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    For my job as a voiceover artist, 95% of my work is done through the internet. A lot of times, clients like to Skype chat before I start the project, to go over specific directions of the script…

    Can you help me out…Am I just paranoid or does Skype freak any of you out too? I always feel like people are watching me, as soon as I open up the program.

    I had to talk with a client this am, so I used Mike‘s Tool ticket to cover up the peep hole. I even opened up my photobooth program to snap a pic and confirm no one could see through the portal. lol

    YES! snapped with photobooth on my mac- you cant see me!!

    Ok, so I know that no one can see me and I proceed to have an amazing conversation, with an amazing client in Montreal.

    hee hee, you can't see me!!! but we can talk nicely

    It is so hot in my apartment during the summer, I wear my underwear a lot when I’m working, so if I answer a skype call and the video happens to be on and I’m in my underwear, ummm, that’d be weird!

    Are you skype-anoid too?

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