Howdie Beautiful creatures!

I am sure feeling the love today. Why? I don’t really know why. I just feel loved and love for others… TMI? Maybe.

First love spot of the day (haha) was at Organic Lives on Quebec and 2nd Ave in Vancouver.

Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

Remember last year when I went to that Healthy Living Class at Organic Lives? Which then inspired me to make the Green Shake video?

Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

I feel like I’ve learnt a lot in a year. Last year, when I looked at all these ingredients I had no idea why or what to use them for. Now, I feel so much more connected to this lifestyle, that these foods now make sense and I understand how beneficial it is to stay away from processed foods! (still have tons to learn)

Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

I stepped out of my comfort box a bit and tried a “Red Fire” elixor. Made with beets, ginger, carrots and apple… Not bad at all..My “reward” after the juice was a couple amazing raw vegan macaroons. SCORE.

Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

On Monday it will be 30 days on my Raw Food “challenge”. It was not a challenge. I loved it. It’s fun, easy, I lost at least 5 pounds and I feel RAWSOME. This raw lifestyle will definitely continue on. (I’m never gonna slap a 100% raw label on myself though. I will always try to make the best decisions, but sometimes life happens and I am a smooth operator)

I picked up some fancy raw croutons, unsweetened coconut, and some sundried tomoatoes.

Organic Lives. Vancouver, quebec and 2nd

After Organic Lives, I went to Grouse Mountain to pick up my VIP pass for the Live at Squamish music festival!!!

Remember a few days back when I entered the VIP blogger contest? -I had to write about why I should go to the music festival… Well I WON!!

Now, rather than a horribly photoshopped picture of the HD Whistler Water Flip cam, I OWN it - Thank you Universe.

flip cam, whistler water

It says to charge it for 5 hours before using… kaaaaaay.

Other than that today I voiced projects, cleaned up a bit, took dog out, checked mail, dropped off wine to a friend whose birthday is today, got my bangs trimmed, helped Mike edit new Stormtech video….. that’s about it!!!

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings… (getting eyebrows threaded, meeting friend for lunch, going to mall to find concert outfit, NEED to clean more, voice more, wash my make up brushes….) What else? Like Britney says, “Gimme me more, gimme more, gimme mooooore…”

All my love,


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