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  • Hey guys!

    How are ya doing?? I hope you had a wonderful long weekend (here in Canada!)

    You’re in store for a real treat today! My friend Chris Kendall has stopped by to share some insight with us on The Raw Diet lifestyle. Now, many of you may be thinking RAW? I can’t even handle vegan (that’s what I think anyways:) But…you gotta hear him out. I really do believe he is on to something.I have learnt a lot from Chris by following his blog. His blogs consist of fun videos and also valuable content for the viewer. I have endless amounts of respect and admiration for Chris. He is paving a way for himself and changing the lives of others for the better. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us:

    I know you are a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, lifelong athlete, and 100% Raw Food Lifestyle Coach.  When and why did you become 100% Raw?

    Wowser what a intro, It almost seems I wrote it myself , hahah Well I first delved into raw food (the concept of 100% raw) about 7 years ago to eradicate a candida problem I was having ( candida is a form of yeast overgrowth that can effect us in many areas and cause many symptoms ). IN that time I tried doing 2 weeks 100% raw eatingonly vegetables, no fats, and only granny smith apples for fruits, due to the thought that “sugar” was the culprit. Wow ive learnt much since. That was a terrible experience to be honest one that lead to me crashing and having the most severe reaction I have ever had. A few months later I went to a health festival meeting and enjoying many a seminar with long term raw fooder and author Dr. Douglas Graham. He exuded health and vitality more so than anyone i had met, literally he was glowing, having been a 100% raw foodist of over 25 years at the time I followed my instincts and went 100% low fat high fruit raw the next day. What a change that was, i eradicated my candida symptoms within days and felt more energy positivity and enthusiasm than I ever had. The Why.. in truth started from my wish to skateboard at the highest level I possibly could while shortening recovery time. My own health journey started around 99 by simply eating more fresh whole ripe raw foods, namely fruit for breakfast and more salads, as well as implementing food combining as per recommended in a neat little booked named “fit for life”. Around the time I met Doug, I  had been a vegetarian for 3 years vegan for 1/2 – 1 and was in school studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. While Skateboarding and athletics were a big push for me to live healthier, the philosophy, animal rights, ecology and common sense aspects of going raw always played a big part, something that has only grown to surpass my athletic desires.

    Very cool! So, what does it mean to be “RAW”?

    haha :) well I don’t feel i am the authority on that, many people feel being raw means eating 80 % + of your food means you are “raw” wether quantified by calorie, volume, I dont know. Others feel to be considered “raw” you need be 100% or very close to at the least. Personally I am not to concerned with the definition or percentage, as I have heard Dr D say, “we are all raw fooders, its just that some of us eat cooked food too” Being focused on a definition or letting pride or judgement get in the way strays us from the real deal, its not a contest on being raw, its about being healthy and moving towards the best you you can be.

    Makes sense to me! Was it a hard transition?

    This for me is a loaded question ahahhaa, for sure I had troubles slips and really hard times in my own transition, in truth that is a big part of why I am doing what I am doing, so that I can help make the transition easier for others. Really though the bulk of my transition ( as a whole) was so effortless joyful expanding and pleasant its amazing, with the joys came struggle, hardship, self doubt, social and emotional struggles really forcing inward and personal growth. Truly I see the raw food diet effecting every single aspect of our lives as a transformative process. It can really be a catalyst for positive change. Physically mentally emotionally and spiritually it opens you up, asking you to pay attention, deal with and let go of that which is unessential. In reality most people have more issues/troubles with the emotional ramifications of freeing up so much nerve energy (allowing them to feel much much more deeply) as well as the stored toxemia that must be purged than the food aspect. As with any big lifestyle change, persistence, desire, continually growing reasons and a whole lot of honest self love are needed to reach the goal.

    I went to a friends birthday party and through mutual friends there was a couple sitting with us who live the raw lifestyle. There was NOTHING on the menu for them to eat, so they had to modify and eat hot soup, among other “cooked” things. Does this ever happen to you and do you feel bad after?

    Truthfully Its been a rarity for me to have a issue at any restaurant. Most often i travel prepared having 4 – 12 peices of fruit with me to cut my appetite before going into a restaurant or when hungry, even in lue of that I find I can order a decent salad almost everywhere. I enjoy doing special orders, simply asking the server for “the largest salad they can make, wit tons of lettuce, tomatoes, celery cucumber and if they have it some fresh fruit, or avocado, A few limes/lemons on the side please” simple as that. Buffets are the way to go for me, I love decimating them. hhaha. There have been a few times that i have gone to a restaurant and they literally said they didn’t have a raw vegetable or fruit in the back (ewwwwwww ahaha ) in that case I simply drank water and waited. Personally I would rather skip one meal (apowerful practice when sick, enervated, in trauma, stressed ect) than give up my ideals and feel sick afterwards for it.

    That makes sense. If you really want to follow it 100%, you just do it. Do you think you will carry on this lifestyle for the rest of your life?

    I have every intention of eating/living in a way that is most conducive to my highest well being for the rest of my life. 100% fresh ripe raw organic plant food fits the bill every-time, short of famine or some other huge change within myself or the world food supply id rather fast than stray from 100% raw. This diet is so effortless 2nd nature and physically mentally and spiritually rewarding to me that I can not imaging turning back of my own violation. Its interesting to note that the vast majority of “raw gurus’s” especially “mainstream raw guru’s” admit they eat cooked food, many recommend it as well. Mind you I am not judging only laying out the facts as they are. Mainstream raw is high in fat often low in fruit, filled with superfoods, supplements, enzyme powders, colonics and other expensive products that really arent conducive to long term success. The only long term 100% raw fooders I know eat a well balanced low fat high fruit raw diet. Its what nature, our physiology, comparative physiology as well as natural taste dictate. I have heard time and time again from people who have went from trying to survive on a high fat gourmet raw diet, struggling, to easily and happily thriving on a low fat high carb approach.

    Through the months that I have been following you, I have noticed you are always living somewhere different, tell us about your “live in feature.”

    Very fun, well I have always loved to travel, also i know that having hands on expereince and the presence of someone who has not only gone through transition but finds this lifestyle a effortless joy can help hugetime for those just starting. These two facts, among that I love honest interaction and with it mutual growth birthed my live in consulting. The idea being I stay full time with someone 1 week to 1 month, on average, helping them implement a 100% (or transition to) raw diet as well as all the other aspects of a fully holistically hygienically healthy lifestyle that they themselves are ready for and wish to implement. I love it, basically my services all flow by donation, although with this one I ask that travel accommodation and my personal food is all provided before donation is considered.

    You have taught at the Agape Center in LA- which is so rad! (FYI readers-The Agape Center is founded by Michael Bernard Beckwith, he was featured in The Secret) You’ve also had some pretty well known athletes that you’ve coached. I’m not huge in the skateboard world, but I definitely recognized some names of the guys you coach. Who have you worked with and how did they hear about you?

    I feel blessed to have worked with the people that i have, many very well known indeed and with the ability to influence and reach out to so many more. Of recent i have been living in with Pro skateboarder Steve Berra. He has been pro for 19 year now its been a real treat to get to know him and help him implement many factors of health, the 100% raw diet included. Some other well known amazing Pro sk8ers I have gotten to influence with much positive result is Jim Greco, PJ Ladd as well as Legend Salman Agah among Others. Steve found me through the internet. Unbeknownst to me a friend (Tim S. thanks brother) sent Steve a email, who at the time on his site “The Berrics” made it clear he was experiencing health issues. From there Steve emailed me. I was heading to la around that time anyways so we met up, did a interview for his web site during which i mentioned my “live in consults” n the rest is history. I met the other pros through Steve, thanks bradah 

    What kind of transformation do you see with your clients?

    Wow I see transformations of all kinds,ups and downs during the first few months as they purge in many ways, but universally during and afterwards I feel and see more ease, happiness and joy in living than before. I have seen colitis overcome, fatigue and depression become a thing of the past, enthusiasm and joy bubble forth where it was capped before. Athletic ability and desire to be active rise to new heights, midfulness and desire to develop spiritually increase and take new priority, Its really a blessing and a joy.

    Do you see yourself ever settling down somewhere?

    Settling down settling down ahahha, well I always wish to be active ahah, wish to jump from one place to another as well, but my wish is to open 2 – 3 healing retreat centers in different places in the world. One in the northern hemisphere (within the tropical belt) one in the southern and then one possibly in canada, okanagan area. The idea being I would stay and run fasting, healing, athletic retreats during the peak seasons of each location with enough housing, orchard, garden to be fully self sustainable and green giving housing and get away space for freinds family as well as any and all that are in need. Im thinking 3 ewok villages ahaha with tons of living space integrated into nature. I have more than a few friends that in their respective fields and expertise could help, i am excited to see this vision take shape in the coming years/decades.

    I know you will make it happen and I can’t wait to visit! Do you cringe at meat eaters or even someone like me who drinks alcohol, sometimes eats cheese and goes to Dairy Queen?

    hahah Well Ill admit there was a time during my transition where i did, simply because i rejected that past part of myself, I dont anymore. TO each there own, I know im my past (i used to eat anything and everything the greasier more meaty the better, or more alcohol the better, it used to be my aim to black out) any judgement or negativity toward me would have felt just as it should crappy, i wouldn’t wish to reflect or give that out to anyone. We each come to our own discoveries in our own time, being open and willing to share with those genuinely interested is my highest purpose.

    What advice would you give someone like me who is about 75% vegan, is interested in RAW, but just doesn’t think she could keep up with the lifestyle/seemingly hard work and maintenance of the raw life? What are some simple steps that the general public could take to live more health conscious lives?

    First off I would say, everything is as hard as we make it, when we truly wish to make changes they are easy, if we try to make ourself do things we dont wish to do its hard. SO that said, being really clear with what you want, dont want and then looking at what helps or hinders that is a big step. Secondly i would say every one can add more fresh ripe raw fruits and veggies in their life. Its as simple as that! Get more in and you get less of the other! Try eating a full meal of fruit ( 4- 10 pieces of fruit or 300 – 1000 calories ) for breakfast, from there choosing either more fruit for lunch followed by a salad, if desired, or simply making the effort to eat something raw to start lunch and dinner, say a large salad The other tip would be to decrease the overall fat content of the diet. That means any over fat sources (oils, nuts seeds avocados) should be cut down to a max of one small serving per day or other day. I have a ebook called “10 Sure Shot ways to Drastically Improve your Health” I offer for free download for simply signing up to my mailing list also I have a recipe ebook (and published book) called “101 Simply Delicious Raw Recipes” that I have up by donation that truly can change your life.

    Having a repertoire of easy quick and delicious raw recipes makes getting more freshness in a ease and joy. Understanding that each conscious choice we make with honest self love to em better ourselves builds upon our levels of vitality happiness and health in unseen ways. Treat yourself with the best you can in every instance, you deserve it.

    Awesome! I am going to get myself a copy of your recipe book. I know that each individual needs to be ready and willing to make the change, but I can start to incorporate some of the recipes into my diet and keep learning and growing from there.  You have definitely shared great content and I wish you continued success in your journey! Even over this holiday weekend, I ate more processed foods then normal and I just felt so bla. Then today, I am eating more fresh fruits and veggies…and I feel awesome. (Captain Obvious over here…of course i’d feel better…but you know what I mean!)

    Please let us know if you are coming to Vancouver at anytime!

    I was so inspired, I signed up for a raw “cooking class” at Organic Lives here in Vancouver. They are a Raw Vegan restaurant that is spreading the word as well.

    I hope you guys enjoyed Chris’ words. Pick up Chris’ recipe ebook here and try out a few of his dishes!

    Talk soon!


    Daily affirmation- ‎”I am the Joy of Life expressing and receiving in perfect rhythm.”- Louise Hay

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    Monday madness begins….

    So in yesterdays post, I told you I was going to check out a relationship seminar. I promised I would come back with feedback on the seminar….I can say this….my friends are really good at drawing…..

    amazon women

    rainbows and unicorns

    cool kids at the back of the class...

    Honestly, I had fun because my friends… are…well…funny! But I don’t think we learned much…..

    Moving on to THE PLAN

    Did you read my recent post about making new health and fitness goals? Hopefully you did and you are ready to rock right along with me! Since a new season is among us, it is time to change things up and challenge ourselves.

    I have got my plan!!

    I am going to religiously follow the P90X plan
    I have already watched the first dvd that explains the workouts

    He’s got some bad makeup in the video, lol

    and today I start with the back and shoulders dvd and mark everyday I complete on my P90X calendar:

    This will be completely filled in over the next 3 months!

    I am not really into the P90X eating plan, so I am going to follow eating habits (which I have already been doing)
    in these amazing books:

    Eating Clean and The Thrive Diet ROCK!

    My workouts are going to be done in the early mornings, I want to be done my training by 7am, so I can get ready for auditions. (they start right around 7am) I am also going to incorporate morning jogs once and a while because I love fresh air and nature, it really gets ya going…

    I am doing this for me,  of course, but I also want to inspire you! It is so important to live healthy lives. I have already noticed such a difference on just the few steps I have taken in this positive living direction, and look forward to continuing on..

    Like I wrote in my highschool year book, “Take pride in how far you have come, Have faith in how far you will go.”

    Peace out my brothers and SISTERS….have an awesome day!


    Daily affirmation‎”I trust my inner wisdom.”Louise Hay

  • Hello!

    Confession time! I did not hike or do yoga yesterday:( It would have been day 6 of my challenge). I actually drove all the way to the mountain and my body said-NOPE- not doing it today. I think it’s extremely important to listen to our bodies, so I don’t feel tooo bad. I ate processed food too..(just one of those days!! Bla)

    I just got back from Hiking today though! ( I have a conference call for a voice job this am so I can’t do yoga, i’m going to try later:) See, having a backslide is okay, just make sure you don’t slide for to long. Stop yourself and pick yourself back up and get back on your path!

    So the best way to get back on your path is to start the day right! Have some good wholesome food energy to keep you going.

    Here are some examples of what I eat for breakfast:

    1. Steel cut oats with blueberries

    2. Mmmm, raspberries

    3. These are my home made Lara Bars.

    I am going to do a more detailed blog on these soon, they are amazing and really this is all you need: (you can make any flavour you want, really:)

    4. And last but not least I have a Vega shake.

    So what I do is I take a scoop of this powder, and blend it with frozen strawberries, blueberries, freshly squeezed oj and half a banana! The powder has 100% of all your recommended daily vitamins, PLUS- green food sources. It is the ultimate drink!

    So that’s pretty much a bunch of breakfasts fit for champions like us!

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Daily affirmation-” I breathe in Life.” Louise Hay

  • Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!!! (remember that Robin Williams movie?)

    How’s your Friday going? Shaping up to be a nice day here. I am warming up my voice as I write this, I have a lot of auditions this am.

    Had an “a ha” moment….As I have been getting healthier and eating better, I have been cooking more and I noticed the lack of counter space I have. Then I eyed up my microwave and thought “do I really need you?” You know how sometimes you ponder ideas and think, ahh, I better think about this for a bit. I didn’t even flinch. It was like-microwave, you are gone. NOW. BAM. So we put it down by the “community area” of my building, where people leave things they no loner want.

    bye bye lil buddy!!

    I've always been know for my beautiful hand writing!

    Felt good to get rid of it, and the extra counter space is amazing!! If we have leftovers, just throw em in the oven, or in a frying pan on the stove.

    How are your eating habits this week? Have you been eating clean, whole foods? Wanna try a recipe that is full of iron and a great snack…..INTRODUCING KALE CHIPS.  (got the recipe from


    • 1 bunch kale
    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 1 teaspoon seasoned salt


    1. Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non insulated cookie sheet with parchment paper.
    2. With a knife or kitchen shears carefully remove the leaves from the thick stems and tear into bite size pieces. Wash and thoroughly dry kale with a salad spinner. Drizzle kale with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt.
    3. Bake until the edges brown but are not burnt, 10 to 15 minutes.

    *here is before I put them in the oven…

    *and after…

    My boyfriend is obsessed with them. They are sooo good. Light and Crispy.

    Last thing I want to mention today is affirmations. Do you do affirmations? I try to do them, but I often forget, so I have decided that everyday I will leave an affirmation at the end of my post. (to remind us both:) I will use ones from Louise Hay and then when I run out of ones from her, maybe i’ll start making them up…we’ll see. She has like 2 years worth tho! ha.

    So the best way to do this is just for 30 seconds or so, close your eyes and say the affirmation over in your head and really feel it and what it means to you. Let me know what you think! Here’s todays:

    I am aware. Louise Hay

    Have an wonderful Friday!

  • How are you? That big smile looks great on you;)

    I acted on some inspired thought last night and decided to attempt a healthy, yet filling, tasty, unprocessed snack. I got the idea to make these when we were out the other night at a hot spot here in Van called Chill Winstons. We ordered the yam chips with spicy hummus and as soon as it came to the table, I said…”hey I could make that!”

    -Heat your oven to 375

    -Take 2 or 3 yams and put them through your food processor slicer on high (so they are nice and thin)

    -massage the slices in a bit of evoo, sprinkle on some kosher salt and lay them on your baking sheet

    -put them in the oven and bake until crispy (about 50 min), and flip half way through

    Then make the hummus

    -take a can of chic peas,

    -juice from one lemon,

    -1 tablespoons of tahini paste,

    -2 cloves of garlic (or more if you love garlic like me;)

    -throw in some cayenne pepper and franks hot sauce if you like a kick

    Then mix this in your processor for about a minute. be sure and add a bit of water in the mix if you find it’s too thick- (I saw one video on youtube, where the chef added soo much water, but add what looks right to you.)

    They tasted as good as they look!

    soo good and so easy!

    Now, I am NOOOOO cook by any stretch of the imagination, BUT I really am on a mission to eat healthier, wholesome foods. I have already lost a couple pounds:) Just from cutting out sugar, dairy and any other processed crap that has a list of ingredients taller than me!

    Now I need to step the fitness back up. I find with huge projects, I let the fitness slide because I tell myself I need the energy to put into voicing. BUT isn’t it like an unwritten rule, that when you exercise you actually have more energy? So I went for a 10KM run this morning and it just validating that YES, working out is WORTH IT, no matter how busy you are!!

    This is me back from the run, with yet another healthy homemade snack! I made my own Energy Bars!! I will give you the recipe soon!!!!

    consists of dates, walnuts, cranberries and baked bananas!

    Enjoy your day:)

    Do you have a healthy snack you’d like to share? I love new vegan/and or raw food ideas!!!

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