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  • Hello!

    Happy 4th of July to my American friends!!! Lots of love and freedom to you!!

    July 4th is such a fun time in the states. My favourite 4th of July was when my old band Paperboy Jack was on tour and we happened to be in Colorado for the 4th of July. We were doing a photo shoot with a local photog and he took us up to a very, very, very small mountain town called Montezuma. (Population 32)

    When we showed up- the whole town was there to watch our every move. It didn’t take long until we befriended them. It is a tradition that every 4th of July they take their “pet rock” for a drive and they let us jump on the truck for a photo op!

    We also found a really cool treehouse that must have been there for years. It had signatures carved in the wood from the “treehouse leaders”!

    I’m not sure what inspired us to put firecrackers in our mouths, I assure you, we did NOT light them….

    Definitely a memorable July 4th!

    I miss my old band. They were such a great group. One of those situations where you don’t realize what you have/had until it’s gone….

    I LOVE Dunkin Donuts coffee. Almost as good as Tim’s…almost…. ;)

    I CHERISHED those red boots. (John Fluvogs!) Still have them. I have had them for over 10 years. I’ve had the heels redone. I can’t bring myself to throw them out.

    Our band was doing REALLY good too. We had fans all across the USA. One of our fans tattoo’s our name on her arm!!!! (a musical note that had PBJ in it) Our name was Paperboy Jack.

    We played at The Viper room in LA, Kenny Castaways in NYC,  Played at D-Fest in Oklahoma, SXSW in Austin… WE PLAYED EVERYWHERE!

    If you want to add some new tunes to your library. Check out my latest songs on itunes!!!

    Happy 4th of July…..

    No day off for me today though. I have already voiced 10 auditions!!! Everything from an AT and T commercial to a Sci-Fi audiobook….it’s always an interesting mash up of text.

    I did have a really nice weekend though…including the 6km hike up the mountain to Buntzen Lake!

    buntzen lake, port moody

    It was our first time hiking up, but we knew there were a bunch of different trails to take up,

    buntzen lake, hiking

    It was definitely an adventure. Everytime we got lost we would pull out my iphone and use the google map to see where we were. Little Blue Dot saves the day.

    anmore trails, hiking in port moody

    A little help from Mother Nature to keep up going….

    Oops wrong picture… I meant these berries kept us going…Ummm ya….

    port moody berries

    It took us about 3 hours to get to the lake. But once we arrived, it was glorious and worth the trek!

    buntzen lake

    We were hoping to camp out and spend the night, but the campground was full. Fair enough….

    We were celebrating this guys birthday!! (his lil Ukrainian cheeks were stuffed with sunflower seeds…)

    We played catch for a bit with a mini football and I “accidently” kept throwing it into the ice cold lake….hee hee.

    buntzen lake

    It was a great time.

    My brother and his lil family are driving out this way from Saskatchewan as we speak and we are going camping when they get here! They will be here tomorrow night, or wed…

    My brother Dave is visiting my brother Cory right now in Lethbridge.

    Baby Jasper and Uncle Cory.

    They went hiking in Waterton Alberta yesterday. Jasper loves the outdoors! Can’t wait til they get here.

    When I have kids- I am definitely getting one of these baby-hiking back packs. Alrighty…back to work. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to catching up with you soooooooooooooooooooon! (How does tomorrow sound)




  • Hello!!!

    SUMMER IS HERE. Saturday weather- you pulled through! Thank you..

    Hope you had a great Canada Day!happy canada day, port moody

    You won’t believe what I did yesterday- I was a photographer at a wedding! I was an assistant to an awesome friend/photographer named Scott Adolph from Sculptures Of Light. Mike did the videography. See my lil head on the right, lol. Scott has SWEET gear!

    It was sooo fun. I just did the ceremony. Scott really gave me direction on what I needed to do. I think I did ok:)

    Mike had to shoot the reception at night, so I went hiking. A hike locals around here like to call “Coquitlam Crunch” It is a 2km uphill hike that follows the power lines to the top.
    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    Hi! I love hiking!!! I love being outside!

    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    It’s pretty steep at times and has stairs as an option.

    Hiking Coquitlam Crunch

    It’s not hard though. It goes by fast. Its about 1/4 or 1/6 as hard as the Grouse Grind (in my opinion). Still it was a nice hike and I was loving it.

    This morning we have been voicing a VIDEO GAME! Sooo much fun!! Here is a clip from it. (Mike got the male part. He also did the sound effects and music)

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Here’s the visual.

    Woot Woot!

    Ok, now I gotta run- we are going CAMPING. Not sure if we are going to hike up the mountain or drive. Mike keeps asking me questions, but I say, “wait! I’m almost done my blog and we can figure it out.”

    Have an amazing day!


  • Hello!

    3 sleeps until Canada Day (which is also Michael’s birthday..woo hoo) Any plans for the Canada Day/4th of July weekend? We might go camping. Depending on a few things, but we’ll see.

    Last night I tossed and I turned and it felt like ALL night.  I finally fell asleep at 3am. Booo! I was so tired but just couldn’t sleep. I am blaming it on the 6pm coffee. I went for a walk and a coffee with a friend and I was sipping my latte until about 8pm… lesson learned. No more coffee in the evening. I can usually fall asleep no matter what, but sometimes it’s just in my stars not too.

    The latte was sooo good though. A place called Caffee Divano in Port Moody… mmmmm

    In other exciting news I went to yoga for the second day in a row. It was so nice to get “back on the mat”. (here’s my post on how to wash your yoga mat)

    If you haven’t felt that body-mind connection lately, take a yoga class….or just take some deep breaths…in…and…out.

    I have missed yoga. Now that I am running again, foots feeling better… I need to compliment it with some soothing yoga. The teachers at Kula yoga in Port Moody are great too.

    I have a bit of a new energy with the whole training thing. I am not triathlon training for a while, but I am getting back into running/hiking/cross-training. I think it’s natural to go in waves with working out/training,etc…I just want to be in the best shape possible for whatever adventures come our way. We are going to be doing a lot more stuff with Stormtech in the coming months and I need to be ready. Whether it’s a canoe trip, hiking the Grouse Grind or doing the West Coast Trail.. I have to admit, it was so exciting to be featured in the new catalogue as an “adventure athlete”!

    Mike too!!

    I think this is the 3rd catalogue I am in and it’s Mike’s 1st! Yay Mikey!

    I actually just got offered a super cool gig today!!!! I am Emceeing the Warrior Dash in Whistler on Aug.6. Check out the site here-warrior dash. It is KA-RAY-ZEEE.

    So I will be hosting it…. and Mike is going to come and DO IT!!

    To some this event…...might look INSANE..

    But to Mike and I…It looks freaking awesome!!!!

    Since I am Emceeing, I can’t be in it..but I am so excited to be there. Who wants to get dirty?

    On a totally different note… I am going to watch Brian Wilson tonight from The Beach Boys!

    I don’t really watch TV, but one movie I did see was The Beach Boys movie and it is so intriguing. It will be great to see THE Brian Wilson in person.

    Alrighty then. Tomorrow, we do this again. Stay Beautiful!!!!

  • Hello and TGIF!

    Sometimes I get texts from people that say “TGIF!” and I am always excited for the person who texted the message, but since I’m self employed, I don’t really feel that “YAY, it’s the weekend” feeling. I still get excited for weekends because it’s less work than a weekday, but there’s always something to do:)

    No complaints here, working weekends is better than a “kick in the teeth with a frozen mukluk!!” (a phrase used on the prairies….)

    Now that summer is here I pulled out my reusable Starbucks Cup to make a homemade iced coffee. I lost the straw that comes with it though…

    starbucks coffee reusable cupI may have had a wee bit too much of my refreshing java…

    While I was voicing some auditions, the hyper bug bit me, I didn’t know Mike was still recording….

    The real me revealed (you have been warned….haha)

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    I went on, and on and on…

    After listening to that would you believe these are some of my clients?HAHA, (I wouldn’t either….) lol

    Hopefully they:

    A) Don’t read my blog


    B) Have a good sense of humour

    Mike and I had a seminar earlier today and I was trying to be all handy and bring our own homemade lunch….

    I made my homemade Lara Bars

    Super great snack for when your on the go!homemade Lara Bar(I ate mine on an escalator!)

    The rest of my homemade lunch was ready to be eaten during our break until Mike says the magic words!YAY!! RED ROBIN!

    While my homemade lunch was wilting in the truck, I ordered a “Mesa Chicken Salad, minus the chicken and add a veggie patty with a side of buzz sauce.”

    Have you ever taken your lunch to work only to let it sit in your lunch kit while you treat yourself  and “dine out”?

    I was inhaling the water like it was going outta style. Really nice waitress kept me hydrated. Good kid!

    How’s your weekend shaping up? Tomorrow night I am going to an event called Summer Sizzle.

    It’s a charity event for The Peter Aids Foundation and the ticket says “Dress to Impress” (oh great! haha)

    The location is at the Pamela Masik Studio’s. This woman is a seriously interesting and talented artist.

    Here are a couple of Pamela Masik’s masterpieces:

    I was trying to find pictures without boobies on her site to show you, but most of them (that I saw) have nudity, so go to her site if you want to explore more of her artistic endeavours.

    I have no problem with the nude art at all- I just know I have some younger readers, so I wanna stay fresh on this domain!

    Speaking of FRESH- Did I show you the Stormtech video we shot in Florida?

    I especially liked holding an alligator while saying my line and also at the end when Mike put the waterproof video camera in the water and he got a fishy swimming by. We were a lil warm in the jackets, but they are gonna be sweet for fall…

    No fall talk though…Summer is HERE! So get out there and enjoy it!!!

    Talk to you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!



  • Some call it Hay Fever, I call it ANNOYING!

    Anyone else get seasonal allergies? They always seem to hit right around my birthday (May 10). I can’t remember how long they last though. Every year I forget.

    I hope it is almost done though! It’s the first day of SUMMER!! I don’t want to be sneezing and itching all over the place. I do take an allergy pill daily, lame, but it seems to help.

    Snow?? NOPE. It’s pollen on a Port Moody trail!pollen in bc, hay fever pollen, allergic to pollen
    Although my allergies can go away any day now, I welcome summer with open arms! Why do I always crave more fruits and veggies in Summer? Too bad it doesn’t last all year long.

    Some of the produce I snacked on today:

    -apple (I like the gala apples, you?)

    -carrotsbaby carrots, salt and vinegar carrots

    Then I went to the kins by our place and got $8 worth of peas… MMMMMMM PEAS!!!

    I also had some strawberries and I just made myself a monster salad!

    The raspberries and cherries at the market looked sooo yummy but I restrained myself from the purchase- they are just a little too up there in price right now…

    fresh bc cherries

    I wish I had a garden…. When I lived downtown, my friend and I adopted this garden plot. It was fun tending to our lil veggies.

    I was going to at least do a patio garden with some herbs and tomatoes, but seem to be to busy for that too. I at least got out for 2 nice walks today.

    Gotta love the first day of summer!!!

    We stopped for a little first day of summer treat!

    port moody gelato, newport village gelato

    I surprised myself and just shared Michael’s treat! I have had enough messing around with wine and junk food the last month or so.

    Hit the gym today! I did 40 minutes on the eliptical and did some upper body strength training. I am getting my darn foot checked out sooooon. Put an end to the nagging pain I have been experiencing that has put a damper on my hiking, running, etc. I will not let it stop me this summer though.eliptical machine

    Woot Woot!

    Time for bed! I am on the late night blogging shift, hope to change that now that I am not travelling anywhere for at least a couple months and can get into more of a routine!!!

    Love and light!!!


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