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  • Happy Friday! Happy Friday! Happy Friday!

    I must say- I needed that sleep last night. By the end of the night yesterday, I felt like I was going a bit crazy. I was just such an insanely busy day. I don’t want this blog to be a “woe is me” complaining platform, so I choose not to mention- that sometimes I’m not always positive and sometimes really stressed. I felt like I couldn’t keep up with everything on my plate. I paused for a moment and thought- “Is this what it’s about?” I worked so hard to get to this point and I’m pulling my hair out? I said to myself, Calm the Beep down. Why take things so serious? If I want to manifest all my dreams and goals, I have to be able to handle what is given to me at any given time. Isn’t there that saying- “you will never be given more than you can handle?” It’s so true. You only live once- DON’T take things so seriously Amanda!! Have FUN… PLAY! (there I said it…it’s behind me now;)

    Another saying I like is “The moment you don’t have enough time to take a break- IS WHEN YOU NEED TO TAKE A BREAK!” Isn’t that true? Mike and I might go to Seattle for the night on Monday. Just to chill out and have a mini vacation.

    I really feel AMAZING today though! I went down to my gym for a run and a bit of weights (I ran at 6mph for 30 minutes)

    Then I came upstairs and starting reading my emails. (one of the companies I get lots of my work from) sent this stat sheet over in their daily newsletter:

    I thought it was pretty neat to see how well this online company is doing! I went to the main page and there I was- the #1 Top Favourite female! I am usually in the top 10, but it’s always fun to be #1!!!!!!

    Woo Hoo! I am right up there with Deb Munro (one of my coaches) and Janice Downes (the voice-over QUEEN). Persistence and hard work does pay off! I may not be a rock star (which was my initial dream) but I am absolutely in love with my job. “AH HA”!!!! LOL

    What are you up to this weekend? Here is a breakdown of some of the stuff I am doing:

    1. Filming and completing the video we are doing for Stormtech… (more info on that coming…..)

    2. Going on an ‘Insiders Tour” of Granville Island. I am doing some craft making, beer tasting, dinner at Sandbar, boat ride… stuff like that. This is going to be a hoot. (We will be doing some more filming of this as well) I always have fun on Granville Island. Here I am at the Chocolate Festival, tasting beer and chocolate!

    mmm, Granville Island Beer

    3. Running a Half Marathon on Sunday! Well, I’m more like walk/running it. I talked to my coach and we came up with a plan. Since I haven’t been marathon training per say, my coach advise that I run 9 minutes, walk 1, run 9 minutes, walk 1, and do the whole race like this. I think that is a good idea. I want to feel good after this!!

    4. I have 3 friends that are playing music tonight (at 3 different venues).. PLUS another friends birthday dinner. Not sure what I’ll be able to attend, but I’m gonna try.

    OOOH, I almost forgot…any Valentines Day plans??? Do tell, do tell! Like I said might go to Seattle for a night on Monday, or we may do nothing, it will depend if we can wrap up some jobs first.

    Talk sooooooon!!!!



  • Hey there!

    Happy Friday!  What’s going on this weekend??? It’s a busy weekend in our camp!

    Here are some things I am up to over the weekend:

    -3 makeup jobs

    -one on-camera commercial (taking place at a grocery store, we are shooting Saturday from 11pm-6am!)

    -2 voice jobs- (so far….)

    -voice auditions (including one for Canterbury Coffee- I might be there “new voice”, thanks to my friend Dee who works there)

    -2 triathlon training sessions (and we are hoping to shoot a video with my coach on some running drills)

    -one massage (using our benefits!!)

    -Mike is insisting on buying me a new computer, so I won’t say no to that!

    PHEWF…I get tired just writing that!!! man oh man! I really appreciate all the opportunities though. It’s funny how things have changed even since I started this blog. Life is an evolving, ever-changing force and I really do believe that the steps I’ve taken in furthering myself on human potential/self development has helped attract these opportunities, even in the last 6 months!

    Steps I’ve taken in bettering myself:

    -Yoga and mediatation

    -Belief in myself that I can be a triathlete and committing to it

    -Listening to everyday

    -Listening to audiobooks/books like “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill, “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield, “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind” by T.Harv Eker  (can anyone else share some books/audiobooks that they like?)

    -Not drinking nearly as much alcohol as I used too, (drinking makes me sleep in, it damages my voice, I end up eating crappy food, makes me feel gross and not want to work out) Of course a glass of wine or beer here and there is great, but for me keeping it to that minimum is KEY

    -Money Management!! If you’ve found yourself overspending on the little things that add up- Check out this blog entry for a great money management system.

    That’s all I can think of right now, of course I’m no saint and these are just some guides that have helped me along the way. Does anyone else have things to add that have helped them grow in a positive way?

    One of my favorite quotes that I wrote in my high school yearbook at the age of 18-

    high school yearbook quote

    Woo hoo, ok..moving on…. is having a contest on their facebook page. “Take a photo of yourself, with the website in the background, most creative entry wins an ipad.”

    Here was the picture I took (yes I actually went to the store and bought a rose and chocolates for the contest!) contest, voiceover artist,

    And then I added the picture in to my picnik program and came up with this in my true geek nature! lol

    Ha! I thought Valentines Day is coming up and I do love the website! The draw is at 2pm today! There are some great entries by some very creative talent, so we’ll see who wins!  I am happy I participated and I ended up meeting a few other “friends” because of entering. Click here to check out the other entries!

    Have a wonderful weekend and  Please share some tips on what have helped you become a better/stronger/happier/healthier YOU!!


    Here are some words from T. Harv Eker himself:

    “Whenever you feel uncomfortable, instead of retreating back into your old comfort zone, pat yourself on the back and say, “I must be growing,” and continue moving forward.”


  • Hey Friends!!!

    How goes it today!! As it stands- in this VERY moment, I am panicking. I have a project due in 55 minutes and my mic is NOT working….Mike knows this system inside and out and of course he is outta town. Instead of throwing my mic out the window, I figured I should start my blog for the day;)

    Here is a clip of me testing the mic for the 50th time…It’s my out of tune “why won’t you work song”..

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    (I had some other words at the end but I cut them off in case any kids read this blog:)
    The sound quality is all muffled for some reason….Oh well, I’m sure Mike will text soon with the solution…

    UPDATE-I HAD MY MICROPHONE TURNED THE WRONG WAY…OMG I AM INSANE. HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT??? ( I felt soo dumb when I realized I wasted an hour and a half unplugging and tweaking things)

    Moving on……

    I went to Long and Mc Quade last night and they gave me the proper mic stand.

    See, that is what it’s supposed to look like. Not this-

    Whoever made that on the production line was smoking something!!!

    Isn’t that weird? Have you ever bought something and when you got home you realized it was COMPLETELY WRONG?’s all fixed now:)

    My body was SORE this morning…That’s what 48 laps (in a small pool) and a tempo run will do to a girl who took the whole month of December off to eat and drink…. I layed in bed and mentally I was ready to get up, but physically my body was like, ‘can we stay here a lil longer?” I said yes…

    I got up about 6am and I was really craving some oatmeal with blueberries….both my pots were being used. One was in the fridge full of brown rice and the other was dirty…DAMN!

    I was to lazy to do anything about it, so I just grabbed the frozen blueberries and put em in a bowl

    Seriously, they were sooo delicious. I got them at Whole Foods. $6 for this container (which I thought was robbery)

    BUT..they were actually worth it. Next summer (I said this last year, but didn’t do it) I am going to stock up at the farmers markets out in Delta and Surrey so I have local frozen fruit all winter-at a good price!

    Do you ever eat just plain frozen fruit? Grab some frozen fruit and watch this:

    This is a great story. Ted totally attracted this into his life. I love it

    He just got a full time job voicing with the Cleveland Cavaliers! Amazing.

    Ok, I have to get ready to meet my friend Lee. We are going to drop off my ring to get sized and then go to a matinee of Black Swan!

    I will have my triathlon training update coming later today! Hope your day is going wonderful…

    No quotes or affirmations today- except- when something is not working, step back-the answer may be EXTREMELY SIMPLE!

  • Hello!!!!

    So, how goes it today?

    I am doing well. On Sunday, when I was going over my goals and to-do’s for the week, I decided to really push with my voiceovers. Yesterday I was up at 5:15am, warming up my voice, ready for the first round of auditions. I was on fire. I was nailing everything. It was just one of those days. By the end of the day, I looked at the home page at and I saw I am the #1 top female voice talent of the week.
    WOW. I have #1 before, but this time it just felt different. It was such a good feeling because the universe was in exact correlation to the intention that I put out. The Law of Attraction really works.

    “If you can conceive it, you can achieve it.”

    It is just a nice sign that dedication and hard work do pay off.

    Have you seen or read The Secret? Do you believe in The Law of Attraction?

    One of my favorite books is a really easy read by Depak Chopra called “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” I have had this book forever! (like at least 10 years-The paper cover dissolved!)

    So, I wanted another repeat of yesterday. One of the first things I thought I better do is get a wonderful sleep. I was in bed at about 9:30pm and of course….I could not sleep!
    I could hear Mike snoring, not loud, but just enough to be like, ‘nope, I’m not letting you fall asleep’!
    So I tossed and turned, then got up, drank some water and I always like to look outside and to see what the ocean is up to…I couldn’t help but notice an apartment lit up across the street, and realized I have a neighbor who really, really likes shoes. I have NEVER seen so many shoes IN MY LIFE. Floor to ceiling, on every wall. NOT JOKING..

    looks kinda like this, but every wall in the apartment.

    WOW. Good for her! She totally attracted all of those shoes in her life….

    (I feel kinda bad about talking about the shoe lady, I mean I don’t even know her…But shoe lady…if you ever read this blog….You rock! What size are you???)

    Changing topic. (never talking about neighbors again)

    Changing topic. (feeling bad, hope she never reads this)

    Changing topic. (I am over it, it is in the past now…)

    Ok,  I discovered this site yesterday and it is SOOO cute. They call themselves The girls with glasses and they make awesome videos, like this one. Here they are talking about the perfect things to put in a carry on bag when you travel. I love it, and I agree with everything! (except the anti bacterial hand sanitizer- I hate that stuff!)

    Aww, I love it! I wanna be on their show! (doing what tho? gossiping about people I don’t know?) lol

    K, I’m out….I will leave on this note today-you can get whatever you want….you just need to place the intention and take action! Write it down…what do you really want? What is one thing you can do today to take action towards it?

    Have a great day!

    Daily intention-“I am peaceful with all of my emotions. I love and approve of myself.”- Louise Hay