• HI!

    I got so much wedding stuff done this weekend:

    -got liquor license

    -ordered alcohol

    -picked out and put deposits on decorations

    -rented lighting

    -got a shuttle driver from the venue to hotel

    -called my caterer (he needs to call me back)

    -figured out flowers

    -tried on my dress again and saw my mom in the one she’ll be wearing

    -bonded with my inlaws

    -trained the ring bearer how to walk down the aisle (watching Jasper walk down the isle will definitely be a highlight)

    I set up shop at my moms and we really did get a lot down. It went from a disorganized-disaterous event, to A PLANNED WEDDING.

    working on wedding stuff

    I’m the last of my sibling to get married. My brothers are walking me down the isle (they are also my “bridesmen”)

    Here’s my brother Dave at his wedding to Nicole.

    And my brother Cory’s wedding to Donnelly.

    Next down the isle is Mike and myself. (Then my mom and her boyfriend Richard! haha- I love bugging them)


    After another day of running around in Saskatoon, I caught my flight home late last night. I had to touch down in Calgary, then finally made it to Vancouver after midnight.

    Today has been a huge voiceover catchup day. I had sessions with clients from Conair today and I was actually on the phone with them the whole time I recorded. It always adds to the intensity of the session to have 3 people on speaker phone telling you to re-do lines, or sound less like this, or that. But I must say, these clients have been wonderful to work with…


    First I voiced a spot for this product…

    Then these ones…

    Just now, we picked up little Painter from the vet. Poor lil guy got his balls chopped today. It really sucks knowing your little pup is in pain. He is so groggy and out of it.  He’s sleeping right beside me right now.

    How’s your week going? Keeping busy? OMG I need to get to the gym. I can finally work out again (after surgery I had to take 3 weeks off from everything, even yoga) But now… no excuses. I get married in a month….eeeeek!

    Ok, well let’s talk tomorrow!


  • Hello!!!

    How was your day? I finished my work, picked up some veggie sushi and a bottle of red wine and am kicking back in style.

    My new slippers from Target. (They are way to big for me, but the size smaller was too small) They are still really comfy though and I still dance around the apartment in them. I also sit like a lug and do nothing in them. They are versatile… Dance, sit, dance, sit….

    Target Slippers

    Need more of THIS….lol

    Red wine and sushi

    And this…. Little Button Willow (My name of the day for him- Yesterday it was Chub Chub)


    I’m starting to feel festive in the holiday spirit- how about you- Too early? Well, this Christmas Mike and I will most likely be making the trek across Canada to Sask to get married. Last Christmas, my family waited until my nephew was born to have christmas. Jasper was born Jan.17, so we had Christmas in February. My mom put up her tree and everything….

    We played a “paint a bib for Jasper” game.

    My older brother’s PLEA that  our nephew Jasper likes BMX and GI Joe’s, haha. (Oh and his birthday is Martin Luther King day too)

    I totally FAILED at my bib and dropped the pen in it…It was supposed to say, “I rule, and drool” (It was for Japser…..not me! haha, I think I’m so funny)

    So this Christmas won’t be a big hoopla here, as the wedding is the major event.

    I love this picture of my cousin with our nana’s box of jewelry. So cool!

    I decided for the wedding I will wear earring that are my other Grandma’s that I was given as a little girl. I am wearing them in this picture, but you can’t really see. I’m sure there will be pics from the wedding!

    I really can’t believe in just over a month I’m getting married. Geesh…time flies…..

    I am soo ready though. Bring it on!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our American friends! I was given a link today to a really great blog with awesome vegan/gluten free recipe ideas to WOW your guests this weekend;)

    Have a wonderful long weekend! Be in touch ok!


  • Hello!!!!

    Ok, the drama geek in me is about to be released. When you read the title, basically I am trying to say that the voiceover workshop I took today was ON FIRE.. It was THE BOMB….I’m trying to think of whatever tag lines the cool kids are saying these days, but it was dope!

    To be honest, my experience today was like a dream come true. There I was- in a master class, with the guy who coaches Nancy Cartwright! Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson for those of you who don’t know. Here is what Nancy says about Pat as a coach, ”Pat never disappoints. His techniques cover everything the pros in the industry expect you to know – but nobody teaches.”

    Pat Fraley teaches

    Umm, ya, I worked with “Bart Simpson’s” voiceover coach….

    Pat Fraley teaches

    The day was ridiculously beneficial and wonderful to my career as a voiceover artist. I was IN FREAKIN HEAVAN.

    Here’s the voiceover team for the day!! There were 6 of us who were Pat’s students for the day.

    Pat Fraley teaches

    After my workshop, we went to my friend Jo-Anne’s- she was having a party- hence, “The party’s here…”.

    They have a bungalow in Hollywood.. This art on the wall is done by Ryan McCann

    More of Ryan’s amazing art.

    The party was booming (out of respect to others who don’t know me, I didn’t snap their picture- but here is Mike playing a fun bean bag toss game on the front “lawn”… I wouldn’t call is a lawn cause it’s rocks and a big fire pit- but hey- it was soooo cool.

    I heart LA….

    Off to bed with more voice work to do in the am. Then we will hopefully do some shopping. Getting ready for Monday when will we blast out the rest of our awesome Stormtech Videos. I am so excited with the peeps we get to work with!!!

    Happy Saturday Night. It is 11:57 here- so if I post this NOW. It will still be Saturday night. OW OW OW

  • Hello from Hollywood, land of the glamourous movie stars crazy people! ha, just kidding.

    hollywood walk of fame

    There are TONS of amazingly talented people here, but ya, there are some crazies too. Take a walk down Hollywood Blvd and you’ll know what I mean.

    One of my life philosophies is “You gotta out-crazy the crazies!” Something I think I can do quite well….

    My plan was to get back on the raw today, and although I am doing better…(I made an awesome salad for lunch) I somehow got dragged into Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. (seriously my favourite coffee place, probably GOOD they don’t have them in Canada)

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    While I waited for my drink, I read their quote of the day, which happened to be by Steve Jobs.

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    Then, there it was, like a bottle to a baby, a bone to a dog and peanut butter to it’s jelly….
    I was reunited with the 500 calorie Black Forest Ice Blended coffee!!!

    Coffee bean and tea leaf, hollywood Blvd, black forest ice blended

    Mmmmm, I shared with Mike, so I probably only consumed 495 calories of the 500.. Not bad!

    We were supposed to shoot today, but it got cancelled, so we headed back “home”. Here’s Mike carrying ALL the gear. (what? I still can’t lift anything for another 1.5 weeks;)

    I had tons of voice work to get caught up on, so literally that’s been the rest of our day…
    My on the road studio set up…voiceover artist, on the road studio set up
    I got a spot for CTV today. Made me feel at home!

    Hope your day has been fantastic! Sending you warm sunshiny California sun… from my heart to yours!

    Talk sooooooon


  • Hello from sunny California.

    Things are going great. Woke up today and had a 65 page voice job in my inbox… Okeedokee, no beach for me today.

    I’ve gotten a bit of it done. Mike always does such a great job of rigging up my portable studio, no matter where we are!

    Here is me in the hotel closet. We could actually fully close the doors, cause we put the lamp in the closet, (after taking the lamp shade off- we trash hotel rooms in a different way, haha)

    voiceover artist, voicing in hotel closet

    We said bye to our beachy Hotel Hermosa and have now moved into the Hollywood area for the remainder of our trip.

    hotel hermosa, hermosa beach, south bay california

    Once we got settled in our new place, we took a walk down Hollywood Blvd..

    Hollywood BLVD

    Still looking the same… Still all the wax museums, people trying to sell you tours to go see celeb homes, the walk of fame, and of course Ripley’s believe it or not museum…

    Ripleys believe it or not, hollywood

    Hollywood and Highland.

    Hollywood and highland

    This was at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater. They were getting ready for a premiere of the movie The Artist.

    The Artist Premier, AFI, chinese theater

    I heart Hollywood and Vine, so much that I wrote about it in one of my songs off our last album…..

    After some wandering, I took Mike to the Cat and Fiddle, an old hot spot I used to go to.

    Cat and Fiddle sunset BLVD

    It’s right on Sunset Blvd, a place I used to go to. It’s in a courtyard, neat place.

    After a few days of eating non-raw cuisine, I got re-inspired when I spotted this super cool raw vegan organic joint…

    Then I put my foot down and said, ok, now that we are in a place that we will be at for the next 8 days, lets get groceries. So we went to Trader Joe’s and I bought lots of greens, fruits, veggies, all the good stuff, (and a couple bottles of the $1.99 wine! Gotta love Trader Joe’s!)

    Hope your having a great week. Can’t wait until we meet again!! Tomorrow perhaps???

    Stay cool San Diego….

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