The 1st quarter of the year was spent hanging out on Sunset Blvd…

..at the Rainbow Bar and Grill with friends….We sat at table #3 (I used to work there… lol)

Rainbow bar and grill

Drinking flaming margarita’s at El Compadre…

Cruising Santa Monica Pier…

santa monica pier

Checking out yachts at Redondo Beach..

redondo beach peir

BUT Alas, the 1st quarter is over… moving into the 2nd… and this is where I hung out today…


I was doing a walk/run combo for 40 minutes.

I also made this beautiful salad. Last minute, I added tumeric (that orangy powder) It is an immaculate cancer preventer and all around amazing thing to add to your diet. (didn’t really change the flavour of the salad either. It was still really good.

salad with tumeric

I was sitting on my couch, eating the salad in my own little glory, then I noticed these little raisin packs on my coffee table, I added a pack to the salad as well.. NICE!

1st quarter, 2nd quarter, whatever quarter, no matter what I always work hard and have my goals in mind. Some quarters I push harder than others, but I never loose sight! Last quarter I took some invaluable voice acting lessons, and also made some discoveries that have changed the way I look at my life, career, etc. I am ready for QUARTER 2! BRING IT ON!! Hope you have big plans for your amazing 2nd quarter of 2012. Let’s make it rock! Because……WE ROCK!!

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