Ok, by tomorrow, things should be back to “normal” around here…. As far as- back to a schedule, back to as much raw foods as possible and back to WORK! I need to WORK!

But as for right now.. We are in VEGAS baby! Having a great time. Even Painter has adopted the “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” quote.. Mike and I went out walking today and when we came back to our hotel.. Painter had gotten into a box of my organic green tea and a box of *gulp* maxi pads!!! He totally trashed the room, ha! It was my fault for leaving them out.

We got here EARLY, early this morning. (At like 4am) We drove from Billings, Montana. I must say- Billings wasn’t anything I would run back to, but OMG we had the best breakfast EVER at a restaurant called Stella’s.

Best shot I could get to show you, but it was such a great lil place.

They even freshly pressed their OJ on the spot.

Stella's Billings, oj

Then we tore out of Billings and hit the road. Here is some Montana terrain. Quite beautiful.

We ended up driving through 5 states in total yesterday. Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and Nevada! It was HELLA long and tedious, but we knew we had to get this big drive done with.

By 4am, we rolled into this place…

Umm, on my “honeymoon” I can’t say no to Margaritaville….

We did some walking around today.

Bellagi- OH!

Now we just got showered up and are ready to hit the town. We ‘might’ end up at Cirque du Soile tonight. We’ll see how many beer I have and how much I forget about any sort of a ‘budget’. (just kidding, I think it would be amazing to see The Beatles LOVE cirque show… We’ll see..

Hope you are doing amazing. As always, thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back to green shakes and yoga poses by Monday- PROMISE! xoxoxo

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  1. Margarita on 06 Jan 2012

    I WILL make it to margaritaville one day. looks like you guys are having a flippin good time!!!

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