I had a great sleep last night! Feeling re-energized after a good workout too. Just got back up stairs and starting making my morning shake.
I bought this rinsing basket at Ikea the other day and I must say it is one of the best purchases ever. Just throw your veggies or fruit in the basket and rinse away!

ikea rinsing basket

My hands would always get so cold when I had to hold the veggies and fruits underneath and now I have THE solution! BAM

I’m so inventive too. I got these weak, useless clothes pins from Ikea the other day but they are great as bag clips!

I’m so creative, haha.

I’m trying to use food in the fridge before we go to Florida. So we definitely need to eat a cucumber,tomato, onion salad later! I was doing some Florida research and we are REALLY close to a massive, ginormous, humungous outlet mall. Oh Dear me. Now this is a must in our trip. Maybe I’ll find my wedding dress? When I tried on wedding dresses the other day.. I think I found “the one”. I know the style, the cut, EVERYTHING that I want in my dress. Now it’s just finding it for less than $1700! I am NOT spending that much on a dress I will wear for a few hours. YES- my dress is important to me, but I know I can find one like it- for less.

I wish I could show you the picture but my mom would FREAK! I started emailing the picture of me in the dress to a couple people and I got in trouble.. haha. “It’s supposed to be a surprise!” MOM says. Okay, okay… but it’s so exciting!!!

Some of the dresses I tried on and ALMOST went with!!!

I tried this one on- they didn’t have my size!

I wanted this one- but I didn’t want to trouble my brothers to hold my hat up all day….

I fell in love with this one.. but the shoes didn’t come in red..

This one looked amazing on, but it only looks good if you can make that face too, and I couldn’t quiet get it…

Oh well, back to the drawing board!! Hopefully I can find my dress in Florida? Is it there??? We will see….

I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding, but I did think Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. I know I’m late talking about this! Ha- she is probably pregnant with her 3rd child by now. But yes- let’s appreciate her beauty!Stunning.

Now it’s time to shoot Stormtech video #4! We are on a roll. We’ll shoot #5 in Florida, and then the rest right when we get back. Our actress today is Andrea and her jacket is ready to be showcased:)

Thanks for stopping by today! I feel like we should keep chatting, but I need to get my butt in gear here..

Talk soooooooooon!


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  1. Dangerous Linda on 18 May 2011

    I love reading your blog — it’s a nice little break in my day. Like a quick catch-up with a funny, sweet friend. thanks!

    BYW — Please check out my blog sometime and leave me a comment ;-)

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