Oh me oh my.

First off, my love and prayers go out to anyone affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

At 5am this morning my brother who lives in Lethbridge texted me and said to watch out for possible Tsunami coming my way. Mike is out of town, so I immediately jumped out of bed and looked outside. (Normally he would be the one jumping out of bed first) All looked normal to me..

I started to watch the online news and got updates that Vancouver would be ok, but Port Renfrew (where we hike every summer), would likely be hit. I always notice these signs when we hike, but you never think you’d ever have to use them…scary…

While I was keeping an eye on the ocean…. I noticed HIM again! The Halfman/half fish guy… he was going out for his swim in the middle of a Tsunami warning!!! I wanted to run downstairs and go warn him, but then I thought, he is half fish anyway so he would be ok

The ONLY difference I noticed in our ocean was that white line that went across.

It moved a bit… and that was it.

tsunami vancouver

Thank you universe for keeping us safe and with all the love and prayers from my heart, I send it out to those at all hurt or affected by this event today!

So, I went about my day and made a batch of my almond butter. I put a bit to much molasses in it again!!! My recipe is here, but just use a few drops of molasses. It still tastes good, I just like when it’s lighter…

Today’s batch…

A tad to much of this….

My cousin sent me an email asking me my favourite VEGAN recipes… WELL CUZ, I don’t cook too, too much. But a couple food blogs I really like are



I know there is a million out there, anyone want to recommend some vegan recipes/blogs for my cousin? She’s super sweet! (ok, and she’s drop dead gorgeous….)

I know, I know… you get your looks from me:lol!

At least I took my Jlo butt down to the treadmill today! I have felt like a slacker lately…Here’s my new shorts.

Here is my triathlon training schedule going into next week. I am getting back in the game FULL FORCE

And the last thing to round out my day was a very different type of voice job I landed. Where, in fact…it wasn’t a voiceover persay, but I had to do a web tutorial!! There was a lot of script to memorize, but genius me used a teleprompter right under the web camera..
The corporate me… lol… So if you see some random video of me on the internet endorsing some PC software…. Ummm, ya… that’s me:) Hi!

I am leaving you today with a quote:
“I know, that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose in life, therefore, I demand of myself persistent, continuous action toward it’s attainment and herein now promise to render such action!”
Wanna hear it again???

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  1. I think http://www.carrotsandcake.com is a vegan blog. Her and her husband are vegan/vegitarian. I can’t remember which is which so she makes a lot of vegan stuff.

    • admin on 14 Mar 2011

      Thank Paula! I read that one too;)

  2. margarita on 14 Mar 2011

    Thanks for the sites. :-)

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