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Stay-cation central over here…..

Ahh, Grouse Mountain (aka The Peak of Vancouver), in my own backyard. I was due for another visit to one of my favourite places. So Mike and I spent a day exploring some of the amazing activities Grouse Mountain has to offer. Normally I hike up Grouse, but being 5 months pregnant and a little wobbly, we took the SkyRide up!

Breathtaking views as always.

Grouse mountain Skyride

Our first stop was visiting the resident orphan Bears (Coola and Grinder), Gosh it seems like they’d be hot will all that fur, but they take lots of dips in the water to cool off.

Bears on Grouse Mountain

The bears and I have more in common than you’d think……….

Grouse Bears

Hee hee.

Next up was the Lumber Jack show. I haven’t seen this show in a long time and boy has it improved. The performers were outstanding, and their athletic ability is unreal! Lumber Jack should be an official sport in the 2012 London Games!

Lumberjack show, Grouse Mountain

I wish my son was born already so he could have been watching, lol…. We’ll just have to go back:)

LumberJack Show, Grouse Mountain

Then the hubby got to go Zip lining. I have never been zip lining, but wow, it looks like fun. Mike had a blast! He filmed it- so make sure you watch the video we have attached too!

Zipline Grouse Mountain

Time for a chair ride up to the Eye Of The Wind…. A Wind Mill actually generates tons of energy (we’re taking enough for over 400 homes for 1 year!) AND you can go up to the top in an elevator and see panoramic views. SO COOL!

Eye of The Wind, Grouse Mountain

Now, to be honest I thought, Hmm, I could take or leave the Birds In Motion Show- BUT WOW- I actually learnt a lot AND the show was really impressive. These Birds of Prey were basically trained like a dog (ok, they didn’t sit or roll over) But they weren’t leashed and they would fly from perch to perch on command (for a food reward) Good birdies!!!

Birds of motion show, Grouse

And then we went on a Heli-tour. First time in my life on a helicopter. What an experience!

heli tour

If I had to pick a few words to describe our day at Grouse they would be:


Here is some video on Grouse Mountain that we captured:


Summer in Vancouver isn’t complete without a trip to Grouse Mountain! Where is your favorite “stay-cation” spot?

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