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  • Hello!

    Phewf! What a whirlwind of events in the last bit. ┬áMike and I are in Saskatchewan now, with all our belongings. Some might call it “moving” but I don’t think it’s sunk in yet…

    Before we left Vancouver, we had a voucher for a free night to use at Waterfront Fairmont Hotel in downtown Van. The room was free, but having the dog there was $50 and parking overnight was $55, lol

    Painter loved it though….

    Waterfront Farimont hotel

    Here was our view. The Vancouver Convention center, along with Canada Place and a cruise ship waiting to take of.

    waterfront fairmont hotel

    Mmmm, Hotel snacks.

    Mini bar at fairmont hotel

    The front desk lady gave Painter some snacks too. He got a couple bags of KaliWags, he’s never had them before- and he was loving them!

    Kali Wags dog treats

    Here’s a view from the bathroom- just make sure you close the blinds before you use the facilities!

    Waterfront Fairmont Hotel

    Mike and I walked around town, cruised past my old apartment building. I had a studio apartment here. This building is a heritage building, one of the oldest in Van- It was cute and kitschy, with a claw foot tub and a murphy bed that you pulled out of the wall. Only down side…MICE! EW!

    Nelson Street. Heritage Building

    We went to Stepho’s for lunch- our FAVOURITE greek restaurant in the world! Always a line, and never let down with the amazing experience.

    Stephos Greek Restaurant, Davie Street

    The Olympic cauldrin was glowing. We went to watch the fireworks too, but I didn’t take pics:)

    Cauldrin, Vancouver

    So this is the place we used to call home….. It is now just a memory :(

    We traveled across Canada with our truck and a Uhaul. From the mountains to the prairies.

    I know that having the love and support of our families will make this transition an easy ones. Already, my mom is spoiling my unborn little boy. We walked into my moms spare room and she had a whole wardrobe for the little guy!

    We are staying with Mike‘s dad in Regina. We are blessed to be staying here right now, until we move into our new place which we have rented for 1 year.

    Painter is in absolute heaven here. Just lounging all day. Loving life!!!

    I went lane swimming yesterday, I also went to a breast feeding meeting (the Le Leche Leaugue). I need to learn how the heck to do this. I found the meeting very helpful!

    Things are going great- We have our studio fully set up and business is back up and running. Having family around is so nice. Mmmmmm, chocolate Zucchini cake…. fresh garden veggies….tacos…lots of good stuff to feed my endless pit of a pregnant belly (well- not really endless…I actually experience a lot of heart burn if I eat to much…oh and baby is using my bladder as a trampoline lately!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!! Love and Light!!!!

  • I would say GOOOOOD Morning…But it’s the evening! So good evennnninggg! lol

    The joys of giving yourself a day off! I slept in until 9am. Mike and I went straight down to our fitness room to get in my 75 minute bike ride. Bam- done. Then we came upstairs and I said the phrase “Feb.5th” into the microphone. I voiced a commercial last year for a health fair in California. They still loved the commercial and all I had to do was change the date.
    Have a listen! Can you tell that we just edited in “Feb.5th”?

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    You can kinda tell. No biggie though..Mike and I were floored at how much we’ve improved, even in one year. Persistence and dedication is a wonderful thing.

    So we sent that off, went for a big walk around the seawall. Rain was in the forecast, but I had my Stormtech jacket to keep me dry. I don’t know why- but I don’t like umbrella’s. They bug me.

    Especially walking down a busy street like Robson and everyone has an umbrella- you pretty much have to wear safety goggles to make sure you don’t get your eyes poked out.

    Of course, I still own a couple of them- living in Vancouver- but only really use an umbrella if I am walking to a meeting or gathering where I just spent an hour+ on hair and makeup. Walking the seawall- a rain jacket is all I need! Yes we got wet- but it’s all good. A quote I like…

    We then went to our favorite greek restaurant Stepho’s, Mike found $10 on the sidewalk!! woot woot!
    Now it’s time for the HOT TUB!! ahhh…
    I will leave this post with a video of Mike and I singing at my brother Cory’s wedding, right after him and his wife Donnelly said I DO and were walking out. I was trying not to cry as I sang away… Mike and I performed one of OUR favorite song in the world. “Higher” by Jackie Wilson

    See us in the back corner there?? ;) That song is going to be the 2nd song at our wedding! We are still deciding the first……..

    Ok- hot tub now…Mike is waiting!

    Talk soooooooooooooooooooooooon


    xoxooxoxooxoxocxopfhawgouqrhe[ovhoxpoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox haha

    Hugs, kisses and craziness!