Sending you a warm welcome to the weekend. 11-11-11 today. God bless those who fought for our country.

Last night after the hockey game, we noticed people camping out for a new Twilight movie premiere. I must say I know nothing really about Twilight, but these people are pumped!

This photo was taken Thursday night. The premiere isn’t until MONDAY! Yikes! At least it’s warm out!

This morning we went to Cafe Gratitude. They have several locations, I have heard nothing but good things about this raw-vegan cafe. (It may not be completely raw, but I think it is…)

cafe gratitude,la

We just popped in quick to get a couple green juices.

Cafe Gratitude,la

Cool place. If I lived here, I would come here all the time.

Cafe Gratitude,la

Some kind of gratitude board game at the tables. neat.

Cafe Gratitude,la

Question of the day…

Cafe Gratitude,la

I’ve been to busy to think about anything changing…hmmm, let me reflect on that one.

I ordered the I AM HEALTHY green drink with a raw macaroon. (psst- Organic Lives macaroons are better! It was still good though)

Cafe Gratitude,la

Mike got a green drink called, I AM ENERGIZED.

Cafe Gratitude,la

Everything is named something empowering like that. I was all over it..hee hee.

Well, I’d love to chat more, but I am going to an 8hr voice workshop tomorrow with vo coach Pat Fraley. Should be fabulous day. I’m ready to give’r.

Have a great weekend..talk tomorrow!

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