Yo Yo Yo,

Or… shall I say ho ho ho!

This morning we all met up at the mall so I could get my liquor license for the wedding. First stop though, was watching Jasper play in the lil kids area…

Grandma and Grand baby were having fun.

Such a big boy now!

Family picture. ( my brother is partaking in Movember…FYI ;)

The liquor store opened at noon. Time to buy boooooooze for our NYE wedding. I took some of it back to moms cause some of it was on sale if I bought it immediately. Worked out well. Spent $800 in alcohol tonight, looking at another $600 or so when I buy the rest the day before the big day…

SLGA, wedding alcohol

Here’s our other wedding stash of decor. We set up our center pieces tonight and they are looking sharp.

My mom is yelling at me to help her dry dishes. A job I’ve had since I was about 3. So I better go. She says I used to LOVE drying dishes when I was really young…UMMM. YA…..I still love it… better go…




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