You know how they say, “A happy wife is a happy life”?

Of course- it is 100% true;) However, Here are some mantra I made up about perfect skin!

Give me skin that glows and I’ll have no more woe’s.

If I have clear skin, then we all win.

I’d even give up beer, if it made my skin clear.

Beautiful skin equals 100% grin.

I would hand make dough, learn how to sew AND become and Eskimo…if it made my skin GLOW!

haha….I have copyright on those all phrases, so if your from Dove, Nutragena, or Oil of Olay – Call me!!! We will talk!)

Where is your skin at? If you had to grade it 1-10?

Right now, my skin is at a 6. Seriously. Sometimes I look in the mirror and I think wow- my skin is looking top shelf and other times I just think UGH!

It’s really dry right now. I can tell you it’s because I have been eating like crap lately and drinking more alcohol than normal. If I don’t drink, my skin is super hydrated and feeling great… then after a few nights of beers and wine…it starts to shrivel up and gets red patches. All my dry skin tricks help but it is still not as hydrated and fresh looking as when I don’t drink. If you have dry skin, I did a post on it!

Here are some tips for keeping your skin at a 10! (I need discipline too, so these are just as much for me as they are for you!)

1. Drink lots of water!! Click here for tips and tricks on drinking more h20

2. Eat Clean! Don’t eat packaged high sodium, high preservative junk. (I eat a lot of canned black beans and chick peas- I rinse them really well before using them) I am also going to try to use less canned stuff when we move and I have a bigger kitchen to muck around in!!

(good books for clean eating)eat clean, thrive diet, tosca reno

3. Eat colourful fruits and veggies. (leafy greens, carrots, beets, strawberries, blueberries) Yummy nutrients nourish your largest organ!

(let’s do this!)

kins produce, vancouver

4. Healthy Fats please!! Almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flax, salmon

homemade almond butter

5. Omega 3 supplements. My mom takes fish oil everyday- she says it helps a lot with her joints too

(look at the fluidity in that wave!)

6. SWEAT BABY! Breaking a sweat flushes out your skin and gets the blood circulating.

7. Relax, Relax, Relax. How many times do you hear people say, “Oh my skin broke out because I’m so stressed” Well, why are you so stressed? Life gives us difficult situations, but the more you can condition yourself to stay calm, cool in the midst of chaos- the better it will be for your skin…AND your health. Life is to short to be beotching and complaining all the time.

8. Use affirmations! I know someone close to me that used affirmations to will away problem skin- for good! In the morning and before bed- repeat out loud and truly feel it in your heart when you say- “I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin. I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin. I am so happy and grateful that I have clear, beautiful skin.”

9. Treat your skin the way you’d like to be treated. HA. Seriously though. Be kind and gentle to your skin. Read labels- is that eye cream expired? Wash your face before bed- gently though, no need for tugging or being rough. Wash your makeup brushes- weekly!

10. Use a trusted professional. We go to the dentist for cleanings and check ups right? Well, work it into your budget to see someone you trust that can perform safe and effective treatments for maintenance. Someone who is on your team…. a little skin cheerleader if you will! I feel extremely blessed to have found a clinic in Vancouver that I trust with my face! ¬†(Sknclinic.ca) Last night they had an open house!

skn clinic vancouver

It was a lot of fun. I am booking my mom and I in for appointments for the Mothers Day weekend! I am not sure what we are going to get done yet, but I’m sure the Skn team will guide us in the right direction! Even after writing this my skin feels better! Woo Hoo!

Do you have any healthy skin tips to add? Please do share! Have a wonderful Good Friday!

Until we meet again:)



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  1. Erin @ The Grass Skirt on 22 Apr 2011

    I love this! My tips are drinking green smoothies at least 5 days a week, drinking aloe vera juice, cutting down on caffeine, and washing my pillow case often. Like you, my skin can get dry, so I have to stay well hydrated by drinking water (including coconut water) and eating lots of fruits and veggies.

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