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  • “Well the times gettin’ hard for you little girl I’m a hikin’ and a bikin’ all over this world!”

    AHHH! It’s race day!
    Yesterday we got to Yellownife and met up with Marianne and Craig (Mike’s sister and brother in law)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Backyard at where we are staying!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    We went out and tested out our snowshoes right away (we might need them in the race- they are a mandatory piece) Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    YAY I can do it!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    BEST support system you could EVER ask for!!!! <3Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Then we went to the pre race orientation and the filled us in on things like how to deal with frost bite, hypothermia, if you fall in a lake, wild life, snow blindness, etc…Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    My bib happens to have my favorite number in it (#27)Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW
    Mike and his race bib!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    Back at the house Marianne made us a delicious meal last night!

    The most yummy veggie lasagna! (I’m getting the recipe!)

    I thought the glass of wine might help me forget what I am about to do….. but it didn’t! ha

    Some of our mandatory gearYellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    THIS IS THE TERRAIN I AM ABOUT TO COVER!Yellowknife, Frostbite 45, NTW

    OK- here I go! wish me luck!

    Happy Saturday! Stay warm……

  • YO!

    HOW ARE YOU! Getting ready for Halloweeeeeeen?? I noticed quite a few costumes out last night, but also I walked to Tim’s to get a coffee this morning and I saw this guy who was clearly just making it home from a big party the night before. He was stumbling along the street in his police costume.  His handcuffs were hanging out of his pocket. It was a pretty funny sight.

    Along with your Halloween festivities, I want to share with you an update on Marianne! If you are unfamiliar with this story, click here to get caught up. Marianne is back a month later to let us know where she is at! She has a mission to reach her goal weight by Dec/29/2010 (Dec.29 is her 29th birthday, so it just works!)

    What challenges have you faced?

    I had an amazing visit with family a few weeks ago! I am so very thankful for the time we got to spend together, but I did find it challenging while they were here to get as many workouts in as I would normally, and I indulged more than I would if I didn’t have special guests. My challenge was to get myself right back on track after the visit was over, and not let myself get discouraged or feel guilty because I wasn’t 100% on target.(While I was up in Yellowknife, Mari still did a stand up job of making it to the gym!)

    What success’ have you celebrated?
    During one of my workouts, Kate had me do an exercise with a 30lb dumbbell. I realized as I was lifting it, that I’ve already shed more than that much weight off my body. It felt amazing to know that I’m lifting nearly as much weight as I’ve lost, and that I’m not carrying that extra 30lbs around on my body anymore! (wow, that is soooo frikin cool)

    I also have a few outfits in my closet that I’ve been holding onto to track my success and keep me motivated. This morning, I tried on a pair of pants (one size smaller than usual) which, less than a month ago, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable wearing in public… not only was I able to do them up, I didn’t have to hold my breath! So rewarding to see in a very measurable way how my hard work and sweat is paying off!! (yessssss!!!!)

    Woah, your totally airborne in that picture! What thoughts/goals keep you motivated and moving forward?
    I feel extremely inspired by the people in my life who see changes in me that I maybe don’t see or don’t think someone else would notice. Every time my clothes get a little baggier it makes me want to work harder, and every time someone says, ‘I want to go to workout with you,’ or, ‘you can do push-ups on your toes?!’ it makes me want to push even harder to see how much more I can do! Most importantly though, I feel motivated by how strong and proud I feel – something I haven’t felt about my body in a long time – and how those feelings, along with my confidence, are going to grow as I get closer to reaching my goal.

    Awww, that makes me emotional:( That is so inspiring! I suck at doing push ups on my toes!!! Good for you.

    What can we expect next month?

    I am at a point now where workouts are part of my routine. Whether it’s a session with Kate (my amazing personal trainer), spin, or one of my favourite group fitness classes at the gym, I feel like I’m in a really good groove there. This next month I’m going to focus on my nutrition. I’m going to track my calories, review (and get back to) the food plan my naturopath set out for me, try some new recipes, and limit treats to once per week. You can expect that I’m going to stay motivated and determined and that getting my nutrition in line with my workouts will help me power towards my goal!!

    Any tips you have discovered you would like to share?
    I’m learning the importance of keeping workouts fresh –not only will this prevent you from getting bored, it’ll keep your body guessing. I really believe that when we step out of our comfort zones we grow – in all aspects of our lives. I tried a kick boxing class this week – it’s not going to be my new favourite thing, but it had me using my muscles in a different way and I had fun with the other ladies I went with!

    I’m also trying to set smaller goals for myself within my ultimate goal daily. For example, eat an extra serving of veggies, try a new recipe, or drink all eight glasses of water. Each positive choice I make helps me get closer to my ultimate health and fitness goals!

    DOUBLE YESSSSS, NO..NO…TRIPLE YESSSSS! Keep it up! You are more dedicated than me right now….and I thank you again for doing this post and helping me (and others) get inspired.

    My quote of the day is my favorite quote that I wrote in my high school year book…..



    Have an awesome Halloween Everybody!!!

  • Hellllloooooo!

    Oh wow, I’m sitting back at my desk in my apartment in Vancouver and I am very happy to be back to work. While I was in Yellowknife, I was lucky enough to have the most incredible hosts (Craig and Marianne) who really did show us soo much that The Northwest Territories has to offer.
    One of my highlights was playing a couple songs at Twist, where we shared the stage with some local talent-including Digawolf. Digawolf is based out of the NWT. He has played with artists such as Sam Roberts, Painting Daisies and  The White Stripes. I love his music. What does Digawolf sound like? Mr. Waits and Mr. Leonard Cohen at a jam with Hendrix while Hank Williams and Stevie Ray Vaughan sitting back and relaxing with drinks and friends, and a great sense of a connection between spirit, dirt and earth. Watch his video for his song “The Trapper!”
    He has a new album coming out which will be done in the Tticho language, to honor the language and the culture. For more info, click here.

    Thanks Digawolf- best of luck to you. You are awesome.

    Here are our last couple shots of Yellowknife before we left.

    Mike with his sister and future brother in law:)

    One lil trick I picked up along the way, is if you start feeling a bit under the weather, place a few drops of Oil of Oregano under your tongue. It is a powerful antioxidant and can help build up your immune system at the first sign of a cold. I feel like it saved me while I was up there.

    You know when you are away, you have such a great unforgettable time, but it’s always good to get home:) I did the dishes and tidied up before we left, so when I walk into our place it was a very welcoming feeling. First thing Mike and I did was dropped our bags and went for a lil walk around the neighborhood, it was such a nice night. Then we had some dinner and went down to the HOT TUB….ahhhh….

    Home Sweet Home. Time to work hard and get ready for next trip!

    Do you have any tricks for fighting of a cold or keeping your immune system in check?

    Let’s stay 100% healthy this winter!

    Have a great day!

    Daily affirmation-‎”Today I look forward to what each new hour brings.” Louise Hay

  • Hello!

    I am writing late today because we were out for brunch at a friends, then we went hiking all day and just got back home now. My feet are slowly dethawing!
    So as you know, my goal is to live the healthiest life possible…well, the last week..maybe I haven’t been so healthy. I know as soon as I get back to Van and settle into routine, I will be eating salads and doing P90x.
    I have been having a blast though and living it up while I am here!
    Last night we went to Octoberfest. It was the first time I had ever been to such a gathering:)
    Here’s a shot of the venue

    The band
    AND Brother and Sister dancing!
    AND 2 REALLY BIGS MUGS……..(of beer;) ha
    Then we got a limo ride
    And Mike and I did an impromptu concert at The Twist. Heard some great musicians that night! YK has tons of talent, and heart. YK has so much heart. The generosity and kindness we have experienced here is second to none.

    I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Sending you so much love and light from up North!

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