How’s your day going? Mine has been pretty good. Tonight is Day 8 of yoga! I usually go in the morning, but had a deadline to meet, so I am saving it for tonight. Then going again in the morning…yep….

Thinking about our wedding coming up..soo much to do… One thing I am super pumped about is having Swoon Photography shoot our wedding!

Janna (basically my sister whom I have know since I was 11) is the main photog. Just look at how adorable this shot of hers..

Janna and I were thinking up some props to use for the formal session.

Here is another one of her shots. Love the forever sign.

Janna makes all her brides look stunning, I am so happy to be in such good hands…

Swoon Photography ROCKS.

Here are some other prop ideas I found while browsing the net….

Maybe not quite my style, but cute. I already have a moustache, and I don’t need to accentuate it, haha.

These 2 look too young to be married and by the looks of it, he doesn’t like wearing a wedding band, but regardless, the Mr and Mrs. signs are cute.

Cool pic too..

Do you have any other cute ideas? Even NO props will be just fine too, just thought it could be fun…. maybe something to do with New Years Eve, (that’s the wedding date, Dec.31)

I booked a ticket back to Saskatchewan at the end of November to seriously get down to work in regards to wedding prep. Today a friend asked if I needed any help, I responded, “Nope, I’m fine, it’s all under control.” Then I thought….WHO AM I KIDDING…ha….Maybe I’m worrying for nothing…(Mike thinks so) Everyone asks to help, but I’m always at a loss of what kind of “task” they could do…ya know?

One step at a time….lets talk dinnertime….

Quick and easy, NOT raw, but still good. Steamed Yams, and an array of veggies from the freezer…corn, carrots, spinach, peas, squash…

steamed yams

Hits the spot on a crisp fall day…

Now for some dessert!!! Yes, these are raw and they are amazing… Discover the Raw One Bite Brownie recipe.

one bite raw brownies
Betcha can’t eat just one! lol… Instead of downward dog, I’ll be doing the downward hippo!!!
Wish me luck..

Have a fantastic evening..


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  1. Chrissy on 22 Oct 2011

    Love the pics! She does amazing work!

    I think the signs are a really cute idea. I especially liked the “I’m the Mr., I’m the Mrs.” ones.

    Can’t wait to see your wedding pics.

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