One year ago today, my mom, Michael and I were sitting in one of many jam packed bars in Downtown Vancouver, watching the 2010 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies. I had no idea what to expect and to my surprise, the Olympics were a billion times better than I ever thought they would be. It. was. Magical. (I don’t like putting periods after individual words like that, so if I do it- you know I’m serious!)

We were sitting in the bar watching the ceremonies and right outside the street Wayne Gretzky drove by with the torch, going to light the Cauldrin.

I think it was within the moments of the Opening Ceremonies, that we Canada and Vancouver knew what we were getting into!!!!

I was so happy that my mom got a job working Security during the games so she was here the whole time…

There was always something to do during the games, somewhere to go and something to see…

Mike and I were on a different mission during the games… It wasn’t to be drunk the WHOLE TIME….

We played a rock show at the Plaza of Nations

AND we wanted to make a music video to one of our songs to document the games.

A video that we would never forget. We had lots of help….

Tons of inspiration all throughout the city

Everyone in the city was your friend!!!!

The torch went right past our apartment

(the mitts on the inukshuck were sooo freaking cute)

When CBC found out about our video, they did a segment on us that made the national NEWS!!

Say the right things…. lol

Mike and I roamed the streets, meeting amazing people who were kind enough to star in our video. (I wrote the song…Okay, I wrote the lyrics and melody..Mike wrote the music), but I thought this song…the words, and the vibe fit perfectly to the magic time we were surrounded by….

I know many of you have watched this….but watch it again….People from all around the world pitched in, to make this video possible. Thank you world, for sharing your love and light…..

AHHH, the memories… What did you think of the 2010 Olympics here in Vancouver? Have an AWESOME DAY!!! I’M OFF TO GRANVILLE ISLAND!

Love and hearts and butterflies and HUGS!!



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  1. Josh Rimer on 12 Feb 2011

    Great pics (and video of course). That was definitely a very special time!

    • admin on 13 Feb 2011

      Thanks Josh! Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day;)

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