So last week we had a meeting with the ever-amazing Stormtech to talk about shooting some videos for the 2012 Spring line. Well, I had a super far out idea that I just shot out there, I prefaced it with, “I know this might sound crazy, but what if..” and turns out… my idea wasn’t crazy at all… We are going to California!

In November we will be driving down the coast shooting videos with some ridiculously talented people. We are teaming up with a Pro Kite surfing champ in San Francisco, an award wining hollywood stuntman in Orange County, some friends of mine that are also actors in LA and maybe an interview with an NFL trainer. We’ll see on that one. We will be documenting our trip the whole way, so get ready for a wild ride!!!

I know all about wild rides. I lived in LA back in the day, doing the rock and roll thing…

Amanda Sellers

A lot of my crazy experiences… all the touring I did, looking back I can’t even believe it….

Music video…

Playing at the Viper Room in Hollywood.

Amanda Sellers, Viper room

Out for dinner with 90210′s Kathleen Robertson. (let’s just say she was a friend of a friend) I was wearing her glasses in this picture, I did not have glasses back then… like I do now, haha

Kathleen Robertson, LA

Oh Hollywood, how I’ve missed you! Can’t wait to go back!

There are parts of LA I just love. If I could live there 6 months out of the year, I would…and I think I just might at some point…we’ll see…or at least visit more for longer periods of time. We are subletting a place, so that makes it possible.

I just like all the things you can do and see. There are amazing voiceover workshops happening…EVERYDAY. Lots of hosting opportunities, raw food restaurants, ocean, disneyland, shopping, hot sunny weather…..hmmmm….

Mike and I went a couple years ago. Here we are hiking in the hollywood hills.

One of my favourite stops is the Rainbow Bar and Grill. Will definitely be going there.

Rainbow Bar and Grill

Snap, snap, back to reality. Still have lots of work to get through here… It’s been a good day…cleaning in between voicing. Multitasking champion over here..

Hoep your doing great… my vitamix should be here any day now…

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