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  • Hey!


    Ok, In LA and had some going out to do tonight. We went and saw our friends band at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd.


    Lots of cool bands tonight, made you think…

    Like, what if…

    The Roxy Los angeles

    Mike hanging with a local creative artist (we can’t remember her name though…I will find out!!!)

    Went for a BIG walk earlier in the afternoon. (saw Shirley Manson from Garbage out and about in our area!)

    Another Silver Lake Beauty…

    Silver Lake

    And the most beautiful treasure of all…Painter and his findings..

    Here was LA at 6am this morning. We got up early and were ready to start the day..

    good morning LA

    Great day…. Sunday will be exciting too..

    Night my friends!! bed time…xoxo

  • Hello!

    Oh goodness, had no idea I’d be writing about this today. Mike and I are HUGE Cesar Millan fans. So, when we saw a video contest on his website for “dogs that need help”, we thought, ahhh, let’s bring the camera to the dog park today. We made a quick little video, sent it in right before the deadline and low and behold we are one of the top #15 finalists for “dogs that need Cesar’s help”. Um….Congrats?


    The video can be watched here. Already, the comments are rolling in. (Some of them reprimanding me for not being a “pack leader” or not having control over him). Gosh, settle…. I’m doing my best! ha Again to watch the video and see what NEW comments have been posted on Cesar Millan’s website.


    Holy Moly it was hot in LA today. For the first time ever I walked around the Silver Lake Reservoir. It was a pleasant walk. Lots of joggers, walkers, sunbathers.

    They called this the “meadow”. It’s apparently a chill closed off area where barefoot is welcomed. Inviting to grab a blanket, book and  relax.

    Oh ya, then there’s the stairs… just beautiful, aren’t they? lol

    I’ve been busy doing voice over stuff as well. Voiced a spot for Blackberry today!
    I think all the classes I’ve been taking are helping…..

    Hiking with a girl friend tomorrow, the hot weather is supposed to stay a while and I am A-OK with that! Stay as looooooong as you like Mr. Sun.

    Hope your week is going well! Sending you lots of love and good energy to you and your day!

  • Hello!


    How was your weekend? Hope it was nice!

    Today we were running some errands and low and behold I noticed a Farmers Market on a trendy LA street called Larchmont Blvd.

    Have to stop and smell the roses….

    They had fresh, organic produce and tons of samples from all sorts of different vendors. (hummus, nuts, breads, popcorn, jams, skin care, that kind of thing)

    I LOVED seeing all the produce, even in the middle of “winter”. Painter was NOT welcome, lol. Service dogs exempt…. umm, don’t think he could pull that off.

    larchmont farmers market, no dogs allowed

    We apparently drove through the Hollywood Media District.

    Speaking of media, Mike and I were doing a little media ourselves for a tv video branding company. I hosted their intro video. Mike filmed. Dynamic Duo, lol

    In the office, here is where the sales staff sits…except we were in on a weekend, so the office was quiet!

    Drive by on Hollywood Blvd. Someone was rapping, or dancing, or something. Sure drew a crowd.

    Chinese Theatre

    graumans chinese theater

    These lights can mean 2 things….EITHER:

    A) someone forgot to take down their Christmas decorations…


    B) MEXICAN!!!!

    B) was the winner!

    Now it’s time to dive back into this:

    I’ve been yoga-ing and jogging this past week and I plan on continuing that momentum!

    I’m excited for the week ahead..full of pure potential. I hope you are ready for an amazing week!

    Here we go! Be in touch soooooooooooooon


  • Hello!

    In the blog world I feel BORING today. The best I can do right now is give you the most unflattering picture of  myself and show you what Painter’s new favourite thing to do is….Climb up on my back and literally just hang out there!!!!!!

    The next thing I can do is show you a blurry shot that Mike took while we were driving in between meeting today…

    Here we are driving down Sunset Blvd, notice Baja Fresh on the corner? mmmmm… if I had to pick a “fast food” to live off of, it would be Baja Fresh….. You may also just be noticing everyone’ brake lights ON and the bumper to bumper traffic. HELLO LA!

    On the flip side. It was 25 degrees celcius!! I woke up in my shorts and took Painter on a walk in the same shorts..

    You wake up here and it’s like……”Oh look at that…another sunny day?” This kind of weather makes me happy….

    Sorry this is a short and sweet hello, but I promise tomorrow will be “shoot out of the cannon” excitement!!!

    Love and light.


  • Hello!

    I wish I could run for as long and hard as Painter does. He gets so excited at the dog park, he will just go and go and go until he we have to tell him he needs a time out.

    The thing I do know about his breed however is that the little munchkin can overheat, so I need him to drink water.

    BUT!  The dog park to him is equivalent to a kid at disneyland. He just wants to play!

    So I have to GRAB him and say- “PAINTER- DRINK!!!!”

    A little face grabbing….

    And BAM… we have a hydrated pup.

    Now you can go play for a bit longer.

    OHHH. I wanted to show you some of our wedding pics! These are done by Matt and Janna in Saskatoon.

    I love the way my shoes look in this one.

    You can’t really tell from this pic, but it was soooooo freaking cold and WINDY. I was a super trooper:) We would shoot a few, then run back to the truck to warm up. We did this cycle a few times.

    One of my faves. My hubby and I about 2 hours after we were officially named husband and wife.

    Speaking of LOVE. One of my most dearest friends Diana got engaged in Hawaii just after New Years. I am sooooo excited for her. She asked me to be her maid of honour and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    The wedding date not set- but I know her and Sean’s wedding will be absolutely stunning. AHHH! I wonder what kind of dress she’ll want me to wear?

    Hope all is well with you. It has taken me a bit to get focused after travelling, wedding, etc. But I am finally getting back in the groove and it feels awesome.

    Take care!!!Sending you buckets of sun shine and happiness:)

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