Good morning!!

Wow, when is the last time I got a blog up in the am?? I’m on the juice… “crazy juice…” ha
I went to bed at 11pm last night, in the effort to break my current “night owl” trend. I tossed and turned until almost 1am! I finally fell asleep and forced myself to wake up at 6am.

I had to laugh because my alarm was crickets chirping and Mike‘s alarm was barking dogs, sounded like we were on a farm.

I told you about this book I narrated right?

I got an email from the author looking for donations and/or book pre-orders with proceeds going to an amazing cause… Here is what she wrote:

Every Donation Helps! I’m collecting pre-orders for The Parent’s Guide for the benefit of Tina Meier, The Founder of The Megan Meier Foundation.  Tina Meier’s daughter committed suicide as a result of her neighbor that set up a fake profile pretending to be a young boy.  If you read the foreword of The Parent’s Guide that was written by Tina, I am sure you’ll remember her tragic story. I’m obtaining donations for her benefit, so when she speaks to parents around the country about cyberbullying prevention, she can give a copy of The Parent’s Guide to those who attend her event. If you can make a donation, please complete the attached pre-order form.  Your order will be processed by my office on on our Internet launch date, which is Tuesday, April 26th, 2011.

Thanks for your support!
Shawn  Edgington

Fax or e-mail your completed
pre-order forms to:

The donation page is attached here: TPG Pre-Order Form FBO Megan Meier Foundation (4)-1

I really enjoyed the opportunity to be a part of this book and I wanted to share that with you. Here is my review of the book that I sent to the author:

“Author Shawn Edgington is breaking new grounds with her latest book, “The Parent’s Guide To Texting, Facebook and Social Media”. It is a must have for any parents who has a teenager. The book discusses the potential hazards, as well as the benefits, of today’s children living in a digital world. This book is an easy read and offers extremely valuable tips and tools on how we can prevent, “One Click Nightmares” (as she calls them) from happening to our children. Throughout every page you can hear Shawn’s drive and passion towards wanting to prevent our children from being cyberbullied and victims of online predators. I thoroughly enjoyed her words and learnt tons from “The Parent’s Guide….”. I was absolutely honored to be selected as the voiceover artist that narrated the audiobook version of this new release. Keep up the incredible work Shawn, the world needs more people like you!”

Amanda Sellers

But what would narrating a book be without more BLOOPERS??? haha, have a listen!

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Oh the joy!

In other news, I ran with my triathlon club last night! Yay The Right Shoe athletes! We ran at a local track… but oh looky here…it was pouring rain!

vancouver track and field

There were huge puddles, but we navigated around them. We did a 1 mile warmup, then we ran 6x400meters. (with a recovery lap between each set). I felt unusually strong and energetic. I should have gone in a faster pace group because the whole time I felt myself wanting to push more… I think I just really, really enjoy track workouts- reminds me of high school.

I wore my Stormtech XBR-1 and I stayed nice and dry- despite the downpour.

Do you know what else has a phenomenal R.O.I. and I think deserves more credit??? .99 cent Magic Gloves! RIGHT??I can’t tell you how loyal these little guys are to me. Always there when I need them. In the winter in Van, I wear them everyday. After my run last night, I hung them to dry. Yesterday, we had a moment….

Good job guys, I’d pat you on the back if I could!!!

I went for a swim this morning.. We tested out our new head cam in the water…Pretty cool!underwater camera, swimming indoors, triathlon training

Well, I better get going- busy as usual today. Here is my to do list for today, that I made while in bed last night.. (I always make my to-do list in bed the night before)

It’s looking pretty messy hey? Remember back in December when I got my day planner? I vowed I would I would keep it so neat…. well it’s almost April and it looks like that dream has been shattered! ha!

Have an awesome day. Thanks so much for being such an amazing person! (you read this- you must be AMAZING! )XOXO


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  1. Klaus on 31 Mar 2011

    Tell me you meant to write $0.99 Magic Gloves! They really don’t look like $99 Gloves… :-) But maybe one day they did.

    • admin on 31 Mar 2011

      haha! your the second person who pointed that out! I just fixed it, lol

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