now the bottom of my slippers are dirty and I don’t want to wear them in the apartment. I am contemplating making them strictly “patio shoes”.

    ikea red slippers

    I could tell you that, this song I wrote- called “What You Want” still makes me cry when I listen to it. I don’t know why…. Very sentimental I guess. Listen while you read?

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    I could also share with you 5 Random Things that just popped in my head… Here we go….

    1. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

    At the end of  the day- who really cares? By making mistakes- you learn. By making mistakes, it means you tried something you haven’t done before. I once had a potential makeup client say she was disappointed I had a spelling mistake in my bio. I spelt “wether” as “weather”. OOPS! SORRY! Am I less capable now to put makeup on your face? HAHA I’ll be the first to tell you I’ve made worse mistakes than that- but I have no regrets. It has made me who I am today!

    2. Don’t let Negative Nancy’s bring you down with them.

    People who stomp on your dreams, obviously don’t believe in their own. DON”T LISTEN TO THEM. Have an open mind and an open heart and BELIVE IN YOURSELF.  Support others too. We are all in this together.

    3. If you don’t have your health, what do you have?

    I’m thinking about this one right now cause my foot has been bugging me. It is getting better though. I haven’t been training as hard or as much as I would like, but I am still hitting the gym and doing my best to eat well. This body is all we have- so treat it kindly-Inside and Out!

    4. Take a chance!

    What do you do the same. every. single. day? Switch it up! It’s good to take a different way home, try a new activity, go to an event or ask that person to the prom. Stay on your toes and keep challenging yourself and changing things up! That is one thing I have been good at (taking chances) but a refresher is always good.  About 6 months ago I emailed a voiceover agency I never thought I would get into- but I took a chance and bam- they loved my demo and I have booked 3 national commercials with them so far! (That was a New Years Resolution of mine too!)

    5. Life never gives you more than you can handle. During the craziest times- you will survive. Just know that. We are so damn resilient. We are a million times stronger than we think we are. So if you are getting overwhelmed and stressed out about a certain situation, just remember- “You can handle it.”

    This is also something I am getting better at. Sometimes I worry that since I am self-employed the work is going to dry up and I won’t be able to pay my rent. My confident self says, “That is BS, you are on fire and nothing is ever gonna stop you now.” So there ya go…confident me is the only voice in my head I will let speak from now on!! haha

    What have you learnt in your time on earth that you would like to share?

    Alrighty then, back to deciding what I should do about these slippers……

    Have a great night!!!


  • Hello!!!

    It’s been a productive day today!!

    It started with my handwritten 3 pages of “stream of conscience” writing. I got this technique from The Artist’s Way Book-

    The exercise is where you don’t even think about what you are writing- you just let it flow, anything and everything pours through your pen and you don’t stop until you reach 3 pages. I find it really helps me set the tone for the day and it does unleash creative and unexpected thoughts that must have been back in your brain somewhere.

    I highly recommend trying it. When you wake up in the morning, grab a notebook and just write! I would be HYPER embarrassed if anyone ever read my lil journal, but then again I don’t think anyone could read my writing!

    After I write, then I listen to JB is the founder of Morning Coach and he rocks! If you are looking for a morning pick-me-up- TRY Morning Coach! You could also listen to the inspiring podcasts over at

    OR…. You could listen to this Start your Day morning meditation that I recently wrote and recorded!!

    Before I get going with the day- I need that personal time to get my head in the right space so I can stay focused, energized and positive!

    Of course exercise is another HUGE step that will get you feeling great in the morning. I have had later workouts as of late because of projects due, etc. But I am still getting in my gym time! My foot has still been bugging me, I went to 2 doctors today.

    The 1st doctor I went to looked like he hadn’t washed his white coat in weeks, his eye was twitching and we did NOT speak the same language.coquitlam point medical center

    So I went to get a 2nd opinion….the second doctor was a bit better, but I still don’t get any answers. I thought it was a nerve in my foot and these doctors this it’s irritated tissue. Whatever. I am just going to start icing it more and write out some affirmations to will it AWAY!

    Ironically a book I have been waiting for, for a long time finally came in today! (I think it helps you create affirmations.)

    I haven’t read this book, but according to a friend of mine it is very good!

    The rest of my day has been FULL of voicing. I am on fire today!! voiceover artist, home studio

    Mike thought it would be funny to take a screen shot of himself and drag the image onto my monitor..

    Cute. I think he is making that face cause I got mad at him for something. I was probably over-reacting about something. That is the norm.

    Today, I also went BANANA’S!!!! Frozen banana’s!!!

    I got the idea from shape magazine. shape magazine frozen banana's recipe

    Take frozen banana’s and throw them in your processor…frozen banana icecream
    Press ON and dessert is servedfrozen banana ice cream
    I added a drop of vanilla extract and topped it off with some chocolate sauce (I just used nesquick) and shaved almondsfrozen banana
    I know it doesn’t look as good as Shape’s Food photography, but it tastes great!
    I made Mike a batch but added frozen strawberries to his (as per his request)
    Mikey likes it!!!frozen strawberry banana

    It’s a nice summer frozen treat!

    Hope you had a great day! Time for me to do some exercising. Until we meet again!!!!!



  • Hey!

    How are you?

    My day started out as “one of those days”. I felt kinda overwhelmed at my “to do” list. The funny thing about my to-do list, is that it is not stuff I HAVE to do, it is merely things I CHOOSE to do. I just now read a quote on facebook that reads: “I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.” Thomas Jefferson

    Ain’t that the truth! I agree. I guess that’s why I keep adding things I don’t have to do to my list, and I do keep getting “luckier”.

    For example. Did Mike and I HAVE to make a video for the Osoyoos Celebrity Wine festival? NO- but we put it on our to-do list, and we got it done. Now we are top finalists for the competition. We got free tickets to the sold out event AND the owner of the winery we featured in the video has invited us out to their Vineyard for a tour and some wine.

    (Here’s a still-shot from the video- I can’t show it until the weekend!)

    So my point is- by doing things you don’t have to do- amazing things can happen! Like this blog too- I sure as heck don’t have to do it, it takes a lot of work, but I enjoy it and the reward is so worth it! I was going through a bunch of old posts today and I thought- wow- I did that. It’s like a public journal (except I don’t get toooooo personal, lol)

    What can you do? What envelope can you push? What is something that you can do that will take a bit more effort, time and energy but will be rewarding once it’s done?

    I found this picture of me today when I volunteered to read university texts books for the blind. Another thing I didn’t have to do, but it sure beat sitting at home watching reruns of Sex In The City, lol…

    The key when you sign up to do more or put more on your plate is that… YOU GOTTA FOLLOW THROUGH. A lesson I learnt today. I felt overwhelmed with to much to do. So I took a deep breath and I thought…… OK…first things first… finish what you’ve started and then move on… SO I DID!!!!!

    I half wrote a daily meditation over 1 year ago and I really wanted to finish it and get it up on the web. It has just been “one of those things” I’ve been meaning to finish and TODAY I FINISHED IT. WOOT WOOT.

    I figured, before moving on to more half done projects I need to finish what I started… So here it is- My first ever written and recorded Start Your Day- Guided Meditation!

    I put it to some pictures, but my goal is you never really see the pictures because you are listening, with your eyes closed to the meditation~

    So…don’t watch this now, but come back to this page tomorrow morning and listen to it!!! Will you??? If you do… please let me know how it goes!

    The reason I made this, is because my morning rituals have changed my life…for the better. It gets you in the right mind frame for the day.

    IN the MORNING, before you start your day. CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LISTEN TO THIS!

    I think the Canucks should do this!! Can someone send this video to Luongo?

    I’ll be back tomorrow for some more blogging action, and if you do the meditation… let me know how it goes!

    Lots of love, light, prosperity and energy!