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A few words roaming through my head this morning:

Respect….. Honour ….. Love…

I made a goal, and I completed it. I did it. I am extremely proud of myself for committing to excellence and following through. For 30 days in a row, no matter what I had on my plate, (a day trip to the states, a massive project due with my client calling off the hook, or a big party night) I spent at least one hour a day on my mat at Semperviva Yoga. (sometimes I even went twice a day!)

Here’s my post from 30 days ago when I started.

I was told, if you do this challenge you will achieve:

increased strength
improved flexibility
possible weight loss
definite stress reduction
improved focus
increased will power and stamina
a better body image
improved sleep patterns
improved eating habits

I am here to say that each of these deserves a HUGE CHECK MARK! YES, yoga does this for you. I am proof. I also feel like I have been attracting more positive things into my life and I am so stoked about the habits that are being formed.

Now, I only did 30 days in a row (I started 10 days late) but there was a big handful of yogi’s that did 40 DAYS!

We had a wrap up party last night, finishing off the challenge with a class of all styles of yoga. Everyone was glowing. Here are some of the 40 day challengers!

There were male challengers too, I just didn’t get a chance to snap any;) Congrats to all the 40 day finishers!

Semperviva has 5 studios in Kitsilano with all the fixings you could need:

Mats, Bolsters, Blocks, Pillows, straps, water…

They always have candles going in the room and great music.

And a couple of the studios have yummy hot tea

What would Semperviva be without it’s outstanding teachers?
I love your style Carolyn.

Reno was another one of my favourites. He is a rockstar in the yoga community. He told us: “There is enough mediocre people in the world, don’t be one of them”, Love it. (Remember the post I did on how Reno reminded me of a younger version of my uncle?)

This yogi is soo fun to be taught by. She reminded me of myself a lil bit;) I definitely cannot do that though:

Here is the beautiful and talented Gloria Latham, the woman who founded Semperviva. Her Kundalini class is like none other. If you need to let go of stress and things you may be holding onto, this class will release it. I felt myself getting teary in one of her classes because I was so connected and I felt myself  letting go of  judgement, fears, the past and any negativity in my head. ahhhh…..Sat Nam.

Semperviva offers teacher training and yoga retreats in Greece.  I think I better go to one of these retreats at some point! I have family in Greece and have been meaning to go visit for YEARS!

Yoga is so universal, my cousin Margarita (who ironically lives in Greece) just got back into doing yoga recently. She’s lost over 40 pounds with a good diet, exercise and yoga. (she said I inspired her, which made my day!)

Love you Marg!

If you are wondering what to get that special someone for Christmas, give them the gift of Yoga. Click here to buy a Semperviva gift card……. Santa… are you reading this?? lol <3

When I started the challenge, I would hide at the back of the room and hope no one saw me, by the end, I was front row center baby! Put yourself on one of these mats! You will be glad you did.

So where do we go now? FORWARD! Like Gloria said last night, “This is not the end, this is only the beginning.”

Thank you guys for your support over the last 30 days. I truly hope I have inspired you in some way.

Now, I’m off to buy my canvas for our painting party tonight! It is going to be a hoot. I will have a sideways chapeau, paint, brushes, a handful of my best girl friends and crazy creative energy ready to unleash! lol

Have a wonderful day!


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