Confession time! I did not hike or do yoga yesterday:( It would have been day 6 of my challenge). I actually drove all the way to the mountain and my body said-NOPE- not doing it today. I think it’s extremely important to listen to our bodies, so I don’t feel tooo bad. I ate processed food too..(just one of those days!! Bla)

I just got back from Hiking today though! ( I have a conference call for a voice job this am so I can’t do yoga, i’m going to try later:) See, having a backslide is okay, just make sure you don’t slide for to long. Stop yourself and pick yourself back up and get back on your path!

So the best way to get back on your path is to start the day right! Have some good wholesome food energy to keep you going.

Here are some examples of what I eat for breakfast:

1. Steel cut oats with blueberries

2. Mmmm, raspberries

3. These are my home made Lara Bars.

I am going to do a more detailed blog on these soon, they are amazing and really this is all you need: (you can make any flavour you want, really:)

4. And last but not least I have a Vega shake.

So what I do is I take a scoop of this powder, and blend it with frozen strawberries, blueberries, freshly squeezed oj and half a banana! The powder has 100% of all your recommended daily vitamins, PLUS- green food sources. It is the ultimate drink!

So that’s pretty much a bunch of breakfasts fit for champions like us!

What do you eat for breakfast?

Daily affirmation-” I breathe in Life.” Louise Hay

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