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  • Hey! Happy Friday!

    So today was a busy one! I woke up this morning and one of my clients says, “Are you available to record today?” Ummm, “Always!” lol So he sent over a TV commercial for Honda, I voiced it, sent it back and he sent me 4 more commercials! I didn’t even get to the other stuff I meant to voice today. I will have to get caught up tomorrow. I love days like this though…. They are tiring, but exciting.

    Most of the commercials were for Southern States, like Georgia.

    Ok, I have to share….Some bloopers from my day! Being high -energy for hours on end is sure to frazzle one’s brain! haha


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Mike also made our own version of the “That was Easy” Staples Button….


    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Um ya, he plays that all day long after we finish something…. Never a dull moment….or to many?? lol

    Oh- here is something sooo NOT dull. A rocking band called Falling For Scarlet.

    Yes, my good friend is the lead singer. I have written about her on my blog quite a few times on the blog.

    She was at my Bridal shower/stag thing….

    Here’s us catching up at Starbucks. (me n my brown hair!)

    Here is another coffee date. So funny, she had her pup in her purse the whole time and I didn’t even know until the very end of coffee! Sneaky! Talk about a purse dog! Painter would have jumped on every table and drank everyone’s coffee within moments of arrival!

    ANYWOO, my reason for talking about her is- Her band just released a single called “army of one” and it’s starting to get spun on stations across the globe!
    I invite you to check out her facebook page and “like” it. So we can all say we knew her “when”  Lee’s band

    And here you can check out a sample of the new single:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    YAY for Lee! Can’t wait to see her live.

    and….Painter can’t wait until another trip to the dog park! His new favorite thing is laying under the water tap.


    We MAY go to the dog park tomorrow, but first things first is something I want to do something for me. Whether it be a jog on the beach, a yoga class, a mani/pedi…or all of the above!

    I hope you too do something for YOU this weekend. Have a really, really great one!

  • Hey gang!!!

    How the heck are you? This week is flying by. I have been taking voice over classes, voicing tons of scripts, went to the gym once (NEED to up that-) but just keeping super busy in general.

    Last night Mike had a videography gig at The Comedy Union. I came along for the ride (and the laughs).

    The Comedy Union, LA

    Here we are, about to go in. The show was super fun and we met some great people. Did you know I tried Stand-Up Comedy when I was 16? OMG- I failed miserably!!! I’ll tell you the full length story some day;)

    Today was just gorgeous out (+26)… I spent most of it inside working, but I had to show you that on a clear day you can see a big flower pot, a sliver of the ocean from our balcony.

    And if we cut across the street, you can see the real deal. Check out ALL those surfers in the water!!!

    They just sit there, waiting for their “wave” to roll in!

    surfers in south bay

    Not bad for Feb.9!

    Love the sound of the waves crashing in.

    Under the pier. So cool.

    EEK! Look out for the rushing waves~ (don’t worry, I was really far back….)

    While I am voicing, Painter gets bored and does ANYTHING to get our attention. One by one he brought out almost every curler from my hot rollers set. Then he grabbed one of my MAC blushes. Here is Mike taking a picture of me, taking the picture…

    And here is the picture I got of him….Little brat!! (but so cute)

    It’s hard to stay mad at him! I remember when we were little if my brother did something bad, my mom would try to discipline him, but she would just end up laughing. I think I kinda do the same thing… It drives Mike crazy. He says, “If you can’t even discipline our dog, how are you going to be with kids.” I tell him- “WATCH ME!” lol

    I almost made it to a yoga class tonight, but last minute NO. BOO, I need to get my butt back in gear. It’s been a slow start since the new year. I can feel that “healthy” itch coming back on board. I can’t stay stationary long. I need to get moving.

    How is everything with you? Have you been “moving”? Drink any green shakes lately? I’ve had a couple this week. Need to stock back up on the greeny, green GREENS!!


  • Hey ya!

    Hope you had a terrific weekend. I managed to fit in a Target shop and bought a volleyball to use down a the beach. (only $9.99- what a steal!)


    volleyball target

    Then it was between 2 frisbee’s for Painter. A big 99 cent one, or a $5.99 smaller, heavy duty one. I went with the smaller, of course more expensive one!

    dog frisbee's from target

    We also had to go clean the Silver Lake apartment….Here’s my oh yay face…

    We were subletting that place. As a parting gift we bought the owner some beers, and some LAMILL coffee (it’s supposed to be amazing…smells good:)

    Lamill Coffee, LA

    And a note in my not-so-nice hand writing…

    Meanwhile, back at our new beach pad, Painter is LOVING it. we keep our balcony blocked off so he can’t go down the stairs and then prop the door open so he can go in and out as he pleases. It was SUCH a nice day out.

    Painter on some of my audio foam for my studio…

    I am super pumped for an incredible week. I already voiced 2 jobs today, so I feel like the week has already started. Now that we are fully moved in here, I can really focus and get some good work done.

    I know this is all over facebook, but I think it is a cool reminder…

    Take some chances this week. Take some risks. Let’s get out of our comfort zones!!!

    Have a good one… talk soooooooooooon.

  • Hello!!!!

    The last couple days I have been back and forth through 5 lanes of traffic! Here we have downtown LA in the smog distance…


    Downtown LA

    For the last month, we have been living in a 4-plex with a bunch of musicians in the wonderful artsy community of Silver Lake.

    On the way to the dog park everyday  I would see this crazy looking thing… it’s art folks! :)

    crazy silver thing on silver lake blvd

    SUPER trendy coffee shop in Silver Lake. Always buzzing with the “Who’s who…”

    LA coffee mill

    But being the Saskatchewan born breeds that we are…with no Tim Hortons around, we skipped the fancy LA  Mill Coffee empire and went to 7-11 for our coffees!!! ha

    Is that a cactus in your pocket or…..haha…

    The dog park is situated on a reservoir. It was fun to walk around it on our journeys to the dog park.

    You can always tell their are “industry” people around you, but this is the only celeb I really spotted. Shirley Manson from Garbage is a HUGE dog lover and goes to Silver Lake with her pup.

    But alas…Goodbye Silver Lake…the next part of our extended vacation has taken us TO THE BEACH. Here is a view from our new pad. You CAN see the ocean from our balcony, but it is just a sliver and you can’t see it in this pic.

    Painter LOVES the beach burring his chicken bone in my purse.  (Nice surprise when I’m reaching in for my lip gloss!!!)

    We are a path away from the water.. omg!

    Here was the sunset that just happened.

    I looked behind me and at the same time that the sun was setting, the moon was peeking up- getting ready to do its thing!!!

    Ahhh, I am so happy to be settled in here. I worked hard today editing a big project, then voicing a new one. But I am now caught up. Tomorrow I am cleaning the Silver Lake place, getting my hair trimmed and seeing where the day takes me….(probably to the beach… There are 1000 volleyball nets up, so I am buying a volleyball asap!)

    Hope you are doing awesome. Now that I’m more settled here for a while, I can keep up with the blogging action!!! Awesome neighbours here too. We enjoyed the musicians we were surrounded by in Silver Lake, but when your a voiceover artist and need a quiet space- being surrounded by musicians isn’t the most convenient situation;)

    (“always putting a positive spin on things” is my middle name)


  • Hello!

    It’s been a really nice weekend. Did some hiking, shopping, and concert going.

    On Friday and Saturday nights getting down Sunset Blvd can be pretty challenging. Here I am maneuvering myself in all the traffic.

    Oh Great, gotta change lanes. So much distracting stuff up and down the street!

    Sunset Blvd

    Act a bit aggressive to get yourself in there, then once your fully back in front of the vehicle that let you in, you give them the good ol’ prairie salute! (They don’t even notice)

    wave on sunset blvd

    Here was our destination. The Rainbow Bar and Grill (where I used to work) and The Roxy…

    The rainbow and the roxy, Sunset Blvd

    Here’s inside the Rainbow. Super famous spot where EVERY up and coming and famous musicians in LA hang out (or have hung out at in one point in time) People I saw there when I worked there: Pink, Keanu Reeves, The Osbornes, Drew Carrey, David Spade, Carmen Electra, Dave Nevaro, Vince Neil, Slash…just to name a few.

    The Rainbow Bar and Grill

    Here is Mike, the manager who hired me back in the day. He didn’t even ask for my resume, he just said, “Show up on Monday”. haha It was great to see him.

    manager Mike at the Rainbow

    Mike was cracking up at the guy behind me. He was flinging his hair around…a lot! He was in a band from Rio Brazil..

    Nice enough guy, but he REALLY loved his luscious locks. (Oh and by the way I am drinking a margarita made by my buddy Jesus- pronounced “HEY-ZEUS!” lol. This margarita tasted just like I remembered them. 80% of the glass filled with tequila, a shot of Triple Sec and a splash of lime. Phewf! You only need 1!!!

    After some visiting, we went over to The Roxy. Saw some AMAZING bands..

    The Roxy Menu

    Best band of the night was called The Shakers. Female fronted band.

    She was sooo freaking cool. She made me want to be in a rock band again. I LOVED it.

    The Roxy, friday night

    Today was more errands, running around- not much work done though. I guess that’s what Monday’s are for…Ready to have a ROCKING week. Hope you are too. Let’s take it to the next level:)


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