Hey friends!

I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a while, but I refrained since I know some of my clients read my blog. However, my voice and how I read scripts has nothing to do with what I am about to share with you.

I feel compelled to share this. I really don’t give a crap if it’s too “personal” or something I should keep private. We are on this earth for such a short amount of time, if I can do something to shed light for someone else who may be going through the same thing, then that will make it worth it.

A few months back my doctor’s office called to get me scheduled in for my yearly pap. I am so grateful to have such a great family doctor because if she didn’t call to make me come in for my check ups. I probably wouldn’t schedule it myself.

Then in early July she called and asked me to come in because of abnormal results from my pap. So I went in and she explained that I had precancerous cells in my cervix and a biopsy needed to be performed.
I was devastated. I know that tons of women go through this type of thing… but when it’s YOU. Your world stops for a moment. I bawled my eyes out and it was in that moment that Mike was desperate to cheer us both up and he said “we’re going to get a dog.” So that day, we did.

He definitely makes us happy!

I have been trying to stay uber positive about the whole thing. Here is a new goals map I posted beside my desk.

But I feel like I am dealing with a build up from the past. In 2001 I had an ectopic pregnancy where the baby ruptured in my fallopian tube. I almost died during the process, but I survived and had one less tube and a broken heart. I was given this book back then which I still carry with me 10 years later.

womens bodies, womens wisdom

And the note from the wonderful lady who gave me the book. I feel like this book  was the beginning of a more “spiritual me”. This is such a great book for women.

WOMEN'S BODIES, WOMEN'S WISDOM by Dr. Christiane Northrup

It talks about creating physical and emotional health and  healing. Such as working with the 7 chakra’s. Helping us understand HOW and WHY we get these diseases in the first place.

My affected area is the Sacral Chakra. The Sacral Chakra (known as the 2nd Chakra) represents your sexuality, creativity, finances, personal power, and relationships. Interesting. I can’t pin point exactly why I am having issues in he 2nd chakra. Fear of abandonment is probably one issue, along with the pain of my ectopic pregnancy harbouring over the years? Either way, my biopsy states that I need a Leep Procedure done, which will get rid of the shitty unwelcome cells in my body.

Y’all know how positive I am and how I am not going to let this bring me down, but it has made me more emotional in the last bit.

I know that by eating good food you can control about 60% of how healthy your body is. The other 40% is your stress levels, your thoughts, emotions, harbouring ill feelings. So my goal is to eat as good as I can and be as stress free as I can and live a long, healthy, vibrant, prosperous and abundant life.

I have a great support team,-thanks to my girlfriends, my family, my mom for making a special trip just to come to my biopsy and thanks to Mike. I am a lucky girl.

I guess my purpose of sharing this is to:
-get a PAP! (cervix cancer can be detected EARLY, however in Canada alone 1 person dies per day from it!)
-Treat your body right through the foods you eat.
-let go of unsupportive thoughts and emotions. (through yoga, meditation, etc)
-live life to the fullest. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your way.

I am going to be doing a course with Feed Life, Starve Canver at Organic Lives starting next week. I also spotted these classes by feedlife.ca that are happening downtown Vancouver that look amazing. Let’s be proactive, rather than reactive.

Thanks for reading! I promise not to post depressing posts like this often, I just wanted to let you know what’s really been on my mind!

Take care and we’ll talk soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon


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  1. GirlonRaw on 24 Sep 2011

    Darling, thank you for being so honest and open about yourself. I am loving getting to know you through your blog, and only wished I lived closer so we could go to a raw food cafe and talk in person :)

    PS LOVE your dog

    PPS I also had a similar cancer cell scare but for some reason 6 months later they were no shows and I was pregnant by then.

  2. Patti Oldfield on 25 Sep 2011

    Wow!! Thanks for sharing Amanda, I didn’t think your post was depressing, actually it was very touching, informative and inspiring all at once. It was truly REAL, and if it helps just one person, well….how wonderful.
    PS I love your blog!!

  3. I went through the exact same thing this year. Cancerous cells and a biopsy. March/April/May were the worst months of my life this year. I can honestly say it was my lowest of the lowest times. I had huge downers where I convinced myself I was going to die and I shut off emotionally from friends, my husband and family. It was horrible. And I have to go and have the biopsies done again next July as it is being monitored for a year.

    All I can offer are hugs as I know that no matter what anyone says it doesn’t really make you feel 100% assured and okay. I’m glad you have a good support network – you need it!

    I love this post. It’s nice. I think Painter was an awesome feel better present. I think had we not already had 2 dogs I would’ve loved that. Keeps your mind off of everything. I booked an overseas holiday – went to the International Conference on Thinking in Ireland and then spent the next 5 weeks travelling Europe and the US. That was probably the “real” reason I went on the holiday too.

    Anyways, I digress. You’re awesome and strong and incredible and this post mirrored all of that.

    Keep smiling – your positive attitude is infectious :-)

  4. JB Glossinger on 25 Sep 2011


    You are the best. It takes A LOT of courage to open up and let people into your private world. Sending you some love and positive energy.

    You guys are the best. It is all about the energy. Keep working through your experience. We all love you.


  5. Vivian on 25 Sep 2011

    Babe…its not depressing – its honest and something you needed to do, for yourself and you did it. Be proud that you had the strength, tools and support to post something like this online. Too many of us out there are afraid to ask for help, be glad that you were brave enough and know that you have inspired many others with just this one post!

    My thoughts and best wishes go out to you. You will get well and heal! Trust me, if not, trust yourself! And thank YOU for the post. x

  6. Lori Britton on 25 Sep 2011

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your post… so many of us are going through similar stuff.

    Sending much love and energy.

    Lori :)

  7. Donna on 25 Sep 2011

    Sending LOVE, LIGHT, and HEALING your way. I claim a positive outcome for you!

  8. Claire Hart on 25 Sep 2011

    Amanda I am happy to hear you have supportive people in your life to guide you through your healing.

    Dr. Oz says 70% and 30%…

    My niece Rachel – Rachel’s Harvest of Hope was not as fortunate as you and had the HPV virus and then cancer and made her transition, age 35 this month.

    Keep moving and doing your work helping the people to healing their bodies….. LUV and Bless you Claire Hart.

    • admin on 13 Oct 2011

      Claire, Thank you so much for your note. I just looked up Rachel and was so sad to see that. She seemed like such a young, vibrant, beautiful girl. I am really sorry for your loss. Love and bless you too. Take care.
      PS Thanks for the 70% update. More people need to tune into this!

      All the best,


  9. Tanya on 25 Sep 2011

    What a fantastic message… Thankyou on behalf of many people for sharing this..
    I have been through the abnormal cells CIN 1, 11, 111.. I had each stage of abnormal cells then the same procedure and biopsy. I was monitored every year for 10 years and this year I had a blood test to find out that they used to think it would then lay dormant in your system but have found out with new testing that its completely gone from my system.
    Its great you have shared this – Its great you are accepting your situation and that it will all be ok but you wouldn’t be making the changes in your life if this had not happened.
    I love the book “You can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay.
    She says that the probable cause – Deep Hurt, Longstanding resentment, Deep secret or grief eating away at the self. Carrying hatreds “Whats the use?”
    New thought pattern – I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself.

    Good luck with your journey and know that all will be well.
    Love & Light Tanya

  10. KymmiePooh on 25 Sep 2011

    All will be well with your situation! You have a Divine Purpose here!
    I am a cervical/breast cancer overcomer…I was doing some research and I understand coconut oil should make a difference.
    The person who got me interested was Dr. Oz, funny everybody listens to Dr. Oz…then thru deeper research, Dr. Fife. Take a look at http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org
    …there are articles that might be of interest.
    Also Deepak Chopra has some wonderful meditation for you…but you already know that.
    I shine nothing but smiles a peace to you…I know you share your smiles to others. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  11. Vivian on 25 Sep 2011

    Thanks for sharing your post. I, as well, went through it and the “C” word is a VERY big word. Had cryo procedure twice and through the good grace of God no further problems. Support the spiritual aspect of the chakras and not only cleansing our body, as well, our mind. It takes a very special person to share an experience, such as you have, and you never know who you may reach out and touch, you have touched me. Best wishes and stay well.

    Viv xo

  12. Silje McLean on 25 Sep 2011

    Hi honey,

    I too went through the same thing…precancerous cells, biopsy and then cryotherapy. Thankfully the cryotherapy worked…they monitored me closely for a year (monthly pap smears…ugh) and I’ve never looked back!!

    Your spirit is amazing and I love how you take control of your life…you go ahead and kick cancer to the curb!!

    Thank you for sharing the stories of your life…there would be seriously something wrong with someone who looked down on you for that! I think it brings us as women closer together to know that other people might have similar experiences, and that we aren’t crazy for going through emotions we might go through…and the way you handle things serves to be inspirational to others.

    Much love to you Amanda xoxo

  13. Kimberly Geter on 25 Sep 2011

    Thanks for sharing your honesty and courage to us. I read your blog often and think that you’re an awesome woman and a kick ass VO artist.

    Much love to you and Mike. God bless.


  14. Amanda L on 25 Sep 2011

    You are truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. I know you’ll get through this because you’re a courageous, powerful, beautiful, passionate and intense (in a good way) woman. Sending all my good vibes to you out West :) Love you! xoxo.

  15. Paul on 25 Sep 2011

    Great post. It’s not about cancer or pap — it’s about sharing your truth and expressing your voice. As a fellow writer I know that’s what people respond to, and why this post resonated for me. The more personal and intimate we write, the more universal it becomes. Our journeys are the same, regardless of which stones you may personally have to step over. Thanks.

  16. Kelli Corscadden on 25 Sep 2011

    Thanks for this honest and touching post. I found it really inspirational. Even when you write about your challenges, you always add a positive spin and I’m sending you lots of positive light right back!

  17. Natasha on 25 Sep 2011

    Your positive attitude is amazing. Thank you for sharing your story. Everything happens for a reason and because of your experience you’ve now shared with me via your blog about your knowledge of raw food which I didn’t really know too much about before. Keep the positivity juices flowing :)

  18. KJ on 25 Sep 2011

    I don’t usually comment on the blogs I read but I wanted to thank you for being so courageous to share your story. It helps people out there going through the same thing know that they are not alone. It’s so amazing that you can take that difficult experience and turn into a positive change in your life. :)

  19. Michelle Schurko on 26 Sep 2011

    My lovely, beautiful, soon-to-be sister, you know exactly how I feel about you. I’m so proud of you for every little bit of who you are and who you choose to be. You’re a brilliant writer, but no words can properly express the amazing person that you are. I had an abnormal cell result on one of my pap tests a few years back. There really is no way to just stay calm and unbothered by it. They called and said “your results came back abnormal. Wait 6 months and then come back in for a re-check.” I said, “uh, can I come back sooner?” Sweetie, you could grow a horn out of the middle of your forehead and you would still be amazing. I still brag about you every chance I get. I am intensely blessed to have you in my life.

    I’m sure everyone would agree with me when I say we love you, not only because you’re beautiful, but because you make US feel beautiful.

  20. Heather on 29 Sep 2011

    Amanda – What a gift you offer with this beautiful honest and authentic post. I send love and light to you and pray for health and wellness for you. xoxo

  21. Carmen Cruz on 16 Oct 2011

    Amanda! I so admire your honesty. I’ve had a couple of health scares myself that a person my age definitely shouldn’t have, so I can relate on so many levels.
    Thanks so much for sharing chica! Just know that so many of us out there are sending you strong, loving and positive vibes.
    I’ll be moving back to Vancouver in a couple of weeks and I’d love to meet up and chat/ hang out.
    I’ll be in touch soon.


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