You know your late on your blog post when your mom calls and says, “Why didn’t you blog today?” OOPS! I post EVERYDAY, (maybe missed 2-3 since I became a blogger) but there are times…when it just takes me a while to get it done due to my workload….

Here’s a true example of how my voice clients are…

I email my client: “So…when do you need this done by?”

My client emails back: “As far as turn around, it’s always “as soon as you can”.  Our content writers create the lessons and send them for proofreading.  By the time they come back our video production department is ready and waiting for the audio.”

I rest my case, day to day I never know what I will wake up to and I have a reputation in the voice world to upkeep:)

I did however get outside for a run around the seawall!!! Wanna come for a run with me??? For training today I was supposed to run for 30 min and do weight training….I didn’t do much for weight training:( BUT I did run 10 km!

Let’ Run this together!!

Here is a map of the Seawall, and throughout it, you will see the corresponding spot as step by step, I ran around this park. (I wear the pink bandana to keep my earplugs in.. I think I have weird shaped ears, cuz they always fall out…)

1 and 2. The Marina, at Mile 1 and then the Light House where Arnold Schwarznegger passed the torch during the Olympics…stanley park seawall

Good Job Terminator/Governor 

3. I wish they had cool things like this when I was a kid… A KIDS DRYER at a WATERPARK?? HELLO FUN:)kids park, seawall, run, stanley park

4. Here is a cool path that I sometimes take for an alternate route home… In the wilderness..It’s very pretty..lots of paths

5. And of course- The Lions Gate Bridge (about half way!)… Known for backing up traffic… But still a Van Landmarkstanley park seawall
6. Siwash Rock…7. 3rd Beach….unflattering shadow… stanley park seawall

This shot of me as a brunette was taken here at this beach this past summer!

stanley park seawall

8. 2nd beach! This is where the Vancouver Triathlon starts! The birds TAKE OVER the pool in the winter time!!

stanley park seawall

9. YAY! I can see my home (on the very right), we are almost done!

stanley park seawall

We did it!!! We went around this BIG BUGGER!stanley park seawall

Good run, good run!! The nice thing about being in shape, is that you can stop and start a bunch of time during a run and not completely give up and stop running (which I used to do). Even if I hit a stop light, I would be like…aghh, I dont want to run anymore… BUT NOW! I stop as much as I want and easily start going again!

I even had energy for a sword fight, by myself… with the ice crystals…stanley park seawall, ice

I’m such a ninja, my brothers would be proud….

As far as the rest of my week with Triathlon Training…I feel like it has been a success. It has taken me a bit (from my holiday) to plunge back into the whole…train hard mentality..but I am BACK!

I had an awesome swim with the club..Here is the board that my coach writes our workouts on…

Except, by the time she writes down all our work outs… it looks more like this…

haha..k it’s not that bad.. lol!

Our group bike was awesome too.. I bike again in the am… (just stationary)

I also CANNOT wait to make this soup…Hopefully tomorrow..

Thanks for running with me! Can’t wait until we talk again!!!!

Love and Love!!! xoxo Have a happy weekend…

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