How’s your week going? Any big plans for the weekend?

We have company coming this weekend and the Sun Run is Sunday!! I am not running though:( I know, I know. The reason is I was supposed to do my sprint triathlon on Saturday instead, but the race sold out and now I’m not doing anything. (ya snooze ya loose!)

I am the official cheerleader for the Sun Run.. how about that? I will dress up as a big yellow sun and cheer the Sun Runners!

When my band was playing at the Rock and Roll Marathon in San Diego, I cheered on the sidelines when we weren’t playing.. See I can still have fun on the sidelines! (I’m going to audition for Bring It On 7!)

I will be completely honest with you. In the red cup…. champagne and oj- Breakfast of champions!

We played a few sets, rotating with another band… (notice their drum kit in the other corner)

ahh, good times. So neat playing music and watching all these marathoners go by. I love the energy of races. They totally pump you up!

What else is shaking? Today I cut up some kiwi for breakfast.. I bought 4 kiwi’s for $2..

I don’t normally buy kiwi’s or eat them, so this was a big thing for me today.. (thanks for your support!)

I also finished reading The Power! Great book. I read the whole thing out loud so I could practice my reading. (I know how to read, lol, I read out loud to practice for my voiceovers) It is a new habit I created. Click here for the scoop on creating new positive habits!

It went extremely well and I can’t wait to get my next book! Which will be….

Then I went to Power Vinyasa yoga class at Semperviva. NAMASTE YO.

Then I went to a magical place!

And I got some magical stuff

Looks something like this all spread out

I have a dream team I am working with tomorrow on our next Stormtech video. We will be testing out the new yoga line. Tomorrow is going to be awesome.

After I picked up the gear I went to Holly North Makeup supply to get a big natural seafoam sponge and some more of the Ben Nye bronzer.

Holly North vancouver, makeup studio, supply

BUT… nothing I wanted was in stock… bummer! So I got disposable mascara wands for my brides

And some disposable spatula’s which are great for keep things like concealer, lipstick, creme blush or eyeshadows sanitary. Don’t dip with your finger, use these (mainly if you are a makeup artist)

Like how I took these pictures in my truck, on my jeans! haha

Oh.. I wanted to mention a HUGE congrats to Svetlana Romanova!! She was December’s Tomboy That Wears Makeup Of The Month. One of her dreams came true…

She is in the next issue of Oxygen Magazine.. you rock girl (and so do your abs!)

(She’s the brunette)

So incredible.


A great quote from Louise Hay:

“I am happy to see other people enjoying prosperity. It is a mirror of my own rich abundance.”

Be happy and supportive of others! It comes back to you!!

Now I’m home and I’m going to take a minute to decide what is the biggest priority on my to do list…


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