• Hello!! How are you!!!! Long time no talk…

    2 days to get down here to California. No email for a couple days either…weird  for me! I actually called my mom and got her to check my email for me. I am not turning on my phone while I am here. Roaming charges are insane. We have a company phone, so I am using that to strictly make calls..Anyway… We are now in our hotel room and we have 2 computers running on full blast! ha

    We got across the border later Friday evening and drove as far as we could until we needed to crash for a few hours. Since we knew we’d be back on the road in like 3 hours, we just slept in our truck good bad idea.
    Mike and I got in a little tiff because I CANNOT move bags around because of my surgery and he was super tired and annoyed to have to move all the bags…ha. I sat in the truck bickering at him, “In the old days, men used to joist other men on horses and fight until death for their woman..I am asking you to move a couple bags, not slay dragons!!”

    car tenting
    Then the next morning I wrote a song for him.

    ha.My “drug” of choice was advil and it wasn’t because of Mike, it was because of my surgery…We actually always make up new lyrics to songs and sing them to each other..We usually make them up about our puppy Painter…

    It rained the whole time as we drove…

    And drove!

    Right as we crossed the border INTO California, it was SNOWING!

    Geesh. To keep ourselves busy we played some road games…and we sang….

    Ohh man, road trips make ya crazy..And we finally saw a break in the rain.

    Now we are chilling out in California… happy times..

    I think I’m just happy cuz we went here for lunch. I heart Mexican restaurants…

    We went for a big walk down by Hermosa Beach and I spotted a club I played at back in the day with my band. True story…the mic at this bar electrocuted my lips while I was singing on stage. The guy who ran this bar at the time was Dyck (I later saw him on one of the Big Brother seasons. remember him?..crazy dude with lots of tattoos and red streaks in his hair..)

    Good memories…then we watched the sunset from inside our hotel..

    Love this bench I saw while we were walking around today…


    Now we are getting ready to shoot our first Stormtech video of our trip so far… meeting with Hollywood Stuntman Brad Martin in the am!
    Should be a fun day. Thanks for stopping by and I need to say thanks to Kelli and Jay for looking after our Painter. We think about him all the time. We are so blessed that he is in such good hands.

    Have a great night!


  • Hey there!

    November 1st. Surgery day. My dooms day.

    I couldn’t sleep last night, kept thinking through things. One thing I thought about was, wether we die young, or live to be 102, life is short. Too short to be fearful to take risks, ask for what you want or worry about what people think. Random late night sleepless thought.

    Pulled up at the Women’s Centre at the Vancouver Hospital.

    leslie diamond center, vancouver hospital

    I was headed to floor 6.

    leslie diamond womens center

    The surgery was crappy. I’m not going to pretend it was hunky dory, cause it was shitty. Even though I am tough and can make it through anything- I don’t wish that upon anyone. My Leep procedure is done, and now any potential cancerous cells are gone from my body. Mike was holding my hand the whole time, and the doctor and nurses were very kind. I am very tired and out of it right now, so perhaps we can expand on it more at a later date. But again, my plea is that you get a yearly pap done. Cervix cancer can be detected well in advance if you get your yearly checkup.

    After the surgery, the nurse said to eat right away and don’t count calories! lol

    Mike and I met our friends Eden and Colin for lunch at Organic Lives.
    Organic Lives

    We sat down right before the lunch rush, this place did get BIZY!

    Organic Lives, Vancouver

    I got the Sicilian Wrap with a ceaser salad. Ah-maze-ing!

    Organic Lives, Sicilian wrap

    For dessert Mike and I shared the “ridiculous” (that’s really it’s name!) And Colin and Eden shared the “OMG” (yup, that’s it’s name too)

    Since I’ve been home I have travelled back and forth from the bed to the couch. This little hellion angel knows when it’s time to pour on his sweetness when I just need some comfort and cuddles.

    Here’s my station today… In between watching some Dog Whisperer re-runs. lol

    Going to bed now! Tomorrow is a new day. Love and light!


  • Hello!!

    Happy Halloween weekend!

    With my upcoming wedding, I am feeling spoiled and overjoyed that I get to see all my cousins at my wedding..

    Here is (in order, my cousin Tony, me, my bro David and cousin Margarita) in Regina about 5 years ago…

    Here’s my cousin’s Margarita, Robin, and Lisa…

    Another shot of Marg and Lisa…

    Me and Margarita during a crazy night out

    Me doing Robin’s makeup for a photo shoot..

    YAY, cousin Valerie. (I searched for pics of us at my brothers wedding, but I couldn’t find them!) Heart you Val!

    Cousin Ted when he came to visit during the Olympics.

    Not cousins, but Family…Brother Cory, Granddad, Nana, Brother Dave and me.

    Here’s what inspired this whole post… The lovely lady on the right is my cousin Michelle and on my left is cousin Nicole who will be here tomorrow morning at 8am!!!

    Can’t wait to see my little darling cousin (she’s flying in from Winnipeg). I’m going to take her out in Van city!!

    Lately when family has come to visit, I haven’t had time to “organize” my place as much as I want too, but I hope my southern charm and the twinkle in my eyes makes up for any un-twinkling in my sinks… I have beer in the fridge….isn’t that good enough?

    Alright…time to get rolling.. Sending you warm, summer-ish smiles…


  • Hey!

    So last week we had a meeting with the ever-amazing Stormtech to talk about shooting some videos for the 2012 Spring line. Well, I had a super far out idea that I just shot out there, I prefaced it with, “I know this might sound crazy, but what if..” and turns out… my idea wasn’t crazy at all… We are going to California!

    In November we will be driving down the coast shooting videos with some ridiculously talented people. We are teaming up with a Pro Kite surfing champ in San Francisco, an award wining hollywood stuntman in Orange County, some friends of mine that are also actors in LA and maybe an interview with an NFL trainer. We’ll see on that one. We will be documenting our trip the whole way, so get ready for a wild ride!!!

    I know all about wild rides. I lived in LA back in the day, doing the rock and roll thing…

    Amanda Sellers

    A lot of my crazy experiences… all the touring I did, looking back I can’t even believe it….

    Music video…

    Playing at the Viper Room in Hollywood.

    Amanda Sellers, Viper room

    Out for dinner with 90210′s Kathleen Robertson. (let’s just say she was a friend of a friend) I was wearing her glasses in this picture, I did not have glasses back then… like I do now, haha

    Kathleen Robertson, LA

    Oh Hollywood, how I’ve missed you! Can’t wait to go back!

    There are parts of LA I just love. If I could live there 6 months out of the year, I would…and I think I just might at some point…we’ll see…or at least visit more for longer periods of time. We are subletting a place, so that makes it possible.

    I just like all the things you can do and see. There are amazing voiceover workshops happening…EVERYDAY. Lots of hosting opportunities, raw food restaurants, ocean, disneyland, shopping, hot sunny weather…..hmmmm….

    Mike and I went a couple years ago. Here we are hiking in the hollywood hills.

    One of my favourite stops is the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Will definitely be going there.

    Rainbow Bar and Grill

    Snap, snap, back to reality. Still have lots of work to get through here… It’s been a good day…cleaning in between voicing. Multitasking champion over here..

    Hoep your doing great… my vitamix should be here any day now…

  • Hello!

    Happy weekend:) It was pouring all day here.

    This morning I stayed in bed and missed my yoga class, only to make up for it this afternoon. On the way there I realized I did not have a hair tie… and for a Bikrams yoga class you NEED a hair tie!

    I always have trillions of elastics laying around….UNTIL I need one.. (Murphy’s law)

    So in a desperate state, I thought….hmmmm….this twist tie might work. SO I gave it a shot.

    Oh man, it was perfect. Didn’t budge the whole class! I see a market for this…What’s the number for Dragon’s Den? (Canadian show about business ideas)

    Painter is SOOO good at finding all my hair stuff, I’m thinking he ate them all.

    Speaking of eating…When is the last time you bought sprouts? Sprouts are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet! They are full of enzymes, they can decompose themselves in the body (saving your body from having to make up it’s own enzymes to break it down) and they aid in digestion. These below are Broccoli sprouts. They contain all the juicy power to become big broccoli one day, so if you eat them in this state, they are a superfood.

    brocolli sprouts

    I am trying to add them into my salads. You can grow your own sprouts, but easier to just buy your own!

    Mmm, cabbage too.. Another amazing food….

    I promise, I don’t just eat all day, haha. I have been in the sound booth voicing like crazy this week. Today I got a job with AT&T, as well as Conair!  I am voicing a commercial for Conair’s new no clamp curling iron. It is all the new rage!

    It’s something like this…. I sooo want one.

    I’ll let you know more about the commercial when I know it’s ok to talk about it….

    The holidays are coming and it’s a wonderful time to give to others. The voiceover community has created The 10-Week VO Holiday Challenge where professional voice talents volunteer their voice to a charity of their choice. The charity I approached is Feeding 5000 in Pennsylvania.

    feeding 5000

    The reason I picked this charity is because one of it’s faithful volunteers Rachel Lynn Edgar passed away last month and it was her request that donations be made to this charity. Rachel was a 35 year old mom who died of cervix cancer on Sept.14/2011.


    She was a fighter- she ran 2 half marathons while undergoing 6 chemo and 39 radiation treatments. I have surgery on Nov.1 for precancerous cells in my cervix and Rachel’s story not only touched my heart, but made me realize how precious life is and everyday is a gift.

    You can read entry’s from Rachel before she passed away, as well as her mom and sister wrote on the blog too. It is I admire Rachel so much and her story and fight breaks my heart. I found out about her because her aunt commented on my blog recently.

    There are a ton of women out there who “beat” cancer or sustain health while living with cancer, such as Kris Carr from (below here with Oprah) This Kris girl is amazing. I encourage you to check out her website.

    Here’s to continuing the fight to conquer cancer. I will post my voiceover for Feeding 5000 once it’s done. The charity is writing the script and getting it to me next week.

    Do you volunteer at any charity?

    I used to volunteer at the University, reading books for the sight-impaired students….

    I absolutely loved it.. But I got too busy (and moved really far from the University)

    Hmmm, more time in a week please…..

    Ha, on that note, I better get running. I hope you have a gorgeous weekend. I don’t mean gorgeous weather, cause I know here in Van that’s not an option. I mean gorgeous on the inside…. and shine your beautiful heart for the world to see!!!

    Lots of love, light and happiness!!!!


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