I’m coming back to the blog. For me. Because I miss it. I love blogging and I need to get this train rolling again. So here goes… My first post in a while. It’s kind of like going to the gym after you’ve missed for a long time- It’s all familiar- but you feel rusty and just need to ease back into it. But DAY-UM it feels good to be back. I even completely erased all the data on my laptop, so it will be more efficient for my blogging:) YAY!

    Here’s me these days…almost 5 months preggers. (I’m due November 27)

    5 months pregnant

     Pregnancy has been a whirlwind of emotions and craziness.

    Some blissful frustrating moments so far:

    -INSANE morning sickness (more like, morning/noon/night/anytime sickness!)

    - pure utter exhaustion

    -zits!!! woo hooo!!!!

    -no clothing fits anymore

    - a middle of the night scare that landed me in emergency at the hospital

    -a few days ago when my left foot was SO swollen that the doctor thought I had a blood clot in my leg. (thank goodness the test came back clear- NO blood clot! 

    HOWEVER, there has been some blissful, beautiful amazing moments. Like when the baby kicks up a storm, watching him touch his face and kick and tumble around during Ultra Sounds. OH and finding out that IT”S A BOY!!!!

    It's a boy!

    So now with Mike, Painter and baby…I am outnumbered 3-1! 

    Everyone in my family and many of my friends thought we were having a girl. Thank goodness we didn’t paint the nursery pink..(we don’t have a nursery yet…oops… more news coming..) We had a girls name picked and everything, but finding out it was a boy was a wonderful surprise… But now…finding a name… something he will be called for the rest of his life. This choice is in my hands (can you see me sweating? lol) 

    SO, my friend gave me this book…it’s great and all…

    Baby names book, Ultimate baby Names book,
    Except for the back where it says “Choosing the perfect name has never been so easy!”. Instead it should read, “This book is entertaining and it gets you thinking, but don’t expect any miracles!”

    baby names

    I’m sure the name will come to us. Any suggestions?

    Remember last year when I won the Whistler Water Blogging Contest?

    Well, part of my winnings was a free night at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel, which I still haven’t used, a year later- So I booked a room for next weekend- woot woot.

    The Fairmont Waterfront

    In other news, at Whole Foods I discovered Organic Lives’ macaroons got new packaging… FANCY! I kept the empty box so I could tried to replicate the ingredients and make my own.

    Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons

    Yummy yummy. Basically raw perfection in a box.

    Organic Lives Chocolate Macaroons
    OH! And at the Farmers Market on Sunday, I on a whim asked the worker guy how much a flat of raspberries were- he replied $25.. (and individually they are $3.99 each.. Soooo, I bought 12 baskets of raspberries for 25 bucks. A steal of a deal if you ask me. I washed most of them to freeze for smoothies.
    Farmers Market Raspberries

    And another impulse purchase was the lip color “Chelsea Girls” by NARS. Anyone have it? I’ve wanted to buy it for years, but thought it might be a bit beige-y for me… we’ll see:) Need to pamper ourselves here and there, right?

    Nars Chelsea Girls

    Pucker up buttercup!


    I just wanted to check in. This was kind of like a test blog. Like “oh ya, that’s how you do it” I think I can do this;)

    Throughout my pregnancy so far- I feel like this quote is perfect for me. 

    don't worry typography

    My mom tells me I worry to much. You have to worry a bit… but I also need to RELAX! I find writing this blog relaxing (most of the time…hee hee), so this will be one of my outlets….

    Alrighty then… nice talking with you! As always… love and light from my heart to yours! Talk soooooon

  • Hello!

    I’ve gotten a few emails about where I have disappeared too and why I am not posting. I am soooo sorry. I have been utterly consumed with work and things going on, and basically anytime I am not working, I am laying down! WHY? BECAUSE I AM PREGNANT!!!!

    Crazy, crazy, crazy! It comes as a complete surprise, but also an absolute blessing. With my nearly-fatal ectopic pregnancy, I was told it may be challenging for me to conceive…but apparently not! Mike and I were NOT planning at all.

    We thought since we JUST got married, we’d wait a few years and get the business really rocking, but now we’ll also be rockin a baby! We can do it though, I know we will make it work.


    Pretty funny cause we were in LA, working, having fun, living the California life until 1 day, I knew something wasn’t normal. I had been cramping for a few weeks already and I was super late on my period, as soon as we got back to Canada I bought 2 pregnancy tests….


    It was kinda funny cause I pee’d on it, and I didn’t know how it worked, so mike came in and grabbed it and said, “omg, you’re pregnant”. “WHAT????”

    HUGE surprise, but a very happy one. We are just floored. Since I knew I had potential of a high risk pregnancy, the next day I went to the hospital to make sure it was in the right place. (I remembered the doctors saying years ago, that because of my surgery, I need to be closely monitored if I get preggers again)

    This is what we got to see… (I put a little bee beside it, so you could see the outline of the yolk sac (it’s the faint white thing)
    It was still just a yolk sac, but it was in the right place! I was super excited about that. It looks like I was on my way to a successful pregnancy.

    HOWEVER… I have had atrocious morning sickness, or shall I say ALL DAY sickness. I have never felt so gross day after day. AND SO tired- day in and day out. One day I went to bed at 6pm and didn’t wake up until the next day (see- that’s why I haven’t been blogging) AHH. I got some diclectin from my doctor. It is a mix of Unisom (yes the sleeping pill) and Vitamin B6. So really I could have saved a bunch of money and just bought the 2 medicines and combined them, but they gave this combo a fancy name and charged me $50 for 30 pills. I guess it helped a bit, but then you just get tired. Catch 22


    Also, the thought, vision, and smell of green salads have made me ill :(

    So I have been taking a slew of vitamins to hopefully give the baby some of the nutrients I haven’t been supplying it with through food.

    Really frustrating though. I know this is the most important time to eat well and I can’t stomach greens… They say it will pass. I am basically out of my 1st trimester and the sickness has slowly subsided a bit, as well as the tiredness. I am starting to feel better. I can see the light, haha!

    I CAN however drink these Green Goodness shakes. It consists of Lemon, Kale, Apples, Banana and ginger. THESE have been awesome. I think because we put a lot of lemon in them, I can’t taste the green and they have been really refreshing.

    I had my 12 week ultrasound yesterday and the baby is doing amazing! It was bouncing like crazy and I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.


    Mike and I are already fighting about who it looks more like, haha.

    And like proud parents, we have these pictures taped to the fridge. I am really excited to go through this. Yes, I can deal without the sickness and tiredness, but I know it’s all leading up to something amazing- I have a human growing inside me! It’s nuts. Mike and I made this video to share with some extended family and friends the good news!

    Have a look…

    I seriously tried to sing, but I couldn’t stop crying, haha. Oh golly….

    I will come back as soon as I can. Lots more to talk about. I hope all is well in your world! Love, love love and lots of light!!!!!

  • Helllllllooooooooo!!!!

    One of my best friends is moving to Australia TOMORROW! YIKES! Diana (far left) met her soul mate in Hawaii almost 2 years ago and now she is off to Perth, Australia (where they are both originally from). Off to a new adventure, so excited for her.

    This is from her going away party this weekend. We hit up Section 3 in Yaletown.

    Dee played it safe and got a hotel room for the night so no one had to drive. Here’s the view from her balcony…. Ahhh, Vancouver…

    Vancouver city

    Here’s the boy (Sean) she is going to be with!!!

    Dee came to visit me in LA when I was there and this is one of her shots of the freeway. Cool shot!

    Los angeles city

    Another one of her shots from Venice.

    Venice Beach

    Ahhhh, traveling. I found this online today and I was in heaven.. This voiceover artist put a studio in her camper and travels to hot places like Florida and just works from her camp spot. MARK MY WORDS- I am sooooooo going to do this one day!!! Talk about freedom.

    That is seriously cool! The full story at

    In the meantime, we are firing back up a contract with Stormtech to make new product videos for their new fall garments.

    I freaking LOVE Stormtech. I love that we get to work with them on a contractual basis. It’s great. Here is there Burnaby showroom, although they have headquarters worldwide.

    Stormtech Performance apparel show room

    We have got to travel with Stormtech in the past. Here we are in San Francisco with Kite Surfer, Gail Zaccai.

    Ohh, and in LA with stuntman Brad Martin.

    Then we were in Santa Monica with UCLA quarterback Ryan McCaan.

    My brother Cory has also been featured in a Stormtech video. Here we are in Lethbridge, Alberta. My bro is a competitive distance runner and just last weekend he won 1st place in a 10 miler!!!

    Stormtech Performace apparel

    While we travelled all these places, I always did bring my microphone with me and recorded in whatever hotel room we were in at the time…

    Now I just need a camper, with a studio so I can travel all around and record from various campsite’s around the continent!! Here’s to living life to the fullest and going on adventures!!!!


    Sending adventurous energy to take risks and go for what you really want in life. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

  • Ahh, hello from CANADA! Our LA extravaganza is over…for now…

    Here is the paradise we left.. This was about 10 steps from our apartment!

    Redondo Beach

    These great pictures are courtesy of Dee when she was visiting…. Ahhh, just look at the view

    Redondo Beach, CA

    The final days in our crammed studio-beach apartment…(Note:Mike rolling his eyes…. lol)

    redondo beach apartments

    But alas, it was time to go home… never know where the next adventure will lead..

    On our way out of town, I saw this truck transporting a billion grapefruits.. “Hey! Throw one over heeeeerrreee!

    I think this was in Sacramento. Time to run Painter, so he doesn’t go mad with all the driving…

    Sacremento, CA

    Pretty sun peaking through the clouds..

    This here below is Seattle, almost 24 hours after the Sacramento sun!


    As soon as Mike and I crossed the border… we headed for Tim Hortons! (Famous Canadian coffee. It’s “roll up the rim” season, but we both failed to produce wins upon our rollings of the rims….

    Tim Hortons

    Ok, here’s another NON-WIN…. I was in this crazy Japanese store in LA where everything was $1.50. I found these hair elastics… “Sweet!”, I thought..

    Until, I opened the package up, grabbed an elastic to put my hair up… What the?? These are just strings of elastic… Did the machine break down to make it a complete circular elastic band? What am I missing here???

    That’s $1.50 out the window. Oh, I bought a 1.50 hair brush for Painter…. Garbage too! lol

    Painter is happy to be home. Sitting on his ledge on the sofa, looking out at our view. We all forgot how beautiful it is! There’s no place like home…

    Hope all is well in your world! I know I haven’t been posting as regularly as often. But I feel much more settled now that I’m home. I can get into a rhythm/pattern again of being a blogging machine! xoxo

    Lots of love and sunshine from my heart to yours <3

  • Hello!!

    Wanted to give a quick hello from The South Bay in California!

    Redondo Beach, CA


    Easy breezy it goes!

    Redondo Beach, CA

    And then…We went to Vegas for a couple days to see my mom and her BF Richard!

    Las Vegas, Forum shops

    Lady in tank- feeding all the fish…crazy..

    Glitzy Vegas BLVD.

    This one is for Mike‘s mom and John;)

    Went to The Forum Shops in Cesar’s Palace.

    The big Fire and Ice show in Cesar’s Palace…

    I can only handle Vegas for a couple days at a time! Momma LOVES it though. We had a really fun time…

    Oh! Look at that…Back to our California living.

    And now…My friend Dee is in town visiting… Going out for some fun. I’ll be in touch soooooon!

    Amanda xoxo

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