Hey ya!!! My weekend was fantastic. I feel like I am just skimming the surface with the live/raw foods thing. I am pretty passionate about it. I will never fully restrict myself from anything, or claim to be 100% this or that… but I do believe that raw foods heal and I am wanting to explore some more.

thumbs up to raw fod

Last nights raw gourmet dinner was like “pigs in a blanket” ┬ábut made with nut alfredo sauce, dates and eggplant (sounds gross, but I promise, it was so tasty.

raw vegan dates wrapped in eggplant

Main course was delicious fresh greens from the garden, with a garden burger made with carrots, peppers, flax seed, etc.

sungarden burgers, raw food

Can you believe this cheesecake is 100% raw/vegan. I watched her make it. Unreal. I am trying this recipe.

raw vegan gourmet cheesecake

What we ate this weekend was on the gourmet end of raw. One would never want to consume so many fats from nuts, but it is amazing food for the transitional period from a processed diet. Hits the spot/cravings on so many levels.

ocean resort vancouver island

After dinner and a little walk on the property Mike and I hit up the Steam Room….

infrared sauna ocean resort

And then double the heat with an infrared sauna session. I like the infrared better than the steam…. You?

ocean resort sauna

This rejuvenating weekend left someone tired…..

Painter the bug puppy

Painter was such a good boy the whole trip. We took the ferry home this afternoon.
BC ferries

Now at home and back to work tomorrow. I may be trying a raw food lifestyle for a while… we’ll discuss tomorrow.

Have a fantastic evening! Sending you love, light and health and wealth!

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