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  • Hey ya!

    Hope you had a terrific weekend. I managed to fit in a Target shop and bought a volleyball to use down a the beach. (only $9.99- what a steal!)


    volleyball target

    Then it was between 2 frisbee’s for Painter. A big 99 cent one, or a $5.99 smaller, heavy duty one. I went with the smaller, of course more expensive one!

    dog frisbee's from target

    We also had to go clean the Silver Lake apartment….Here’s my oh yay face…

    We were subletting that place. As a parting gift we bought the owner some beers, and some LAMILL coffee (it’s supposed to be amazing…smells good:)

    Lamill Coffee, LA

    And a note in my not-so-nice hand writing…

    Meanwhile, back at our new beach pad, Painter is LOVING it. we keep our balcony blocked off so he can’t go down the stairs and then prop the door open so he can go in and out as he pleases. It was SUCH a nice day out.

    Painter on some of my audio foam for my studio…

    I am super pumped for an incredible week. I already voiced 2 jobs today, so I feel like the week has already started. Now that we are fully moved in here, I can really focus and get some good work done.

    I know this is all over facebook, but I think it is a cool reminder…

    Take some chances this week. Take some risks. Let’s get out of our comfort zones!!!

    Have a good one… talk soooooooooooon.

  • Hello!!

    How was your weekend? Mine shaped up nicely.

    OH my word, have I been in honeymoon phase, well since the wedding. It is time for a new start so to speak. Time to pick my socks back up and get into the game. It’s been busy, and rewarding, but I know I’m not living at my full potential. Try this exercise: If you were to have “The perfect day” what would it look like? And I don’t mean a hot date, the spa or a shopping spree. “the Perfect day” in regards to your health, wealth, communication, career, fitness, etc. You can either visualize it, write it down, or both.

    Instead of being “reactive” to the world and circumstances around you, create your new reality. Since we are the only ones that can control what’s going on in our heads, why not make it work for you? Bringing about your desires comes from YOU coming up with a new idea, be creative and most of all, once that idea hits- be willing to change.

    *Cool shot I took the other day of the moon peeking through a tree.

    So in creating a perfect day for myself, one of the things it involves is nourishing my body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients! Hence a massive salad that Mike and I both dish out into smaller bowls.

    Now you can call this one cute OR crazy, lol, but at Target I saw these “chore charts” for kids and I had to have one. How perfect? Write out your daily goals/to-do’s on the side and throughout the week as you do them, give yourself a star! I have rewards for each level of points I get to (mostly shopping related!)

    Only shopping I’ve done lately is buy this iphone cover. I thought it was fun.

    And the wallpaper shot of the moment….

    Good times! SO, my question is this. How can you make this week an amazing week? What do you have to do to have a great day, and find yourself fulfilled? The more you can put that great energy out there and love yourself, the more you will attract into your life!

    If you need an extra kick in the pants with a frozen mukluk (sorry, prairie saying, I had too!) Then watch this either tonight or first thing when you wake up. Written and voiced by yours truly.

    Let me know how it goes. And hey kiddo- I really appreciate you! xoxo

  • Hey! How are you????

    I woke up today, wrote in my journal, sat at the computer, got some good news about some gigs coming up and I decided I wanted to take today OFF!

    Of course I have a mountain of things to do, but they say, “When you’re too busy to take a break, that’s when you need it the most.”

    ME: “Hey Mike, can we go to the states right now?”

    Mike: “What? Look at the list of stuff to do today?”

    ME: “Ya, well we have to go to Walmart today anyway, so let’s just jump in the truck right now, and go get what we need in the states, it’s gonna be cheaper anyway and we can do our work tonight.”

    Mike: “Only if we can go to Chihuahuas”

    ME: “Heck ya!”

    Kissed the pup goodbye and away we went!

    Peace arch border crossing

    First stop, Chiuhuahua’s. An AMAZING Mexican joint in Ferndale, WA. (Here’s our last trip there.)

    We always share interesting, dynamic conversation…..


    chihuahuas, Ferndale, mexican

    Next stop….Target….it always hit’s the spot….(OMG, did I just create their new jingle? “Target, it always hits the spot” Or should it be “always hits the mark” What do you think??

    Target, Bellingham

    We converted our Walmart list into a Target list. Something got lost in translation, but I think for the better.

    target, bellingham

    I got a few goodies, including this cute wallet. Mix Tape. I got it because it reminded me of Butch Walker’s song, “Mixed Tape”.

    mix tape
    Here’s the song I LOVE. My band Paperboy Jack even did a cover of it.

    Here’s the infamous picture of my former drummer Amanda, and I …with Butch Walker backstage in Nashville!
    butch walker, nashville

    Ahh, such amazing memories….

    Now, back to my shop today…. hand soap….very important….smells good too. Bath and Body Works.

    Bath and Body Works, belllingham

    Our last stop was Trader Joe’s where I got nuts, spices, olives, wine…

    Trader Joe's

    The best thing about the day is coming back home to this little munchkin. (we bought him some toys too. He is going crazy for them right now)

    Tomorrow it will be a full day of voicing, and getting caught up on some stuff, as well as a Raw Food class I’m going to at Whole Foods…

    Hope you had a great day! Can’t wait to talk again!

  • Hey!

    We just got back from the US. It was a great trip, but it went by waay to fast! I got my hair done though, and once again I am super happy with it.  (Ashley at Silhouettes in Bellingham) I don’t like when my hair is flat and straight- like in this picture (I prefer it to have more body and oomph- but I like the colour)

    We really didn’t buy much. We each got a new pair of shoes, I know, I got boots in spring, but it’s still cooler temps here and I figured I can where these Steve Maddens with shorts, skirts, whatever

    We got some Beer! dos equis, bellingham

    So got some sponge curlers… (I sleep in these sometimes and your good to go in the am- I might be the only non-child that still uses these, but stop a good thing?)

    New running shortschampion running shorts, blue

    And some inexpensive cosmetics…I figured I’ll add these into my palette since they have a magnetic backingrefills for eyeshadow palette

    AND THEN, we went to Trader Joe’s to fill up on dryed goods (nuts, beans, chickpeas, etc)
    Since it’s confirmed we are doing Frostbite 45, I am going to make some granola bars and energy bars next weekend! I haven’t been as dedicated to my triathlon training the last couple days, but I am ready to get back into the game!

    Our border crossing was a breeze…on the way across the border, the officer was asking Mike, “Where his lip ring went?” UMMM, he just took it out, he was over it.. (Is that a good enough answer?)
    remove your lip ring

    Alright… guess what I am doing? YUP-going to bed! We are just editing some voice files and then I am out like a light!

    Hope you had a good day! Talk soon!


  • 25

    Holiday Cheer

    Happy Christmas!

    How’d it all go??? Was Santa good to you?

    My Christmas has been very different, (not being with my brothers, etc) but my mom and I have been having a good time!

    Our journey started when I picked her up at the Vancouver airport, OH ya….her plane was 2 hours late!

    I was so bored, wandering around the airport. I did however discover some random ways to pass time while you are waiting for someone on a delayed flight at YVR.

    First off, these escalators are in a class of there own. I felt like Will Farrell in ELF riding them. They go super duper snail slow, (to conserve energy) and then as soon as you step on them, they speed up like crazy and take you for a ride.

    Everyone in the food court was staring at me going up and down a few times…

    Then I found a cute pond…

    So I took out a penny and made a wish:)

    Then I saw these 2 trees, right beside each other- Was the decorator to lazy to separate them a bit? There was soo much room in the airport and these guys were side by side

    Maybe they are best friends and don’t want to be separated….like me and mike…here is my separation anxiety face for my best friend

    Just like 2 inseparable Christmas Trees… (except we are separated on Christmas for the second year in a row :(

    Next up at the YVR…pretty decorations….

    Snow flakes, trees…and some dude who looks lost….

    Finally Dar showed up and at 1am, we hit the road and B- lined it for the USA…

    We went to Bellingham. We stayed at the Best Western, we shopped, went for yummy Mexican, hung out in the hot tub, watched 27 dresses…had a really great time….. I love hanging out with my momma.

    She stops for any kind of casino type games…. SPIN THE WHEEL at Old Navy!

    Hee hee, she’s cute…

    Oh, and also on the trip… I DYED MY HAIR BLONDE!!

    (My bangs are to tad too short, (my fault, I told her to make em a bit shorter…they will grow…)

    BUT my hair stylist Ashley was sooo rad..

    Vancouver Girls, I’m telling ya, take a day trip to Bellingham and see Ashely at For a FULL foil AND cut it was $120 including tax. She is a doll and VERY good at blonde…..

    Mom and I are off to Christmas dinner, so I will write more tomorrow, I just wanted to say hi and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    Sending you and your family soooo much love and light……