Hello fellow earthlings!

I’ve spent the last 2 days driving up and down some crazy mountains , filming a new Stormtech video!!

Blackcomb atv, whistler

We were soaking up the amazing scenery.

Blackcomb atv, whistler

Hello Beautiful BC.

Blackcomb atv, whistler

Here we are up top a mountain, taking a little breather/getting some more shots.

Blackcomb atv, whistler

Ooooh, check out this artsy shot I got of one of the coolest jacket ever..

Blackcomb atv, whistler, stormtech

We were lucky enough to bring little Painter and my goodness he LOVED it up there. He loves exploring as much as we do;)

cute bug puppy vancouver

He also served as guard dog for the ATV’s.

Blackcomb atv, whistler

Oh! I think he found an intruder! (ya right, haha)

bug pup 3 months

I think we are going to have a couple awesome videos once we’re done editing these up.

Biggest thank you to Stormtech..

…and Shawn and Jeff at Blackcomb Snowmobiles. What a great couple of days! Back to reality…

I’m going to let myself sleep in tomorrow and see where the day takes me. [BIG TO-DO LIST!]

We gave puppy a bath as soon as we got in the door, (he was a dusty bucket of mud by the end of it!)

Thanks for stopping by YOU! xoxo

Talk sooooooooooooooon

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