Well hello there!

How goes it today?

I just got back from picking Mike up at the airport. In the last 42 days, he has only been home for 4 days! Mike and I own a production company together, and things were a bit slow in November for both of us to be full time. So he took matters into his own hands and went back out to the oil rigs to make some bank for our lil family. Working 12 hour days, outside in -30 degree weather- so I can stay home in our cozy warm apartment and continue pursuing my passion.

We are looking at today as a New Chapter. Rigs are done and now is the time for us to flourish, be creative and manifest our dreams. We keep seeing little flashes of our potential. Mike says that working on the rigs is easier than working at home, in the sense that, on the rig, you are working for someone else. It is a lot more fearful (and stressful) working for yourself, (ie-rent is due and that client hasn’t payed yet) However the freedom, satisfaction and unlimited cap is worth the stress.

Everyday is a brand new day. The past is gone. We can reinvent ourselves to be whatever we want. Right now. I’m not trying to be preachy. I just want to remind you (AND me) that anything is possible.

I am working on my visualization, feeling the feelings of having what I want, as well as taking action. I auditioned for a Johnson and Johnson commercial this morning, they asked us to watch this Apple commercial first, to get a sense of the energy they wanted for the read. I almost shed a tear watching this.

Ah, Isn’t that awesome?

I think Mike and I have the “different” thing down…haha

Alrighty then…..

Thanks for stopping by!!! I have a tri update coming later. If you want to get inspired in the triathlon area of things, check out Lokelani McMichaels.

Talk to you soooon!


Today’s Declaration: “I have amazing amounts of energy”- T Harv Eker

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  1. Charlene on 13 Jan 2011

    You guys are hilarious! Love your ‘chipmunk’ video ;-) !!!

  2. Marianne on 13 Jan 2011

    Hahahah! You two make me laugh – THANK YOU!

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