Sorry I have been MIA, my nephew has been taking up ALL my attention, lol… My whole family is here right now, we are having fun. We are calling it Christmas today, since we weren’t together in Dec. Here are some pictures from yesterday:)

Mike and baby


Mom and her boyfriend Richard are always laughing with and at each other;)


I have been eating, drinking and having fun- BUT- I DID go to the gym yesterday and hit up the pool. This is the best pool I have ever swam in. It’s in Saskatoon at ┬áthe Shaw Center….

I have more things to talk about, but my family is sitting around me, so I better go! Talk soon! Hope all is Well!!!

Love and love!!


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  1. Margarita on 22 Feb 2011

    Merry Feb Christmas!!! Next year I’ll be with my family finally after being away 3 Christmas’. It’s been so hard and I said I’ll never do it again. We’ve had Skype Christmas and it was interesting cause I was a computer screen!!
    Jasper is so so so cute!! I can’t wait to meet him!

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