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Happy Friday!  What’s going on this weekend??? It’s a busy weekend in our camp!

Here are some things I am up to over the weekend:

-3 makeup jobs

-one on-camera commercial (taking place at a grocery store, we are shooting Saturday from 11pm-6am!)

-2 voice jobs- (so far….)

-voice auditions (including one for Canterbury Coffee- I might be there “new voice”, thanks to my friend Dee who works there)

-2 triathlon training sessions (and we are hoping to shoot a video with my coach on some running drills)

-one massage (using our benefits!!)

-Mike is insisting on buying me a new computer, so I won’t say no to that!

PHEWF…I get tired just writing that!!! man oh man! I really appreciate all the opportunities though. It’s funny how things have changed even since I started this blog. Life is an evolving, ever-changing force and I really do believe that the steps I’ve taken in furthering myself on human potential/self development has helped attract these opportunities, even in the last 6 months!

Steps I’ve taken in bettering myself:

-Yoga and mediatation

-Belief in myself that I can be a triathlete and committing to it

-Listening to morningcoach.com everyday

-Listening to audiobooks/books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” by T.Harv Eker  (can anyone else share some books/audiobooks that they like?)

-Not drinking nearly as much alcohol as I used too, (drinking makes me sleep in, it damages my voice, I end up eating crappy food, makes me feel gross and not want to work out) Of course a glass of wine or beer here and there is great, but for me keeping it to that minimum is KEY

-Money Management!! If you’ve found yourself overspending on the little things that add up- Check out this blog entry for a great money management system.

That’s all I can think of right now, of course I’m no saint and these are just some guides that have helped me along the way. Does anyone else have things to add that have helped them grow in a positive way?

One of my favorite quotes that I wrote in my high school yearbook at the age of 18-

high school yearbook quote

Woo hoo, ok..moving on…. Voices.com is having a contest on their facebook page. “Take a photo of yourself, with the voices.com website in the background, most creative entry wins an ipad.”

Here was the picture I took (yes I actually went to the store and bought a rose and chocolates for the contest!)
voices.com contest, voiceover artist,

And then I added the picture in to my picnik program and came up with this in my true geek nature! lol

Ha! I thought Valentines Day is coming up and I do love the website! The draw is at 2pm today! There are some great entries by some very creative talent, so we’ll see who wins!  I am happy I participated and I ended up meeting a few other “friends” because of entering. Click here to check out the other entries!

Have a wonderful weekend and  Please share some tips on what have helped you become a better/stronger/happier/healthier YOU!!


Here are some words from T. Harv Eker himself:

“Whenever you feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating back into your old comfort zone, pat yourself on the back and say, “I must be growing,” and continue moving forward.”


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