Good day!

I am typing this wayyyy up in the sky right!  We are on our way to Yellowknife. Mike is filming a pilot for our brother in-laws barbershop called Ragged Ass Barbers.  I am excited to spend time with some of Mikes family (mine too, really…I think we’ll get married one of these years, lol) and experience the great North of this amazing country we live in!

I was too tired to pack last night, so I opted to wake up at 4:30am to get packed up.

We made it to the Canada line….no coffee yet!

I was bawling my eyes out as I watched the Chilean minors get rescued on satellite TV on the plane. It is a miracle. Then, I got a laugh out of this West Jet contest where if you take a picture right off the plane with your loved ones, you can win stuff… send it to this email address. I am a geek…that I know! haha

So, I thought I’d give it a try and snap a shot right as we met up with our family!

Getting off the plane was old school where you walk outside first….good times.

I love Marianne and Craig’s car- sweet canoe on the roof! and the “ragged” plates are for Craig’s shop “Ragged Ass Barbers”

Here is newly engaged Marianne and Craig. They took us to their favorite place Surly Bobs.

Right now we are at Craig’s shop. CBC is here doing a segment for the news. (this shop is the place in Yellowknife)

I will post some pics of the shop tomorrow. Better go and catch up with the gang!

Love and light!

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