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  • Hello!


    Geesh, not blogging for 2 days feels weird! I was on the road and didn’t get a chance to blog.

    I did keep busy though! Thursday night, I got to do I have wanted to do for at least 5 years now. I was reunited with my former band mates Amanda and James in San Francisco!!! They were such a HUGE part of my life, as a band, one major feat we accomplished was touring all around the USA in a 15 passenger van, and played 125 rock shows in 9 months.

    Here is us reuniting! Amanda and James have 2 boys now, Kai and Jude…

    Here’s Amanda and I back in the day…

    Best buds!

    Amanda’s son Jude and I hit it off!! He wanted me to go around the block with him, but only “amanda sonic” and him could go. So cute he called me “amanda sonic” the whole time, never just Amanda.

    Mike and Jude. I was so glad Mike got to meet Amanda and James. We will definitely be visiting them again soon! Amanda made some amazing hearty  flax pumpkin pancakes for breakfast;)

    After we parted was with the gang, we made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge where we were getting ready to shoot our last Stormtech video for this trip.

    Our talent was Gail, competitive kite-surfer.

    She was so great in front of the camera, and we even got to film her in the Stormtech jacket while she kite surfed on the ocean. She was absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to show you these videos!

    It was barely windy enough to get out there, but Gail was a trooper and made it happen. She ripped it up on the ocean, and had to swim back to shore because of lack of wind. She is one gorgeous, AND tough girl!

    Her’s me posing in my favourite Stormtech jacket of the moment. The XB-2. Location- Golden gate bridge.

    After the shoot, Mike and I drove and drove and drove! Here was us passing Seattle this morning.

    YAY! We made it home, and we got our puppy back! It was so amazing to see him, Mike and I are showering him with love…

    Have a great night! Talk soooon

  • Hey there!

    We woke up in a cloud, how about you?

    Port moody fog

    I just wrote a poem for you:

    “The Port Moody fog faintly flows through fair pine patches” ha

    port moody fog

    This is me, after my 4th day in a row doing Birkram’s Yoga! Here we go again!! (This is my 2nd year in a row doing a 30 day yoga challenge)

    Day 4 of my Bikrams Yoga Challenge

    It’s hard to dress for Hot Yoga, well basically it’s wear as little as you comfortably  feel wearing. Since I choose not to wear the panty looking shorts that some gals sport, I am LOVING these flex yoga shorts from Stormtech. They are the perfect hot yoga shorts.

    stormtech yoga shorts

    I sometime just wear a sports bra on top, or a sports bra and light tank top… I still drip buckets of sweat no matter what I wear though!

    In other headline breaking news, I washed my makeup brushes today. The were a bit muddled from doing makeup for 5 girls yesterday.

    washing makeup brushes

    I dab the brush in a bowl of baby shampoo, then wet it a bit and move the brush back and forth on my hand until I feel it is clean. Then rinse it off in water (I just keep a small stream of warm water running)

    baby shampoo for washing makeup brushes

    Shape them back to the shape they should be in and place them flat to dry, preferably with the tip hanging over the edge.

    washing makeup brushes

    Then I moved on to taking these awesomely ripe bananas (when they are spotty is the best time to consume them because all the hard-to-digest starch has turned into an easily absorbable masterpiece for the body)

    brown bananas

    I peeled them and put them into the freezer to throw into my green smoothie in the morning.

    Remember THIS green shake? Have YOU made it lately?? xo

    Eww, I dislike that old kitchen…. But the shake is a game changer!

    I need to fill this awesome fruit bowl back up (bowl was a gift from my mom- good score hey?). Going to get groceries after yoga in the morning:)

    pier 1 fruit bowl

    Here’s my little fruit cake.

    Hope you guys had a great Sunday. I think this week is going to be outstanding! Keep putting the positive energy and it will keep on coming back!

  • Hello!

    How was your Sunday???!!! When I awoke this morning, I was surprisingly NOT sore at all from yesterday’s race. I obviously wasn’t pushing hard enough. I know I could have ran most of it, but since I haven’t really trained for trail running up a mountain, I took the whole thing very easy. I would LOVE to train for it and actually really give it next year!

    Here was me eager and DRY yesterday morning before the race.ready for seek the peak 2011

    I got to Ambleside pretty early so I could pick up my race pack and stretch and sit in the car trying to stay dry until the race started.

    Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

    Runners getting ready for the challenge!

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer
    I did however jump outta my truck to grab one of these ReThink sweatbands.

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

    Group Stretch!

    Seek The Peak 2011, rethink breast cancer

    Need some early morning climb up a mountain fuel?

    Seek The Peak 2011, ReThink Breast Cancer

    As soon as the race started, Kelli and I were basically soaked!

    Did I finish the race? I had my head cam with me and I made a little video.. Watch to find out if I actually crossed the finish line;)

    YAY! That was fun. The viking in me came out and got me through it…haha

    I must say I have had a really fantastic weekend (despite the rather drab weather). How about that thunder last night??? My puppy Painter was NOT liking it!

    How was your weekend???? Do fill me in!! Highlights??

    Let’s get ready for a kick butt week ahead. If you need a pick me up to your week. Try listening to my “Start Your Day- Daily Meditation”



  • Hello!

    What a nice day out there. So refreshing. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend!

    The highlight of my weekend was last night. I attended “Summer Sizzle” which was a fundraiser for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation which is based here in Vancouver.

    My friend Diana invited me. She works for Canterbury Coffee and they are the official java and tea supplier for the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, hence our entrance to the event.

    Here’s Dee looking lovely (I’m obsessed with her shoes. She just got them at Holt Renfrew, they are by House of Harlow (Nicole Ritchie’s line)

    Canterbury coffee, Dr. Peter Foundation


    The fundraiser just happened to be held at Pamela Masik’s studio. She is a well known artist and her work is soooo amazing. She had a bunch of rooms throughout the studio that had different themes going on, and it all tells a story. This exhibit is a MUST SEE. If you live in Vancouver, go to for info!

    pamela masik

    This nest was on a sculpted head, I loved the clock face with broken egg shells underneath.

    pamela masik

    Pamela Masik is my hero.

    pamela masik

    I loved this! She had a huge painting up in the main showroom, but “this parts not done yet”.

    Imagine having a 14, 000 square foot studio and your job was to fill the studio with your paintings that all came from out of your head.

    pamela masik

    Here is the genius, Pamela Masik herself.  She got on stage to say that if anyone bought art tonight, she would donate 50% of the profits to the Dr. Peter Aids foundation! Some of her pieces are going for $250, 000……

    Pamela Masik

    Dee and I snagged her for a photo-op and to tell her how much we admire her. She was extremely gracious, humble and sweet.

    Apart from admiring art, there was a PARTEEE going on..

    This is Novice Sister Hyde N Sikh from The San Francisco based Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence. (They are self-proclaimed “nuns” that promote safe sex and HIV prevention.)

    She had a very vibrant personality!

    sister of perpetual indulgence

    While the sister and I chatted, Dee was outside with Sharad Khare and Yves Decary.

    l'atelier salon, sharad khare

    Looking good!! Lets get that dress on the dance floor!!

    Fancy niblets.

    Super entertainment too. These are twin girls that do a “piano dual”. It was so fun to watch. Check em out at


    That about wrapped up the night… Good cause, good people, good time!

    Now Mike and I are brainstorming new adventures to do with Stormtech. We got the yet to be released Fall catalogue and look who is on the 2nd page!!!

    stormtech performance apparal

    “Adventure athlete and field reporter”…. at your service;)

    K, we’ll talk tomorrow! lots of love and butterflies and art.

  • Hello and TGIF!

    Sometimes I get texts from people that say “TGIF!” and I am always excited for the person who texted the message, but since I’m self employed, I don’t really feel that “YAY, it’s the weekend” feeling. I still get excited for weekends because it’s less work than a weekday, but there’s always something to do:)

    No complaints here, working weekends is better than a “kick in the teeth with a frozen mukluk!!” (a phrase used on the prairies….)

    Now that summer is here I pulled out my reusable Starbucks Cup to make a homemade iced coffee. I lost the straw that comes with it though…

    starbucks coffee reusable cupI may have had a wee bit too much of my refreshing java…

    While I was voicing some auditions, the hyper bug bit me, I didn’t know Mike was still recording….

    The real me revealed (you have been warned….haha)

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    I went on, and on and on…

    After listening to that would you believe these are some of my clients?HAHA, (I wouldn’t either….) lol

    Hopefully they:

    A) Don’t read my blog


    B) Have a good sense of humour

    Mike and I had a seminar earlier today and I was trying to be all handy and bring our own homemade lunch….

    I made my homemade Lara Bars

    Super great snack for when your on the go!homemade Lara Bar(I ate mine on an escalator!)

    The rest of my homemade lunch was ready to be eaten during our break until Mike says the magic words!YAY!! RED ROBIN!

    While my homemade lunch was wilting in the truck, I ordered a “Mesa Chicken Salad, minus the chicken and add a veggie patty with a side of buzz sauce.”

    Have you ever taken your lunch to work only to let it sit in your lunch kit while you treat yourself  and “dine out”?

    I was inhaling the water like it was going outta style. Really nice waitress kept me hydrated. Good kid!

    How’s your weekend shaping up? Tomorrow night I am going to an event called Summer Sizzle.

    It’s a charity event for The Peter Aids Foundation and the ticket says “Dress to Impress” (oh great! haha)

    The location is at the Pamela Masik Studio’s. This woman is a seriously interesting and talented artist.

    Here are a couple of Pamela Masik’s masterpieces:

    I was trying to find pictures without boobies on her site to show you, but most of them (that I saw) have nudity, so go to her site if you want to explore more of her artistic endeavours.

    I have no problem with the nude art at all- I just know I have some younger readers, so I wanna stay fresh on this domain!

    Speaking of FRESH- Did I show you the Stormtech video we shot in Florida?

    I especially liked holding an alligator while saying my line and also at the end when Mike put the waterproof video camera in the water and he got a fishy swimming by. We were a lil warm in the jackets, but they are gonna be sweet for fall…

    No fall talk though…Summer is HERE! So get out there and enjoy it!!!

    Talk to you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!



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