In a nut shell:

I  was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

I am a middle child, I have 2 amazing, talented hardworking brothers and a wonderful mother

I am obsessed with hiking, running, triathlons, yoga, the outdoors and wish I played more team sports like back in the day, lol.

In high school I was a drama geek, then when I graduated I moved to Vancouver to attend theater school.

I have  been a singer/songwriter,  in and out of  bands for 10 years. My current band is called Traces of Eve. We have a kick ass album out right now!!!

I was a radio dj for about 2 years.

Now I am a voiceover artist and work out of my home studio.


I live with my best friend, soul mate and business partner, Mike

UPDATE: WE GOT ENGAGED!amanda sellers, marriedWedding is Dec.31/2011amanda sellers, engaged

I recently became a sponsored athlete! I am an on-field adventure reporter for Stormtech Performance apparel.

stormtech athlete

Here’s me as a 5 year old:)  Look how off centred it is!! lol

Goal for this blog

I want to inspire, support and encourage other likeminded women, to always strive to be the best we can be, inside and out.

(me in the Stormtech Catalogue!)

Why tomboythatwearsmakeup?

When I was thinking up the domain name for the blog, I was trying to find a way to describe the essence of me, so that I would attract like minded girls.  I think the title fits because I LOVE to dress up,  look  good on stage,  have flawless skin and hot lip gloss….BUT… I am just as excited to go run through the wilderness for a week, not shower, get super duper muddy, climb ladders and sleep in a tent. I don’t want the word “tomboy” to be taken too seriously. I am feminine, however I will never be as girly girl as…say Paris Hilton or Mariah Carrey.  I am always striving for ultimate fitness, health, beauty, happiness and personal growth. I definitely struggle along the way (but hey that’s life).  I will be using this blog as a way to grow myself as a person and to share my journey. I really want you to grow with me so let’s look at this blog as more of a community, to inspire, support and share with each other. I don’t want to be afraid to make mistakes, or not look perfect. I want to be me…100%.  So let’s be ourselves, be the change we want to see, take pride in how far we have come and have faith in how far we will go:)

Here is a line from one of my songs when I was recording in the studio, the words fit perfect for this blog!