• Hi!

    I met my darling friend Diana and her love Sean for dinner at Vij’s on South Granville St. in Vancouver tonight. Cool thing about these cats is that last January, they met in Hawaii, but they are both originally from Perth, Australia. Dee lives in Vancouver now, but her mate Sean aka “Quarters” still lives in Perth. Anyway, 6 months after their meeting in Hawaii, he flew all the way to Canada from Australia to be with Dee. They are getting along swimmingly as you can tell by the below pictures!! Mike and I were trying to “relight” that honeymoon stage in the presence of them, lol!!

    Haha, Mike is the shyest person I know to kiss in public. He’s a doll. I am Sooooooo happy for Diana and Sean though! (I predict wedding bells and a SWEET place for Mike and I to visit in Australia, haha)

    The East Indian restaurant we went to was delish! (Vij’s Vancouver!!)

    Lots of Vegetarian options! They even had my ultimate true love- 8th Generation Wine! (read my post about my visit to 8th Generation Vineyard!)

    The sommelier was amazing!
    We drank a bottle of 8th Generation Pinot Meunier Rose.

    vij's. 8th generation wine

    Delicious wine!

    Thanks Diana and Sean for such a fun night and thanks to Vij’s in Vancouver (to be honest our server was meh,so/so…but everything else was splendid)

    Styling place.

    DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS STYLING??? The donations I received for my Seek The Peak Race on Saturday!!!

    My dear childhood friend who owns Korpan Tractor in Saskatoon donated. Thank you Tyler Korpan! (he obviously is a breast cancer cure supporter-check out that awesome PINK tractor her has on his lot!!)

    korpan tractor

    And my friends James and Kendra that live in Yellowknife donated. (Thank you both!!!! lots of love!!!)

    I promise to put my heart and soul into that 16km hike. I am still going solo so far-but if anyone wants to join me- let me know! OH and if you can’t hike Click here to donate.

    Thank you all. I am so excited to “Seek The Peak” on Saturday. I assure you it will be gruelling. But I don’t call myself a tomboy for nothin’!

    Sooooo much love and light and greatness to you all!!! xoxo

  • Greetings Earthlings!!

    How goes your experience on this beautiful planet of ours? I hope it is compelling, exciting and righteous! (what am I on today??? lol)

    I sometimes get struck with inspired thought, such as today. I looked at my schedule and realized that this Saturday morning, I didn’t have anything written down in my calendar. Then I remembered the Seek The Peak poster that was on the top of Grouse Mountain last week when I hiked it with my brother.

    seek the peak 2011, grouse grind

    I thought, “oooohhh it is this Saturday!” 16KM up hill anyone???? I haven’t been “training” for it, but if I can do the FrostBite 45, I can do Seek The Peak!

    I’m NOT going to be running, just a nice brisk walk. Kinda like on the West Coast Trail! lol

    I’ve put the word out to some of my friends who I think might be interested in doing this with me….(It’s kinda last minute, so these girls might already have plans…)

    Might as well ask right?? The worst they can say is no…..

    Kelli…. my triathlon training partner…. wanna hike??

    Chelsea… My highschool team mate, now national beach volleyball champion….wanna hike?

    And Jaclyn…good friend who just raced 160km on her road bike…wanna hike?

    haha! Love all you girls, come join me Saturday if you can…anyone else out there on the www, let me know too if you wanna join me!!! Register HERE!



    These women are Breast Cancer Survivors! 

    CLICK HERE TO DONATE! (every bit helps…even $10 would be fantastic, thank  you in advance!)

    It’s hard to ask people for money, but just think of the good positive vibes you’ll experience by donating. CLICK HERE TO DONATE! (ha, K. I’ll stop- lol)

    Last week I had a doctor visit, she said it is important to do self-examinations on your boobies.

    self check boobs

    Another thing my doc said was to be as healthy as I can. Here’s the yummy green shake I made today. (It’s kind of a variation of my old classic green shake)

    green shake

    I used frozen spinach, strawberries, banana, parsley, cilantro and kale.

    Add in freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice

    juicing oranges, juicing lemons, cuisinart juicer

    And Voila!  Vibrant enzyme filled drink in your belly! Make you feel goooooooooood!

    shake with kale

    Hope you guys had a great day! Let me know if you want to hike with me Saturday. He’s my cute puppy pic of the day…bug puppy

  • Hello!!

    How was your weekend?? Mine’s been great. Always goes to fast though;)

    Woke up this morning and was craving pancakes!! We could pretty much smell them on the grill from our apartment. It was the Port Moody Fire Department’s annual Pancake breakfast!!

    Port Moody Firemans Pancake breakfast

    So we walked across the street to check out the action. Port Moody always has such fun community events going on.

    Kids of all ages were checking out the shiny red firetrucks.

    PORT MOODY fireman's pancake breakfast

    (You know what I was checking out…… Which month in the calendar are you guys?? haha I wonder if that gets old?)

    People were lined up to get their hot cakes! The Galleria was filled with pancake munching peeps.

    Port moody Pancake breakfast

    Nice work fella’s!

    Port moody fireman's pancake breakfast

    Grilled to perfection!

    Port Moody Fireman's Pancake breakfast

    I think the pancakes taste so good because they flip them at the PERFECT time, just like they flip all these switches…

    Port Moody Fireman's Pancake breakfast

    High five to the Port Moody Firefighters!

    Fire fighter in training;)

    After the pancakes, we walked over to Kins and spent $50 on produce for the week. I had to buy some cherries.

    I’ve actually been pretty darn lazy today. We went to Home Outfitters and bought a couple bar stools, as well as a trip to Costco to get a new food processor…. Remember how ours broke? Got groceries, did some laundry… stuff like that. Ready to go full speed ahead starting tomorrow morning.

    Take care, eat your pancakes and talk to you sooooooooooooooon!


  • Hello!!!

    SUMMER IS HERE. Saturday weather- you pulled through! Thank you..

    Hope you had a great Canada Day!happy canada day, port moody

    You won’t believe what I did yesterday- I was a photographer at a wedding! I was an assistant to an awesome friend/photographer named Scott Adolph from Sculptures Of Light. Mike did the videography. See my lil head on the right, lol. Scott has SWEET gear!

    It was sooo fun. I just did the ceremony. Scott really gave me direction on what I needed to do. I think I did ok:)

    Mike had to shoot the reception at night, so I went hiking. A hike locals around here like to call “Coquitlam Crunch” It is a 2km uphill hike that follows the power lines to the top.
    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    Hi! I love hiking!!! I love being outside!

    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    It’s pretty steep at times and has stairs as an option.

    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    It’s not hard though. It goes by fast. Its about 1/4 or 1/6 as hard as the Grouse Grind (in my opinion). Still it was a nice hike and I was loving it.

    This morning we have been voicing a VIDEO GAME! Sooo much fun!! Here is a clip from it. (Mike got the male part. He also did the sound effects and music)

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Here’s the visual.

    Woot Woot!

    Ok, now I gotta run- we are going CAMPING. Not sure if we are going to hike up the mountain or drive. Mike keeps asking me questions, but I say, “wait! I’m almost done my blog and we can figure it out.”

    Have an amazing day!


  • Hi, Hi, Hi!

    How are uuuuuuuu? Doesn’t it feel like the weekend already? It feels like 5th period in high school, when you are sooo close to being done, but not quite.

    The weekend may be around the bend, but the summer weather in Vancity is taking it’s sweet time. To it’s defence, the weather network says Saturday we will see Mr. Sun (and Mr. Cloud…but no Mr. Rain!) and it’s supposed to just get better from there…GOOD!

    It’s probably a good thing it was rather gloomy out there today….

    Cloudy in Port Moody

    …because since 7am this morning….we have not stopped. I have been voicing a million different projects today. Here was our list a couple hours ago. We are almost done. We are now on the last 2.

    white board to do list

    While Mike was editing, I ran to Starbucks to get him a Venti Java Chip Frapp with an extra shot of espresso to keep him going!! I wanted one, but they make my voice all phlegmy! (what an absolute weird way to spell a word… I thought it was spelt Flemmy, but google told me otherwise… Phlegmy). Anyway….

    While I was out I called my moms friend who speaks spanish so she could teach me the correct way to pronounce this for one of my jobs:

    “Para Espanol Marque Nueve”, which means “For Spanish Press Nine”.  Thank you for the help Claudia! I rocked it!

    To warmup my voice in the morning I do this:

    I also read out loud a few pages from a book. Right now I am reading ‘In Pursuit Of Excellence’ (No romance novels here! haha)

    It is an absolutely awesome book. I am on Chapter 5. It basically describes how to reach your goals, no matter what they may be. It’s all about being committed, focused, confident, etc. They also say you must stay relaxed, which is why I lit this…

    stress relief candle

    My Stress Relief candle. I love ANY candle from Bath and Body Works.

    Since I work for myself, the ability to stay in the game and on top of things is extremely important. I read these kinds of books because I want to keep growing and getting further up the “success” ladder. “Success” is a loaded term though and It’s a very individual thing.

    To me success means: (and I still working on all this….)

    -working for myself as a well established voiceover artist/host, etc

    -financial freedom

    -staying healthy and fit

    -having positive supportive relationships

    -spending as much time as possible with family


    - a few other things, but my brain is fried, so I’ll end it there…

    What does “success” mean to you??

    If you need any motivation or inspiration, I would HIGHLY recommend It is a daily 15 minute podcast that gets you in the right frame of mind to start your day/reach your goals. I have been a LOYAL listener for almost 2 years now! It’s only $20 a month (which is an incredible value) Since I started listening, I have become fully self employed, I started this blog, I am happier and healthier than ever.  Watch this little video I made on how to get  7 days free.

    (Basically just go to and enter the code Freedom where it asks!!) Let me know how it goes!

    I have been sitting in my gym clothes all day. I tried to sneak out for a run, but it didn’t happen. I went for a run yesterday though- proof from my iphone..haha
    running in port moody

    I’m going to try to get out there right away…I really feel like a beer though…hmmmmmm…
    Chose your own adventure!!!! The adventure of life……

    BYE BYE!!