Organization…A trait I am not overtly blessed with..
Determination however, is something I have….

I am DETERMINED to get ORGANIZED for the new year.

First stop…my accessory shelf in my bedroom. I can’t remember the last time I went through it..

So here is what we are starting with…..

Yikes, looks like a tornado hit.

As I threw everything onto the floor, I found all sorts of things, like this Amanda name tag

It was probably from some networking event…oh no, I just remembered, it was for a choir I joined, we were supposed to wear our name tags every rehearsal, I wore it once…GAAARRRBAAGE!!

Then I found this saucy picture of me from a photo shoot in LA

I’ll give that to Mike

I had a hell of a time getting the tangles out of the necklaces.

I threw some of the tangled stuff out cuz I just couldn’t deal with it!!

I got sidetracked and started playing dress up….

HAHA…I used to love those fake lip/nose rings. I’m keeping em….

Are you ready for the finished product??


Let’s see how long I can keep it like this! Next stop….kitchen…but NOT today! I think I’ll get Mike to help me with that!

Okee dokey…I am off to the airport to pick up my love….

I blogged twice today…NEAT…Guess I had LOTS to say;)

Talk soon!!!


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  1. Charlene on 28 Dec 2010

    Aw man … I hear ya! The current state of my jewellery / accessories is driving me crazy! It is one of my next missions, but I have sooo much more stuff to go through … kinda looking for a jewellery armoire to fit it all!

    Love the hot LA shot, gurl! Saucy indeed!

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