Let’s not even talk about my absence. Let’s just be friends;) I love you!

When we were living it up in Hollywood, I would every so often check out the “Daily Deal” site, like Groupon. I ended up buying a haircut at a salon that was down the street from my apartment. Did I use it? No. I also got a spray tan in Marina Del Ray, that I knew I’d be able to swing by sometime while I was in the area. Did I use it? No.

So, if your in the LA area and want a free haircut and/or spray tan- contact me!


There’s definitely been times while even here in Vancouver I bought things off those deal sites and I forget about them. Waste. Of. Money! Might as well just pay full price and go to someone you like!

I’m actually planning a trip across the border to Bellingham to go see my hairdresser soon. She is RAD! I found her through the blogging world. It is where skinnyrunner.com goes when she is in the area.
Here’s the last time she did my ‘do.

Ohh, and while we’re down there, we hit up the one and only Trader Joe’s! Woot Woot.


Going to Bellingham isn’t as exciting as California, but it’s across the border and it still feels like the US…

Here is Mike walking down our beloved Redondo Beach, CA. (definitely gonna live there one day…..)

Redondo Beach

But, it’s not the exterior that can make one happy (although it freaking helps!) The main this is that we’re happy on the inside……

YUP… ($1.50 at Forever 21! Ya, $1.50… woah, inexpensive)

You know what else is inexpensive? This Green Smoothie!!

All you need is bananas, kale, lemon, apple, and some ginger. mmmm, mmmm. So you buy a bunch of kale a bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, a ginger root and some lemons and there you have breakfast for all week!!

This smoothie totally hit the spot today.


This was my chance to say hi! So hi!

“Camera, come with me so we can take more pictures!!”

Camera says, “Ok sure! Let’s go snap”




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  1. reader on 10 May 2012

    I use to read your blog everyday and now you never post anything anymore! SO SAD :(

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