Good morning!

Hope your ready to enjoy this summertime Saturday.

I just got back from a 5km run and i’m getting ready to spend a few hours at my friends skin clinic in Yaletown, Vancouver. A couple members of the staff are away in Palm Springs this weekend, so I’m going to help out and answer phones, keep things under control at the front! I can confidently say, this is the best skin care place in Vancouver and if you live here, you should check it out.

I cut my own bangs again last night!! BAD IDEA after a glass of wine. They look okay, but I should just go get them cut professionally already.yes, these are the scissors I used!!! YIKES!!!

Do you ever cut your own hair?

This was after a parade went by our apartment. That was fun!

inflatable puppy

Well, I gotta run…so have a great day ok!!

Daily affirmation

“I am in tip top shape.” Louise Hay

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