Hey Friends!!!

How goes it today!! As it stands- in this VERY moment, I am panicking. I have a project due in 55 minutes and my mic is NOT working….Mike knows this system inside and out and of course he is outta town. Instead of throwing my mic out the window, I figured I should start my blog for the day;)

Here is a clip of me testing the mic for the 50th time…It’s my out of tune “why won’t you work song”..

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(I had some other words at the end but I cut them off in case any kids read this blog:)
The sound quality is all muffled for some reason….Oh well, I’m sure Mike will text soon with the solution…

UPDATE-I HAD MY MICROPHONE TURNED THE WRONG WAY…OMG I AM INSANE. HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT??? ( I felt soo dumb when I realized I wasted an hour and a half unplugging and tweaking things)

Moving on……

I went to Long and Mc Quade last night and they gave me the proper mic stand.

See, that is what it’s supposed to look like. Not this-

Whoever made that on the production line was smoking something!!!

Isn’t that weird? Have you ever bought something and when you got home you realized it was COMPLETELY WRONG?

Anyway..it’s all fixed now:)

My body was SORE this morning…That’s what 48 laps (in a small pool) and a tempo run will do to a girl who took the whole month of December off to eat and drink…. I layed in bed and mentally I was ready to get up, but physically my body was like, ‘can we stay here a lil longer?” I said yes…

I got up about 6am and I was really craving some oatmeal with blueberries….both my pots were being used. One was in the fridge full of brown rice and the other was dirty…DAMN!

I was to lazy to do anything about it, so I just grabbed the frozen blueberries and put em in a bowl

Seriously, they were sooo delicious. I got them at Whole Foods. $6 for this container (which I thought was robbery)

BUT..they were actually worth it. Next summer (I said this last year, but didn’t do it) I am going to stock up at the farmers markets out in Delta and Surrey so I have local frozen fruit all winter-at a good price!

Do you ever eat just plain frozen fruit? Grab some frozen fruit and watch this:

This is a great story. Ted totally attracted this into his life. I love it

He just got a full time job voicing with the Cleveland Cavaliers! Amazing.

Ok, I have to get ready to meet my friend Lee. We are going to drop off my ring to get sized and then go to a matinee of Black Swan!

I will have my triathlon training update coming later today! Hope your day is going wonderful…

No quotes or affirmations today- except- when something is not working, step back-the answer may be EXTREMELY SIMPLE!

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  1. klaus on 05 Jan 2011

    I saw Black Swan on Sunday. Totally freaked me out! Good movie though – have fun.

    Good job on your early Jan training. It was a tough run yesterday!

    • admin on 05 Jan 2011

      Hey Klaus!

      Thanks:) I can’t believe your training for an ironman. That is sooo amazing! Movie was good-totally weird tho!! See you soon!

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