Sunday…Is Sunday a Funday for you, or a catch up on work, get ready for the week kind of day? Mine is usually a bit of both. Sometimes they are ALL OUT GNARLY TUBULAR FUN and sometimes Sunday’s ingredients are 1 cup of work, mixed with a dash of cleaning and organizing and a pinch of FUN… haha.

I’m not even sure what today is yet…. I’m feeling a bit kooky though….ONE STEP AT A TIME AMANDA…

I took a whole wack of steps this morning! On the triathlon training schedule today we had a 1hr run. I ran with the 10 minute mile group. I was feeling really strong and relaxed, despite the rain! We saw a bald eagle along the seawall..

“Hey buddy! How’s the view up there?”


There are SOOOO many runners out and about on Sunday mornings in Vancouver. I know there are a ton of running groups putting the training in for the 10km Sun Run on April 17!

I don’t think I am going to run it. I will sure be there though! I believe we will be working with Stormtech that day doing some filming. Mike is going to run it and so is his sister!! (she is coming from Yellowknife to run her first 10km ever). When I finished my first 10km, it was such a great feeling. You feel accomplished and it also leaves you wanting more! What’s next? What other race can I do? ha, it’s a sensation I get after every race… ok, When is the next one!!?”


Ok I’m not too bad, lol…I’m just putting down the work looking for things in Saskatoon like:

- a dj

- a photographer (that I only need to hire for a couple hours)

- a potential place for a ceremony

- Oh… and where should we go for our honeymoon????

I was flipping through a wedding mag and guess what I saw? MY WORK! I know, you can barely see her face (Jaclyn and Maury are the hot couples names), but I did her wedding makeup last year (might have been 2 years now…)

She is a gorgeous gal

The small micro picture of her dancing was in this magazine

In exciting news, Mike and I have our engagement photo shoot booked!  At least we have that confirmed! Getting them done by Goluckyphoto.com YAY! In a couple weeks!

Me and my best friend getting married;) I always say to him “hearts and kisses and love and butterflies”. He always says, “I get the first 3, but why the butterflies?”. I just like saying the word butterflies… deal with it!

My next task at hand is to get everything ready for Frostbite 45 happening next weekend in Yellowknife! (The 45km trek in the artic that Mike and I are signed up for). I sure hope we see more northern lights!

We are so lucky that most of our gear will be from Stormtech, so I am confident we will be warm enough, but I am STILL going to get a FULL FACE beleclava! I have seen the wind/sun burns some of these athletes get and I DO NOT want that!

Sometime’s I have no shame! This was on the West Coast Trail last spring!!

Okee dokeee.. I am going to get a move on the day (actually going to get Michael at airport… what a guy)

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

“hearts and kisses and love and BUTTERFLIES!”


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  1. Trish on 14 Mar 2011

    I’m just starting out running, and I’m glad I found your blog (through some clip about shoes or something). The Sun Run sounds daunting to me right now, I can’t even comprehend the Frostbite 45. Have fun with that!


    • admin on 14 Mar 2011

      Good for you Trish! You can do it! I look forward to seeing you accomplish your goals:)

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